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iTunes HD Movies Incompatible On Non-HDCP Monitors

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After my 37 hours of blog disappearance, I am back. Again, I'm going to talk about iTunes' attempts at selling their HD movies for $20 a piece. My last post talked about the availability of HD movies on iTunes right now and today I'm going to tell you about - what could be - bad news. If you spent $20 on your HD movie off of Apple's iTunes (either yesterday or today) then you better have an "HDCP-compliant [High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection] external display" because you need it in order to play your movie in HD. Luckily, iLounge will allow you to play the HD movie on your monitor if you don't have the specified display, but it will only let you play the movie in crappy SD (Standard Definition), which makes buying the HD movie clearly a waste of money. Apple of course stands apart from the crowd by introducing this HDCP crap because if the monitors supported HDMI it would be better, since HDMI "supports HDCP natively." That is, Apple tries to sell your their products by basically screwing you over. Good luck.



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