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Asus Deciding Between Launching Android Or Chrome OS Netbooks

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At this point you may be wondering why Asus is taking their sweet time with another Android netbook. Well, that's because Google now has 2 OS's that they're working on: Android and Chrome OS. Both OS's are very different and Asus is actually testing them both out to see which one they'll go with. I believe they'll go with Chrome OS in the long run especially since Android still doesn't have support for Flash. Android needs to stick to small tablets, MIDs, and smartphones (superphones too...). Chrome OS should be specifically for netbooks, smartbooks, and larger tablets.

Gigabyte Planning To Launch An Android Smartphone

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Gigabyte has made a couple of smartphones in the past but they've all been running Windows Mobile. They also make some MIDs (Linux-based M528 pictured above). Like everyone else, Digitimes has mentioned that they're planning to make some smartphones in the future running on Google's Android OS. There's not much left to say, but we'll just have to wait until they announce it.

Video of the Android-Based Dell Mini 5 / Streak MID Pops Up On YouTube

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A new video on YouTube shows off the Dell Mini 5 / Streak MID that is running the Android OS. They barely showed it off at CES 2010, so this video shows you exactly what you should've seen - and an extra finger in the process. Anyways, this is apparently the "Streak OS" since they've decided to skin Android a tiny bit. Thankfully there is clearly multitouch in the browser - take that Nexus One.

Nintendo DSi XL Hitting Europe On March 5th

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It's already launched in Japan - as the DSi LL - and Europe has just mentioned that the Nintendo DSi XL will be launching in the UK on March 5th! The DSi XL will, of course, be more expensive than the current DSi, but the price hasn't been mentioned yet. Let's hope that North America gets the DSi XL around the same time as Europe.

[Joystiq, Electronista]

Hisense Debuts HS-E90 Which Is Their First Android Phone

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I've never heard of this company but Hisense has just announced their first Android phone, the HS-E90. This handset features a 3.5-inch HVGA touchscreen display, a Qualcomm QSC6085 CPU, a 5MP AF camera, GPS / WiFi / Bluetooth support, an FM radio, CDMA connectivity, a microSD card slot, and a 1,500 mAh battery. At this point we don't know when this handset will launch and we also don't know what version of Android it'll be launching with.

[Akihabara News, Unwired View]

Samsung To Show Off Bada Phones At MWC 2010

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This shouldn't be surprising at all. Samsung has just mentioned that at MWC 2010 they'll be showing off some Bada phones. We already know what to expect, but it'll be great to see exactly what the phone will look like. And, of course, the OS would be something great to look at as well since it's looking pretty good in photos. It just sucks that it's 2010 and this new OS won't have multi-tasking - let's hope they change their mind and decide to throw that in there.

[Samsung Hub]

Japan Getting the 250GB PS3 Slim On February 18th

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Japan will finally be getting the 250GB PS3 Slim. Starting on February 18th, Japan will be able to purchase it for 34,980 Yen ($381 USD). The 250GB PS3 Slim has been available in Japan in the past but that was only part of the white and pink bundle. This one won't require a bundle so it could be a better deal for you.


HTC Bravo Headed To 3 Sweden This March? Nexus One Specs + Sense UI

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Another Android handset from HTC looks like it'll be here in a couple of weeks. 3 Sweden has just mentioned that they're planning to launch the HTC Bravo in March. The specs for the Bravo look pretty identical to the Nexus One, that's a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, a 5MP camera, and Android 2.1. The good news here is that HTC plans to overlay Android 2.1 with their own Sense UI.

[Slash Gear, Engadget Mobile]

Vodafone UK Finally Launches the iPhone 3GS!

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Finally! It's been available for a couple of months now in North America and Vodafone has just launched the iPhone 3GS in the UK. If you're one of the 50,000 people who pre-ordered one you better go ahead and get yours now. It's available for free on a 2-year contract, but you'll have to pay 45 Pounds ($73 USD) monthly for the 16GB model and 75 Pounds ($122 USD) monthly for the 32GB model, which could be a serious deal breaker. You can also get it for free on an 18-month contract but the monthly fees are ridiculous. Check it out here.

[Slash Gear]

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 Getting Re-Launched With 1.83GHz N470 CPU and Touchscreen

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Liliputing did some deep research and now believes that the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 netbook will be launching later on with the faster Intel Atom 1.83GHz N470 CPU - thanks to this FCC filing. Along with this news it could also be re-launching with a model that has a touchscreen display as well which is definitely welcomed.

BlackBerry Tour2 9650 Spotted In Sprint's Inventory Systems

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At this point we've already seen the BlackBerry Tour2 9650 in Verizon's inventory systems and now it has just shown up in Sprint's systems as well. The Tour 9650 will have a trackpad and, thankfully, the inclusion of WiFi. It could be a while until it actually launches, so you may or may not want to wait for it.