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Windows XP Mode Spotted In Windows 7

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A new Windows 7 feature has just been found and it's called Windows XP Mode. You are actually able to run Windows XP inside of Windows 7, which is truly amazing. In the screenshot above you can see Microsoft Word 2003 open in Windows XP and Word 2007 opened in Windows 7 at the same time - on the same screen. This could be extremely useful for those that just can't leave the XP workspace. On a side note, the RC version of Windows 7 might not have the feature available, but it will be around for the official, final release.

This Windows XP Mode will be available via a free download only for Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate users. It won't be coming out for everyone, so I guess I know which version I'll most likely be getting. I think it's a pretty clever addition on Microsoft's part. I give them props!

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LG GD900 With a Transparent Keypad Could See a May Release In the UK

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The very, very sexy LG GD900 looks like it could make its debut next month in the UK. The handset was set for a "sometime this Summer" launch, but the UK could be getting it as early as mid-May, according to the latest rumour. When browsing online, the transparent keypad also functions as a mouse trackpad if you drag your finger around it. Don't forget that this will handset will also be rocking the new 3D S-Class UI. Damn, I'm excited.

[Tech Radar]