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Lenovo Introduces G455 and G555 Notebooks and the C315 All-In-One PC

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Lenovo has just announced two more notebooks and they've also thrown in a new all-in-one PC as well. The two notebooks, the G455 and the G555 feature an AMD Turion II dual-core CPU, ATI Radeon HD graphics, and Windows 7. They have different display sizes, my guess is 14-inches on the G455 and 15-inches on the G555. These two notebooks have a base price of $449.99 and will be available in March. 

The all-in-one PC that has been introduced today is the C315 which features a 20-inch touchscreen display wiht a 16:9 aspect ratio, 4GB of RAM, an AMD Athlon CPU, and Windows 7. This all-in-one PC starts at $649 USD and will be available in April.


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