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First Chumby "Opus" Tablet Picture Leaks, Silently Cruising On BBC

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An anonymous tipster has just sent the image above to Gizmodo and it's the next tablet / MID / picture frame thing from Chumby. It's sporting the codename "Opus" right now which has been used twice already, one by Motorola and the other by Dell, so that's off to an unoriginal start. Specs are unknown right now but it does have a slight design change.


Sony Ericsson Sends Out Invites For Their MWC 2011 XPERIA Event

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Cell Passion has just pointed out that Sony Ericsson has just released their MWC 2011 invite which will, of course, take place in Barcelona. Their event will be taking place on Sunday, February 13th at 18:00. Details are unknown right now but you can expect some Android devices to be there. Notably, the XPERIA X12 and the XPERIA Play (aka the company's PlayStation Phone) should be at the event.

[Cell Passion]

Next iPad To Have a Flat Back, Be a Bit Smaller, and Will Have a "Wide Range Speaker"

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Coming from Mac Octakara is word on a few new improvements in the next iPad tablet from Apple. Aparently, there'll be a "wide range speaker" with a "metal mesh" over top of it similar to what you see above (just a render). The back of the iPad will actually be flat so that you'll actually be able to rest it down on a tablet properly, but that's expected. The bezel of the iPad will reportedly be about 3mm thinner than the first iPad so that's great news. The overall footprint of the iPad will also be a bit smaller in all ways, which is also expected. Look out for this to get announced in the next month or so.

[Engadget, Apple Insider]

Asus Puts Out a Teaser Vid For Their 12-Inch EP121 Tablet With Core i5 Inside

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It looks like Asus has just teased their 12-inch EP121 tablet which will be running Windows 7. This tablet from Asus will be the most powerful to date, packing a speedy Intel Core i5 CPU. Other specs include a USB port, an SD card slot, a webcam, a multitouch display, and a dual-mode active digitizer so it will be able to support finger and pen inputs. Since it is being teased just weeks before CES 2011, you can expect it to make an appearance there. Don't expect this one to be cheap. Check out the teaser video below.

[Slash Gear]

Dell M02M Hits the WiFi Alliance, Will Be Their Next Tablet / MID

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It's pretty clear that a new device from Dell is currently being tested, it has just been spotted at the WiFi Alliance. Dubbed the M02M, it's a step up from the Streak which is the M01M. This is clearly a "mobile internet device" with support for WiFi b/g/n so it could very well be a new tablet from the company. It could be a variety of things. It could be the 5-inch Streak 2 aka the Opus One or it could also be the 7 (or 10) inch Looking Glass tablet that was leaked by Engadget back in April. We'll just have to wait and see.

[Slash Gear]

First Android "Honeycomb" Tablet (From Motorola) Should Ship In March, Acer and MSI To Follow

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Coming from DigiTimes, is word that Google's Android "Honeycomb" based tablet will be released in March 2011. That will be the first tablet from Google and it'll likely be manufactured and stamped with a Motorola logo (possibly the Xoom). Months / weeks after that, MSI will be releasing their own tablet in April / May. In March, you can also expect Acer's Android tablet as well; we wonder when the Galaxy Tab 2 will be available.


LG Optimus 2X Hitting Europe In Janaury, With Tegra 2 and 1080p Recording

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It's headed to Korea in January 2011 but that won't be the only place it hits. The Nvidia Tegra 2 packing LG Optimus 2X will also be headed to Europe in January and it'll bring along its 1080p video recording capabilities with it. Not much left to tell you here, but if it comes in the first week of January then it just might be the superphone to get!


Acer's 10-Inch Android Tablet Shown Off In Three New Videos, Has a Gyroscope Inside

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Someone from the Acer camp has just shown off the company's 10-inch Android tablet which is looking like it's just in prototype form for the meantime. Engadget Chinese picked up the videos which were actually up on YouTube. Engadget mentions that Acer is planning on shipping this tablet sometime in April with "Honeycomb" so that should be getting official within the next few weeks / months. Not much details are given in the three videos below but it looks like they're definitely playing around with the gyroscope to turn some pages. Anyways, enough reading. Check out the three videos below!