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Verizon Motorola Devour Getting Indirect February 25th Launch; Full Launch On March 15th

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In two weeks it looks like Verizon will be launching the Android-based Motorola Devour - that's February 25th. The initial launch will be in the indirect channel "via authorized channels" with a full launch in all channels on March 15th. Are you looking to pick this one up? Unfortunately, it's still running Android 1.6 but it does have MOTOBLUR.

Microsoft Outlines Final Fantasy XIII and Splinter Cell: Conviction 250GB Xbox 360 Bundles

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It looks like Microsoft is planning to ship out a couple more 250GB Xbox 360 Bundles starting on March 9th with Final Fantasy XIII. Later on, on April 13th, the Splinter Cell: Conviction Bundle will be available. Both of these bundles will include two wireless controllers and a headset. They'll both retail for $399.99. Check out the link below for more deets.

Canada's Telus Releases the Motorola Brute i680 Rugged Handset For $230

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As a warm-up, Telus has just released the Motorola Brute i680 flip phone handset for $229.99 on a 3-year contract and for $429.99 contract-free. This handset is expensive because it's a military-certified rugged handset. Its got a basic spec sheet though, including a 1.3-inch external display, a 2.2-inch internal display, a 2MP camera, GPS / Bluetooth support, and a non-standard 2.5mm headphone jack. Go and pick yours up here. You can always wait for the Milestone if you want though.

Blizzard Announces That the StarCraft II Beta Will Start This Month

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It may be slightly off-topic but who fuh-reaking cares. The most anticipated game of all time, StarCraft II, will be launched in the middle of this year. However, Blizzard has just announced that they'll be starting the beta for StarCraft II later this month. That means in less than 17 days, the closed beta will start and the whole world will finally be in peace. I'm crossing my fingers that I get an invite to the closed beta.

Acer Launching 19mm Thin Ultraportable Notebook Sometime This Year

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According to the latest report, Acer will be launching an ultraportable notebook this year that will be just 19mm thick. It's not the thinnest around, but this would be a great addition to their current line-up of notebooks. They're going to have to do something if they want to be the world's largest computer maker in the world (currently in number 1 is HP). Other details at this moment are still unknown, so we'll just have to wait.

Lenovo Introduces G455 and G555 Notebooks and the C315 All-In-One PC

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Lenovo has just announced two more notebooks and they've also thrown in a new all-in-one PC as well. The two notebooks, the G455 and the G555 feature an AMD Turion II dual-core CPU, ATI Radeon HD graphics, and Windows 7. They have different display sizes, my guess is 14-inches on the G455 and 15-inches on the G555. These two notebooks have a base price of $449.99 and will be available in March. 

The all-in-one PC that has been introduced today is the C315 which features a 20-inch touchscreen display wiht a 16:9 aspect ratio, 4GB of RAM, an AMD Athlon CPU, and Windows 7. This all-in-one PC starts at $649 USD and will be available in April.

13-Inch Dell "Lafite" Latitude E4310 Gets Scoped Out at the FCC

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An upcoming Dell Latitude notebook looks like it has just made its way to the FCC offices. This one's the E4310, but we do know that it's packing a 13-inch display. Let's just play the waiting and see when Dell announcing this. Check out the FCC filing here.


The Nokia N98 Leaked Early? Rocking 4-Inch Display and 32GB of Storage

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Could this be a leaked photo of an ugly colour schemed Nokia N98? Apparently, this handset supposedly has a 4-inch touchscreen display, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 32GB of internal storage, and it'll of course run some version of Symbian. Of course, right now it's just a rumour because I don't see Nokia making a high-end handset and rendering it in an olive green colour. Maybe we'll see it hit MWC sometime next week.

[Slash Gear]

Garmin-Asus Show Off Their Android-Based A50 Handset a Bit Early

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Garmin-Asus is back at it again, this time showing off their Android handset, the A50. This handset will have a bunch of location-aware apps, a 3.5-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen display, 4GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, a 3MP AF camera, and a custom UI over top of Android 1.6. Of course, this handset comes pre-loaded with Garmin's own turn-by-turn navigation. The good news is that there'll reportedly be a multitouch browser on-board! This handset should be launching in Europe in the first half of this year - but let's hope it doesn't get heavily delayed. MWC's in a couple of days so just wait.

Sony's TransferJet Technology Finding Its Way Into Toshiba Products Later This Year

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Bluetooth is a thing of the past now. Okay, well, not exactly but Sony's TransferJet looks like it'll be headed to some Toshiba products later this year - more specifically some of their notebooks. TransferJet works similar to Bluetooth but it doesn't have as much range as it. It makes up for it with its blazing speed though. The closer the devices are together the faster the speed is, but the range is only a couple of centimetres at this point.

AT&T Likely Getting the Palm Pre After Mid-May, According to FCC

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The latest FCC filing here, states that another American carrier will be getting the Palm Pre. Who? Well, AT&T, of course. Unfortunately, it looks like people who are looking to get the Palm Pre on AT&T will have to wait until the Summertime (after the middle of May). By the time this handset hits AT&T, Apple's next iPhone will be going through its yearly rumours.

Puma Phone Being Unveiled At MWC

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You may know the company, Puma, they made athletic stuff (shoes, etc.). It looks like we'll be able to add a new product to their list and who would've guessed that they'd be hopping in the phone business. Let's hope this is a one time thing. The Puma phone will reportedly feature a touchscreen display, GPS support, video chat support, a stopwatch, a camera, and a solar panel on the back. You can clearly see the solar panel in the above picture - since that's the back of the handset. Of course, it'll also feature things like a pedometer, bike / run tracking applications, instant messaging, a sports news app, and a "music turntable." It looks a bit Palm Pre-ish to me. Check out the teaser site here.

WinMo 7 To Have Free Map Navigation; WinMo 6.x To Be Free In the Future

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Google and Nokia already have their own free map navigation and it would be a surprise to everyone if Apple doesn't launch their own in the near future. Microsoft isn't going to be left out of the party since the latest rumour states that Windows Mobile 7 will have free map navigation built into the OS (probably pre-loaded software). Along with that news Microsoft is reportedly also planning to make all versions of WinMo 6.x free in the future. This is likely due to the growing competition especially with Google's open-source Android OS and the iPhone, of course. This means that you'll probably find WinMo 6.x on cheaper smartphones. In case you're interested, in the above photo that's a Sony Ericsson Aspen running WinMo 6.5.3.