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Dell's Smartphone Is Indifferent

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This can be marked under the interesting category. Apparently, Dell's new prototypes of their upcoming smartphones reportedly "lacked differentiation" when they were revealed to "an undisclosed amount of mobile carriers." Dell's prototypes, if you remember, are able to run on either Windows Mobile or Android. This is interesting news because I don't really see a so-called differentiation in new phones that released nowadays. You have your candybars, sliders, flips and smartphones, but they aren't exactly all different. They do have their addition of physical QWERTY keyboards, QWERTY keypads (such as the BlackBerry or the Nokia E71) or full touchscreens. Obviously, they do differ with their hardware, but maybe that's where Dell was lacking. I'm curious to see how they are lacking differentiation, but it does show that if you're a newcomer you better be showing your best stuff and be at the top of your game. Dell is not entirely new to selling smartphones, but it's been a while since they made a decent smartphone. Maybe they should stick to what they're good at.



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