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3DFusion 3DFMax, YouTube Killing Third-Party Downloading, Sony Looking For New Game Machine Testers, Philips News: Net TV, Cinema 21:9 HDTV

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We've all heard about those Internet-connected HDTV's at CES, but right now it's all about 3D. That is, 3D without the glasses. Using Philips' WOWvx 3D solution, the 3DFusion 3DFMax display was born. There is no word on the price, contrast ratio, resolution or availability, so be on the lookout for that on a future blog post.

Just like i predicted. With the spawn of YouTube charging its users with a fee for downloads, they are currently on the verge of killing all third-party downloading programs. In the near future, the only way you will be able to download YouTube videos are by paying, which is retarded. Everything is just based on money nowadays. It's a shame. How can Google let this happen? On a side note, Rinontherox (aka hiphoprox) got their account deleted on YouTube because of the whole Warner Bros. issue (most likely). I always watched their videos too, cause of Erin =D. But, their account was "suspended."

Sony is currently "looking for an 'evaluator/assessor' for a 'new game machine.' That is 'part of the PlayStation or PSP series and their peripherals.'" Wow, what could this be Sony? Could it be the Playstation 4? Or maybe the PSP 2? It could even be a PSPhone. Sony's getting our hopes up here and hopefully the "new game machine" will be one of the above. I'm hoping so, at least. I hope it's not some dumb PS3 add-on or something that imitates the Wii in some way.

Philips looks like they are finally ready to jump on the Internet-connected HDTV bandwagon. They are "readying" their Net TV module, which is a box thing. "The box will purportedly bring the web's best content to your HDTV through an easy-to-understand user interface, and the WiFi capability means that you won't have to run an Ethernet cable to your set." Engadget suspects that this Philips HDTV / home entertainment will be limited to Europe. That pretty much summed up what the box is and where it is coming out. Unfortunately, there is no price for the Net TV module, but it is said to be scheduled for an April release.

Remember the Philips Cinema "Ultra-Widescreen" 21:9 HDTV? The TV that "removes those black bars" from your HDTV DVDs and stuff. This "behemoth" is going to start shipping in June, but will cost a whopping $5,045 USD (4,000). Talk about expensive, eh? If you can afford one of these, congratulations. But for us regular people, we'll have to look for something else.

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Dell Inspiron Mini 10, Asus Eee PC 1000HE, STD Results Via Text, LG News: Netbook, 12MP Cameraphone

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The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is finally available on Dell's official website. It will be available on February 26, but you can get your orders in now. You will be getting the Mini 10, which has: "a 10.1-inch display, 802.11b/g WiFi, optional Bluetooth 2.1, HDMI out, an external DVD drive, upwards of 160GB of HDD space, 1GB of RAM, a keyboard that's 92 percent the size of a standard laptop, a multitouch trackpad, 720p media playback, optional WWAN, an internal TV tuner and your choice of a 3-cell (3 hours) or 6-cell (6.5 hours) battery." Call that a sweet deal, why don't you. 6.5 hours of battery life on a Dell notebook. While it may not be as long as the Asus EEE PC 1000HE's projected 9.5-hour battery life, it's still decent. Personally, i like the black and white models, cause i don't really enjoy having vibrant colours on my laptop.

Since i just finished mentioning the Dell Inspiron Mini 10's battery life, i might as well talk about the Asus Eee PC 1000HE. This laptop is now shipping to whoever pre-ordered the netbook. It has a 1.66GHz Atom N280 processor and has a projected battery life of up to 9.5 hours under the "perfectly ideal conditions." It's also under $400 USD and i'm actually considering buying one of these in the summertime or maybe even an upgrade to this. Or i can even buy the Android-based Asus netbook. That would be perfect!

On to the LOL news of the day. This is about getting your STD results sent to your phone. You may be too scared to receive the news that you've got an STD face-to-face so, in London, you can now receive the results via text messaging. It's funny, but at the same time it can attract many people to getting tested. I think the picture is hilarious though because the phone is running Windows Mobile (fail) and the sad face is just icing on the cake.

At MWC LG announced a new netbook. The LG-X120 has pre-loaded Windows XP, the Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, an integrated 1.3MP webcam, 1GB DDR2 RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3 USB ports. This 10.1-inch screened netbook also has a matte surface, so that it won't attract any of those nasty fingerprints. The best feature about this netbook is the "Smart-On" interface, "which basically allows the user to access the most frequently used programs just a few seconds after hitting the power button, without waiting for the operating system to completely load the desktop." This feature is currently trying to plague all PCs, notebooks and netbooks, so it's good to see that LG is trying it out. We all hate waiting 1 - 2 minutes in order for our desktops to fully load, so good job LG for satisfying our needs.

LG also said something else at MWC. LG mentioned that they are going to be releasing a 12MP cameraphone. Woop-ti-doo. No one cares anymore. People need to wake up and realize that megapixels aren't everything. I want optical zoom, so the first company to surprise me with optical zoom on their phone wins. Get on that LG. I still haven't seen or heard from Samsung's 12 megapixel cameraphone, so who knows when that will be released. The Sony Ericsson Idou was the only physical 12MP cameraphone that was available.

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Microsoft Prototype Stolen, Killzone 2 To Get Co-op?, Sprint Locks Up The Pre For 2009, Philips GoGear PMPs, Asus Netbook Running Android

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Old news here, but in case you didn't know, Microsoft had one of their prototype phones stolen at MWC. "A prototype phone loaded with a top-secret copy of the new software was lifted from an executive's pocket." The executive is unnamed, but it's not really important. I guess that's what happens when MWC is being held at Barcelona, "a city famous for its world class pickpockets." Talk about Microsoft getting owned. Although, i don't know why anyone would want to know anything about Windows Mobile 6.5.

Killzone 2 may be reportedly getting co-op as DLC in the future. I don't know if you remember, but Sony mentioned about a month ago that there "are no plans for co-op in Killzone 2." Sony just loves to upset their fans and then reward them later. Well, most of the time there is a reward, at least.

If you're hoping to get the Palm Pre on a different carrier (other than Sprint) then you may be out of luck. A new report says that "the Pre is Sprint's exclusively for 2009." The Palm Pre will be the first phone to feature the new WebOS platform. But, it's only the first of many other multi-tasking phones that will be available running this OS, so no need to panic. Unless you really like the Pre and i think it's going to be a great device.

Philips will be releasing two PMPs that will be released in Europe this April. As of right now, there is no release date scheduled for North America, but i'll give you the rundown of these 2 PMPs anyway. The smaller 2-inch PMP is the GoGear Ariaz. It will have your choice of 4GB, 8GB or 16GB of memory, has FM radio, a built-in mic and has a combination of touchscreen buttons and the "large rocker key" for your navigating. The updated 2.8-inch display version is called the GoGear Opus. It will have Bluetooth and your choice of 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of memory. The prices of these PMPs will range from the $100 - $230 USD (79 - 179) price range.

The Google OS looks like it's finally here. It opened up with Android running on the Google phone, the T-Mobile G1. Android began to expand to more phones and is continuing its growth. Asus is now working on a new netbook running Android, the Google OS, which is interesting. Because of the fact that Windows XP is running on 80-90% of all netbooks, this would make Google a strong competitor for Microsoft's Windows. If all things go according to plan, Android will continue to gain popularity and will expand to notebooks and PCs. Believe it folks, the Google OS is here. Asus have mentioned that they plan on releasing the Android-based netbook by the end of the year. It is said to already be in development.

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