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Dell Adamo, The Grinch That Stole My Christmas

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Today, there were some more rumours that surfaced, regarding the Dell Adamo netbook / notebook. It may feature a Blu-Ray Drive and some recent leak, suggested that the base price of the Adamo will be around $1500 USD. If this is the case, the Adamo will be about $300 lower than the Macbook Air. This price difference may not be as 'significant' as expected, but it definitely has a more respectful specification chart than the Macbook Air. Another rumour mentions that the Adamo will be revealed at the CES next year. Hopefully it happens.

So, last night [or this morning], i slept at 6:45 a.m. watching Russell Peters [again] and Dane Cook with my girlfriend. She slept at around 5:30 a.m. and i was up for just over another hour because i was playing Hot Shots Golf on Playstation 2, since i didn't receive the PS3, from the grinch. 'The Grinch' being my mother, for single-handedly ruining my Christmas. Although, the last half of my Christmas was good because of my girlfriend's family and my cousin's. So today, i woke up at about 6 p.m. because my girlfriend went to Pacific Mall. She called me about 3 or 4 times during the day while i was sleeping and i woke up each time. The first time she called she was in the cell-phone store. Pacific Mall is, generally, an asian mall, so that's the mall to go to if you're looking for a new (originally not out in Canada) unlocked cell-phone. She called me because she asked me what the name of the phone that i wanted was. I told her the 'HTC Touch HD.' Anyways, she picked up a 'Sony' phone and i quickly asked her if it was the 'Sony XPERIA X1' and, obviously, i was correct and her brother commented saying, "How did he know that?" I love when people say that, but i don't know why. It makes me feel as if i'm more tech-saavy than the average person, which i feel, that i am. Anyways, after that, she had to go. She called me 2 other times, once after she got her hair coloured and the other reason was just to talk. Anyways, i think i should've stayed at my cousin's house. I think this because my girlfriend's exhausted right now and taking a nap, leaving me with absolutely nothing to do. I want her to sleep, but i mean, i haven't talked to her all day and it's going to be the same thing for probably the next week, since she's going to be busy. I feel bad for having to make her stay up today, but i just miss her so much, since we didn't get to talk at all today. Well, i don't know, maybe i'll just talk to her for an hour, we'll see. I should've stayed at my cousin's though because: that way my girlfriend would be able to sleep, i'd actually have something to do [thanks to Aldric] and the only reason why i went home was so i could talk to my girlfriend. Anyways, that's my blog for today, someone save me from boredom. Maybe Hot Shots Golf can help me before i go to sleep in about 2 hours. Soft, i know.

Dell Adamo (and picture): http://gizmodo.com/5118972/rumor-dell-adamo-to-pack-blu+ray-and-esata-peripherals
The Grinch picture: http://www.moonbattery.com/archives/2007/12/southwestern_ok.html

At the Uncle's Condo

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As i said in my previous post, i was going to my uncle's place / condo today. So, we left at about 6 p.m. because first, we had to pick up my grandmother from Bingo, her 2nd home. We got to my uncle's place at around 6:45 p.m. and at first we all just ate. There were a couple of us there: uncle, aunt, Aldric, Cathleen, me, grandma, uncle Jason and uncle Phil [my favourite]. Anyways, i actually haven't seen my uncle Jason since last time i visited his condo, which was before i started blogging. And, i haven't seen my uncle Phil in, just about, forever. After we all ate, we played "Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" which is a board game. For this game, everyone has their own piece of paper and are supposed to write their answer because the person who is answering can use you as a lifeline and you get a reward or whatever. So, my uncle Jason went first and the first question was "What is the tortilla pita made of, ground what?" Aldric's answer was "LOL." Then again, i shouldn't be talking since i put "beef." I forget what the answer was but anyways, yeah. It was such a funny game, with Aldric's answers especially and everyone laughing, it made me happy again =). Anyways, after we finished, i ended up winning. After my uncle Phil got his 1 million dollar question wrong he ended up with $0. Cathleen stopped at $500,000, so i basically had to get a million to win. So, anyways, as i continued my journey up the money ladder, i got to my million dollar question. It was actually really easy. "What does the element 'Au' on the Periodic Table stand for?" Obviously that was really easy, 'Gold.' So, we tried the other side, which was, "What does a hygrometer measure?" I also got that right, 'Humidity.' After i won the game, we watched Russell Peters, his newest stand-up comedy. Anyways, we watched it and it was hilarious. It was actually my first time watching this one, so it was extremely funny. My whole family was laughing, yes, even Aldric and my grandma!! After the Russell Peters finished, we went home. My cousin's were kind enough to drop me off at home, so yes, that's where i am now. Luckily, my mom isn't home since she got called to her second job =D.

So there ya go ashlee, just what you wanted, the blog post for the rest of my day =)