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Dell Adamo, The Grinch That Stole My Christmas

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Today, there were some more rumours that surfaced, regarding the Dell Adamo netbook / notebook. It may feature a Blu-Ray Drive and some recent leak, suggested that the base price of the Adamo will be around $1500 USD. If this is the case, the Adamo will be about $300 lower than the Macbook Air. This price difference may not be as 'significant' as expected, but it definitely has a more respectful specification chart than the Macbook Air. Another rumour mentions that the Adamo will be revealed at the CES next year. Hopefully it happens.

So, last night [or this morning], i slept at 6:45 a.m. watching Russell Peters [again] and Dane Cook with my girlfriend. She slept at around 5:30 a.m. and i was up for just over another hour because i was playing Hot Shots Golf on Playstation 2, since i didn't receive the PS3, from the grinch. 'The Grinch' being my mother, for single-handedly ruining my Christmas. Although, the last half of my Christmas was good because of my girlfriend's family and my cousin's. So today, i woke up at about 6 p.m. because my girlfriend went to Pacific Mall. She called me about 3 or 4 times during the day while i was sleeping and i woke up each time. The first time she called she was in the cell-phone store. Pacific Mall is, generally, an asian mall, so that's the mall to go to if you're looking for a new (originally not out in Canada) unlocked cell-phone. She called me because she asked me what the name of the phone that i wanted was. I told her the 'HTC Touch HD.' Anyways, she picked up a 'Sony' phone and i quickly asked her if it was the 'Sony XPERIA X1' and, obviously, i was correct and her brother commented saying, "How did he know that?" I love when people say that, but i don't know why. It makes me feel as if i'm more tech-saavy than the average person, which i feel, that i am. Anyways, after that, she had to go. She called me 2 other times, once after she got her hair coloured and the other reason was just to talk. Anyways, i think i should've stayed at my cousin's house. I think this because my girlfriend's exhausted right now and taking a nap, leaving me with absolutely nothing to do. I want her to sleep, but i mean, i haven't talked to her all day and it's going to be the same thing for probably the next week, since she's going to be busy. I feel bad for having to make her stay up today, but i just miss her so much, since we didn't get to talk at all today. Well, i don't know, maybe i'll just talk to her for an hour, we'll see. I should've stayed at my cousin's though because: that way my girlfriend would be able to sleep, i'd actually have something to do [thanks to Aldric] and the only reason why i went home was so i could talk to my girlfriend. Anyways, that's my blog for today, someone save me from boredom. Maybe Hot Shots Golf can help me before i go to sleep in about 2 hours. Soft, i know.

Dell Adamo (and picture): http://gizmodo.com/5118972/rumor-dell-adamo-to-pack-blu+ray-and-esata-peripherals
The Grinch picture: http://www.moonbattery.com/archives/2007/12/southwestern_ok.html


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