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Latest Windows Mobile 7 Leak?

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Hmm, could this be the latest leak from Microsoft? Could Microsoft be teasing Windows Mobile 7 with this screenshot? Engadget does point out that it is similar to the UI that was leaked a couple of weeks ago. It's probably too early to tell, but it is interesting. I'm so anxious for the release of Windows Mobile 7 because they [Microsoft] really need it to be a hit. Get that touchscreen down pat Microsoft.


T-Mobile's Summer Roadmap Unveiled

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According to TMO News, this is T-Mobile's summer roadmap. There are still a couple of unknown devices but the highlight could definitely be the HTC Touch Pro 2 that will be released on July 22, 2009. Here you go:

  • “Blade” (Sidekick 2009) - May 13
  • HTC “Maple”/”Snap” - July 1st (contrary to earlier speculation, this seems to confirm a T-Mobile variant)
  • HTC “Rhodium”/Wing II - July 22nd (also known as the Touch Pro 2)
  • HTC “Sapphire”/”Magic” - TBD. Sorry folks.. we’ll keep you posted (a.k.a. G2)
  • Sony Ericsson “CS8″ - June 24th (8mp camera? Is this the Android device they’ve been talking about?)
  • Nokia 1661 (prepaid) - April 29th (We know, a week later than previously mentioned. But you know the wait will be SO worth it. No… really… it will be… )
  • Samsung T349 (prepaid) - May 6th
  • Samsung T239 (prepaid) - May 13th
  • Samsung T559 - July 15th
  • Samsung T469  - July 15th (just a simple two-tone gray, apparently)
  • Samsung T749 - July 22nd (2 colors for this one: red/orange and two-tone gray)
  • Samsung T659 - August 19th

RIM's Upcoming BlackBerry's: Onyx, Driftwood, Magnum

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Keep in mind that these are all just codenames. They all: are a part of the 9000-series, have 3G support, have a QWERTY keyboard / keypad, have GPS and a camera - megapixels are still unknown. The Onyx (9300?) has WiFi (no UMA), a 480 x 360 resolution, and will be released through AT&T. The Driftwood will have WiFi (with UMA), but the carrier is still unknown. The Magnum will have WiFi (no UMA), a 480 x 360 resolution, and will also be released through AT&T (very similar to the Onyx). Yes, they have roughly the same spec sheets, but that Magnum could be the touchscreen Blackberry Bold - wait, maybe not. The touchscreen Blackberry Bold is said to be codenamed Pluto, so we'll just have to see when everything gets official.

[Boy Genius]

Lenovo MRT800 PMP Unveiled

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The latest PMP from Lenovo, the MRT800, has just been leaked - at least a tiny bit. The leaked PMP has a 4.3-inch touchscreen display with a 480 x 272 resolution, an FM tuner, a microSD card slot, and a voice recorder. Personally, I like the design - it's fairly iPod Touch-esque so that's not a bad thing. It's fairly thick, but I'm not going to complain. The pricing or release date has not been mentioned yet, but I'll keep a close eye out for you.


Verizon Wireless Releasing The HTC Touch Diamond On April 10

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Finally! Verizon Wireless will be releasing their own custom model of the HTC Touch Diamond for "all B2B, web and telesales customers" on April 10. The customized HTC Touch Diamond will have a 2.8-inch touchscreen display with a 640 x 480 resolution, a Qualcomm 7500A 528MHz CPU, a 3.2MP camera with autofocus, and Bluetooth. It also has a microSD card slot, weighs 4.2 ounces, and will run on WinMo 6.1 Professional. If you're willing to wait a little white, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is scheduled to be released in the US in Q4 of this year and is expected to launch in Q2 of this year (April 17?) outside of the US. Anyways, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 will be available through Verizon Wireless on April 10 for $199.99 USD on a 2-year contract and for $469.99 USD with no contract.

[Boy Genius]

Archos 2 and 4 Leak; Almost Available

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If you don't really have a high budget, the Archos 2 flash player might be exactly what you're looking for. For just $60 USD, the Archos 2 will give you: a 1.8-inch screen with 160 x 128 resolution, is only 0.35-inches thin, 8GB of storage, a microSD slot, and a voice recorder. A 16GB model is now available on Amazon.de for €68 ($92 USD), but it's not on the US Amazon site yet. The more interesting - and more expensive - Archos 4 flash player hasn't had it's share of leaks yet, but we do know that it will have a 4-inch screen (probably touch) and will come in a 16GB and a 32GB model.