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BBM Now Rumoured To Be Hitting the App Store On April 26th -- Negative, Says RIM

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In the Mac Rumors forum there's, obviously, a new rumour that has been passing around. Apparently, in the Toronto event today, RIM's co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, mentioned that BBM "and 'services'" would be available on the iPhone App Store on April 26th. Of course, there's no way to confirm this but I hope it hits Android on the same day - which isn't looking too likely right now. Of course, the BBM for other platforms will just be a stripped down version so it might be a legitimate threat to other messaging services.

Update: BGR has contacted RIM and they mentioned that the rumour is false. RIM reportedly didn't even hold a conference in Toronto so it's absolutely made up.

[Mobile Syrup]

Cellular South To Get the HTC Merge With Amazon's Appstore

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In the US, it's going to hit Alltel soon and it looks like another carrier has agreed to release the Android-based HTC Merge. This handset with a slide-out QWERTY will be hitting the carrier soon and it's going to have Amazon's Appstore pre-loaded on the device so that's some pretty good news for consumers. We don't know when it will be available yet and the price is still unknown.

[Mobile Burn]

Lenovo's CEO Says the Next LePad Will Be Available In September / October

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Up above is a photo of Lenovo's CEO and he's grinning because their company has another tablet up their sleeve before the end of the year. He mentioned that the successor to their Android powered LePad will reportedly be available in September / October of this year. Of course, specs haven't been mentioned yet so we'll have just have to wait around for it. Hopefully, the spec sheet includes a dual-core CPU, a thinner / lighter body, and, of course, at least "Honeycomb".


Acer Iconia With Dual 14-Inch Displays Will Be Available In April For $1,199

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With all the tablet hype you might have forgotten about the Acer Iconia notebook which sports dual 14-inch displays. Yes, it might be a hint at what the future will be bringing more of. You'll be able to type using an on-screen keyboard on Windows 7 and it's powered by a speedy Intel Core i5 CPU. Of course, it has support for all types of different multitouch gestures. If you're looking to pick one up then it'll be shipping this April for $1,199 which actually seems like a reasonable price.

[Crunch Gear]

Unannounced Nokia E6-00 Gets Shown Off On Video

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It looks like Nokia's unannounced has just been spotted in the wild and even caught on video (below). Yes, that's right. It's the E6-00 which actually looks a lot like Nokia's QWERTY candybar phones - the E71. This one reportedly features a VGA touchscreen display, an 8MP camera with a dual-LED flash, a front-facing camera, and the Symbian OS. Sadly, it's not running WP7 so this one will be obsolete in less than a year. If you want, you can always check out the video below.

[Slash Gear, BGR]

Bell's Nokia C6-01 Gets Fully Priced; Free On a 3-Year Contract

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We already know that Bell plans to launch the Nokia C6-01 soon and it'll cost you $279.95 contract-free. But, how about if you want to sign onto this handset for a long term? Well, Mobile Syrup's tipsters have just informed them that this handset will be free on a 3-year contract, $229.95 on a 2-year contract, and $254.95 on a 1-year contract. There's no way that we can confirm this right now but their tipsters are extremely reliable.

[Mobile Syrup]

Fujitsu LifeBook AH572 Notebook Packs a 15.6-Inch 3D Display and "Sandy Bridge" For $999

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Fujitsu has just unveiled a new notebook which is actually pretty great. Normally, Fujitsu overprices their notebooks but not this time around. They have announced the LifeBook AH572 which sports Intel "Sandy Bridge" CPUs as well as a passive 3D display and even a 3D webcam which is pretty awesome if you're into the hype. Of course, you'll need the glasses to see March Madness in 3D.

Other specs for this notebook include a 500GB HDD, a Blu-ray drive, and Windows 7. Like I said, this one isn't overly expensive checking in at $999. If you want, you can check it out at Fujitsu.