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Asus P30 and P80 Laptops To Come With Intel's Anti-Theft Technology

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Yes, Intel's Anti-Theft Technology will finally make a debut and it will be on Asus' upcoming P30 and P80 laptops. When someone steals your unattended - or attended - laptop, you will be able to send the laptop a "poison pill" to shut it down. Obviously the thief will not be able to turn the system on without a password of some sort, but if the thief manages to somehow crack your password, you're basically screwed. Even with this "anti-theft" technology there's no word on how you will be able to recover your system from the thief again. Maybe they'll have some GPS-like tracking software built-in? Maybe not, that would be kind of creepy.


HTC Fiesta is an Android Phone According to Bluetooth SIG

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The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) has revealed that the HTC Fiesta will be an Android-based phone. The HTC G1 / Dream was codenamed the Kila, the HTC G2 / Magic was codenamed the Sapphire, so what will the Fiesta turn out to be? It will probably have Bluetooth though, so I guess those specs are confirmed. The HTC Fiesta will also be available in Asia, Europe, and North America, so that's very good news since Android phones are so scarce right now. We'll see what this phone turns out to be, hopefully they'll bring back the QWERTY keyboard, but keep the touchscreen.


Nokia 5530 XpressMusic This Fall?

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About a month ago, we saw the XpressMusic 5730, 5330 and the 5030 from Nokia. The latest rumour has it that a recently unknown handset, the XpressMusic 5530, will be dropping this fall. The model number, obviously, falls in between the 5730 and 5330 and would actually join the 5800 XpressMusic as a full-touchscreen music-oriented phone. This could be because it drops the full QWERTY keyboard of the 5730 and swaps it for a 2.9-inch touchscreen display. Other specs include: a 3.2MP camera, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, WiFi, FM radio. The handset will be running on Symbian S60 5th Edition and is supposedly due out this September which is right around the time where the other 3 XpressMusic devices will land.

[Boy Genius]

Microsoft Office 2010 To Be Free Online

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Yesterday we found out that Microsoft will be changing the name Office 14 to Microsoft Office 2010. Today is a new day, so it's time for a new rumour. Apparently, Microsoft will be offering an online version of Office 2010 that will be free, but the offline version will still have to be paid for. Weird. The catch is that the online version will have ads and obviously the offline version won't - since it'll be the standalone program. Looks to me like I'll be using OpenOffice for my offline usage and either Zoho or Google Docs for my online word processing. I don't really know what Microsoft has up their sleeve with this new version, but they're going to have something good to get me back as a user.

[Tech Radar]

RIM Confirms The BlackBerry Storm 2 Release By The End of This Year

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RIMs Alain Segond von Banchet has just confirmed that the BlackBerry Storm 2 will be released by the end of this year in North America. For Europe, on the other hand, they could see it by the end of this year or by early 2010. The Storm 2 will have a "new touch input method," but the so-called WiFi hasn't been confirmed, but it should be making its debut on the Storm. No word on if it will really be released in September which is what we heard earlier this week, but just look out for it by the end of this year.

[Slash Gear]