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Toshiba's Honeycomb Tablet Delayed Until the "Very End Of Summer"

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It's not exactly the biggest news ever but if you're waiting for Toshiba's "Honeycomb" tablet then there's some bad news. Said tablet is reportedly delayed until the "very end of Summer" but there's no reason why. This 10.1-inch tablet will be the company's entry tablet sporting a Tegra 2. Being delayed, it's going to have some tough competition by the time it rolls out.


Japan Getting the 3D Sharp Aquos SH-12C Android Smartphone, 4.2-Inch qHD Display and 1.4GHz CPU

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It's not the best looking Android phone out there but this one's actually packing some pretty good specs if you're into 3D. Dubbed the Sharp Aquos SH-12C, this one will be available in Japan on NTT DoCoMo but we have no clue if it'll hit anywhere else.

Specs for this smartphone include a 4.2-inch 3D display (540 x 960 resolution), a 1.4GHz single-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, a 1Seg TV tuner, dual 8MP 3D cameras on the back, and Android 2.3. This smartphone will reportedly be up for pre-order on May 14th and it'll be shipping on the 20th. This one may hit the US though since Sharp did tell us that they'd be bringing a 3D phone to us.


Sony Ericsson Cybershot Smartphone Running Android Leaks In Blurry Photo

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The XPERIA Blog has managed to get their hands on the blurry photo you see above. The smartphone you see comes from Sony Ericsson and could be that Android-based Cybershot smartphone that we've heard a bit about. Of course, specs are still unknown but it looks like the buttons will be similar to the ones on the second-gen XPERIA Mini / Mini Pro. Specs for this one are still unknown right not but if it has the Cybershot branding then there should be a pretty darn good camera on the back of this one.


CDMA Palm Pre 3 Hits the FCC, Likely Headed To Verizon

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Yet another Palm Pre 3 model has hit the FCC. This time around it looks like it's on its way to Verizon since it's sporting CDMA bands. This model is the HSTNH-F30CV and that "V" could be confirming that it's headed to Verizon. This one better be available sometime next month because if they launch it too late - say September - then it might run into an Apple smartphone head on. That wouldn't be good. Check it out at the FCC.