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Firefox Users Switching To Google Chrome?

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PC World asks if Firefox is Dead and Crunch Gear asks if Chrome will take over Firefox. I believe that Google's web browser, Chrome, will one day take over all of those Firefox users whether it be months or years from now (probably years). While Google Chrome's use is stuck at around the 1% mark, it has only been out of beta for only a couple of months. Firefox has been gaining  a ton of ground lately on Microsoft's Internet Explorer and that's all great and dandy. I once used Firefox, but I am finding it awfully slow compared to Google Chrome. At this year's Pwn2Own contest, Chrome is the only browser that hasn't been exploited yet. Charlie Miller has said that Chrome is a harder browser to exploit because of their sandboxing feature. He has found a security flaw in Chrome, but is having difficulty exploiting it because of the sandboxing feature and the way the OS's "security measures" work together. Maybe that's why Google is taking a while to release their Mac version, they're trying to get things [near] perfect. It seems that Chrome has the upper hand on security.

Google Chrome is really lightweight and that helps in beating out Firefox in a speed race. Personally, I love the sandboxing feature because some of my sites do crash and it does help that I can just close the tab and continue browsing. I feel that Mozilla really has to do something big to pull me away from Chrome. I rarely used extensions and that's why it was so easy to move from Firefox to Chrome. Obviously, I did use a couple of extensions, but Google has mentioned that they will be releasing extensions shortly; yes, they're still working on it. With the release of extensions it could definitely increase Chrome's market share. As long as Chrome doesn't ditch speed for so-called productivity (with extensions), I think that it will one day surpass Mozilla's Firefox.

My post may be biased, but only time will tell whether Chrome will overtake Firefox or not.

[PC World, Crunch Gear, Lifehacker]

Apple Coming With A 17-Inch iMac?

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Apple recently released their 20 and 24-inch iMac models and now there is news of yet another possible 17-inch iMac. There is no confirmation of these 17-inch iMacs, but they are apparently going to be selling at a retail price of $899 USD. This is a good step for Apple since the base price is sub-$1,000. Although when you upgrade some of its hardware, you'll be sure to pay over $1,000 USD. It is good news for those Apple-hungry consumers not willing to spend too much money. But, I still think it's fairly overpriced.

[CNet News]

Asus Fold / Unfold Laptop Pricing

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Asus' fold / unfold laptop was originally a concept, but it's already been confirmed that this product would be available in Q3 of this year. The Asus CEO, Jerry Shen, has narrowed down the release date to a "September to October time frame" and that it will cost in between the $1,000 - $1,500 USD price range. I'm interested to see a spec sheet on this system, but they might not be all that great, since it's so thin. What specs can you possibly pack in this thing?


Dell's Smartphone Is Indifferent

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This can be marked under the interesting category. Apparently, Dell's new prototypes of their upcoming smartphones reportedly "lacked differentiation" when they were revealed to "an undisclosed amount of mobile carriers." Dell's prototypes, if you remember, are able to run on either Windows Mobile or Android. This is interesting news because I don't really see a so-called differentiation in new phones that released nowadays. You have your candybars, sliders, flips and smartphones, but they aren't exactly all different. They do have their addition of physical QWERTY keyboards, QWERTY keypads (such as the BlackBerry or the Nokia E71) or full touchscreens. Obviously, they do differ with their hardware, but maybe that's where Dell was lacking. I'm curious to see how they are lacking differentiation, but it does show that if you're a newcomer you better be showing your best stuff and be at the top of your game. Dell is not entirely new to selling smartphones, but it's been a while since they made a decent smartphone. Maybe they should stick to what they're good at.


Samsung U490 Trance Headed To Verizon

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So, Verizon's "replacement for the Juke" is going to be this Samsung phone. The U940 Trance is in the "mid-level" category, according to Boy Genius, but I'm going to put it in my low-level category. This slider does have some good features, such as having: hidden touch-sensitive buttons, a microSDHC slot that supports up to 16GB, a 3.5mm (standard) headphone jack, and a large speaker. Unfortunately, it has its low points, such as: only having a 1.3MP camera, having a 1GB internal memory (expandable though), and the Mobile Web 2.0 browser because the phone itself doesn't have 3G (EV-DO). This phone is expected in Q2, but the price has not been officially mentioned.

[Boy Genius]

Twitter's 3rd Birthday

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I have criticized Twitter in the past, but I have to cut it some slack. It is Twitter's 3rd birthday today and they've accomplished quite a bit in their journey so far. It may have started out fairly slow, but lately it's been growing at a blistering pace. Twitter has picked up more than 6 million users so far and I'm starting to use it more and more. It's not a place where me and my friends talk, but it's a good way to meet some interesting people. I follow a bunch of big names, such as: CrackBerry and the one and only Shaq, but I'll admit that I'm a Twitter newbie. I have to also admit that I'm using it to mainly promote my blog and I have noticed a slight increase in blog traffic, which I love. My "Followers" plateaued, since I rarely used Twitter at the time. On Tuesday, I had 174 followers and now I have 1,177 (and counting). I've seen many guides to get to "1,000 Followers In 10 days", but I've gained over 1,000 followers in the the span of just 5 days. It wasn't that hard, but I'm not going to reveal any secrets. Anyways, I'm starting to get more and more interactive with the Twitter community and I really do find it interesting that you can talk to complete strangers. I'm starting to love and use it more than Facebook.


The Stealth LPC-625F Fanless Mini PC

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Stealth's latest fanless mini PC is the Stealth LPC-625F. It somehow packs a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4GB of RAM, your choice of either HDD or SDD, Intel's integrated graphics and even gigabit Ethernet. It has a couple of ports, such as: HDMI, DVI, RS-232, and you will, of course, find USB 2.0 on this baby - 4 of them, fact. It is a bit more powerful than Apple's Mac Mini, but its base price is $1,595 USD. This can easily be pushed passed the $2,000 mark after a couple of enhancements from the base model, so you're forewarned.


Next iPhone Expected To Have Video Capabilities

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The next-gen iPhone that Apple will be releasing may have video capabilities. This is definitely-needed - so is a better camera - and could be featured in one of Apple's future iPhone's. "Video recording support has stood as one of the most glaring omissions from the iPhone since its inception two years ago, but the understanding is that Apple wants to get the feature 'right.'" Personally, I'd have to agree, even though it should've already been "right" with the release of the iPhone 3G. The evidence of these claims is that the MobileMe panel for uploading images had a "conspicuously titled [heading called] 'Publish Video.'" This claim is probably true since companies are fairly decent at making mistakes like these. It's good to see that Apple is blooming as a company, but it is kind of annoying in a different kind of way, especially here in Canada. Keep in mind that this picture is one of the many iPhone 4G concept pictures out there and not the next video capable iPhone.

[Apple Insider, Manilaseo Gadgets]

iTunes HD Movies Incompatible On Non-HDCP Monitors

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After my 37 hours of blog disappearance, I am back. Again, I'm going to talk about iTunes' attempts at selling their HD movies for $20 a piece. My last post talked about the availability of HD movies on iTunes right now and today I'm going to tell you about - what could be - bad news. If you spent $20 on your HD movie off of Apple's iTunes (either yesterday or today) then you better have an "HDCP-compliant [High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection] external display" because you need it in order to play your movie in HD. Luckily, iLounge will allow you to play the HD movie on your monitor if you don't have the specified display, but it will only let you play the movie in crappy SD (Standard Definition), which makes buying the HD movie clearly a waste of money. Apple of course stands apart from the crowd by introducing this HDCP crap because if the monitors supported HDMI it would be better, since HDMI "supports HDCP natively." That is, Apple tries to sell your their products by basically screwing you over. Good luck.