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Verizon Taking Pre-Orders For the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G

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It looks like you can now pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G from Verizon if you're interested. The tablet features a thin body, a 10.1-inch display, LTE (4G), and Android "Honeycomb". The 16GB model is priced at $499 and the 32GB one is $599. The tablet is said to be shipping in the next four to six weeks so it looks like you'll still have to wait more than a month. Check it out on Verizon.

[CNet News]

Unannounced Motorola Smartphone Leaks, Could Be the DROID Bionic

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Pop Herald has picked up a blurry image of an unannounced Motorola smartphone. Early rumours are saying that this could be the upcoming DROID Bionic but it looks a whole lot like the DROID 3. It could be the former though, because the DROID 3's front-facing camera is on the right side of the device and the smartphone pictured above has its FFC on the left side.


Bell, Sasktel, and Virgin Mobile Announce the Galaxy S II For Canada

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Three carriers in Canada have officially announced the Samsung Galaxy S II which isn't surprising since it should be launching soon and should hit just about every carrier imaginable. Bell has mentioned that the smartphone will be launching in a few weeks (possibly July 14th) and will have HSPA+ connectivity. This is one of the best smartphones that have been announced thus far and should put up a pretty good fight against the upcoming iPhone from Apple.

SaskTel has also announced that they'll be releasing this smartphone in a couple of weeks and actually leaked that it'll be available for just $79.99 on a 3-year contract which is a great deal. Virgin has also mentioned that if you pre-order the smartphone then you'll be able to get a "special offer" with it. The special offer is unknown right now so that's a surprise.

Bell To Release the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G: Mobile Syrup
Sasktel's Galaxy S II Will Be $79.99: Mobile Syrup
Virgin Mobile Has a "Special Offer" If You Pre-Order the SGSII: Mobile Syrup

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Gets Spotted In the Wild

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ZTOP has managed to capture the photo you see above and it's reportedly Lenovo's upcoming ThinkPad tablet which will be running Android "Honeycomb". The tablet is said to be similar to the Eee Transformer from Asus. This one is expected to get official soon and could be available within the next month with a Tegra 2 CPU. Now, if only we could get a price on this one.


HTC EVO 3D With GSM Bands Hits the FCC, Destined For Europe

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Another model of the HTC EVO 3D has just hit the FCC and it's the PG86300 which packs GSM connectivity. Unfortunately, this is likely headed for Europe since it was just announced yesterday. Furthermore, the smartphone could also hit a Canadian carrier if any of them are interested. We'll see what happens. Check it out at the FCC.


AT&T Announces the HTC Status On Facebook

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On Facebook AT&T has just announced the HTC ChaCha as the HTC Status. The handset features the dedicated Facebook button as well as the Android OS with the Sense UI. The phone also has a QWERTY keyboard and an 800MHz CPU but the price is still unknown. It should be available soon - likely mid-July.


RIM Cancels 10-Inch Playbook In Favour For a "Superphone"?

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N4BB has snagged some exclusive information on some future details regarding RIM. Apparently, the company was working on a 10-inch BlackBerry Playbook with 4G but it's reportedly been axed. This is because RIM is now, apparently, focusing on a "superphone" with a 4.3-inch touchscreen display and a 1.2GHz CPU. Not very superphone-esque so hopefully they can get their hands on a dual-core CPU of some sort. I'm excited to see what RIM can come up with because they're slowly fading away in the mobile space.

[Mobile Syrup]

Sprint and Motorola's Upcoming XPRT Successor Gets Pictured

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There was a rumour going around yesterday about Sprint and Motorola working on an upgraded XPRT smartphone and the price about could be it. Pop Herald snagged the photo of said smartphone and it's rumoured to feature "Gingerbread" as well as WiMAX support. Of course, it also has the QWERTY keyboard which some people love. An official name is unknown right now so maybe we'll hear more about it soon.


Telus Launching the HTC Chacha As the HTC Status Too

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We already heard that AT&T would be getting the HTC Chacha in the future as the HTC Status. Telus will be doing the same when they bring it to Canada. The smartphone will be hitting the carrier soon but the price is still unknown. The handset features a touchscreen display, a 5MP camera, a front-facing camera, a QWERTY keyboard, a dedicated Facebook button, and Android 2.3 with the Sense UI.

[Mobile Syrup]

Nokia Launching 4 New Symbian Smartphones With 1GHz CPUs? One Of Them Gets Pictured

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It looks like Nokia could be prepping a few (four) new Symbian smartphones. Said smartphones may actually feature 1GHz CPUs which is great for the mid-end market. The N700 Zeta is said to be sporting a 3.2-inch AMOLED display along with NFC tech. Moving along, the 701 (Helen) may have a 3.5-inch Clear Black display (possibly LCD) and an 8MP camera. This one is said to be the successor to the Nokia C7.

The Cindy is also said to feature a 3.2-inch AMOLED display and NFC tech but it also has a 5MP camera as well. Last, but not least, there's the 500 (Fate) which is said to feature a 5MP camera. The 500 may actually be the N5 that leaked yesterday so don't be surprised if that's the case.

Update: According to GSM Arena, the photo above is the Nokia (Zeta) N700 so feast your eyes on that one for now.

[GSM Arena]

Virgin Mobile Canada's HTC Sensation To Be $499.99 Contract-Free

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Mobile Syrup has just picked up the internal screenshot you see above. It tells us that Virgin Mobile Canada could be releasing the HTC Sensation for $499.99 contract-free. That's a pretty darn good price for such a great handset so now we're just waiting on that 3-year price.

[Mobile Syrup]