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Spring Design Alex E-Book Reader Shipping Tomorrow, If You Ordered One

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Right on schedule, the Spring Design Alex will be shipping tomorrow to those who ordered one. This dual-screen e-book reader is just like Barnes & Noble Nook, so it runs Android on the full coloured touchscreen display on the bottom. It's going for $399, which is $100 under the cheapest iPad.

[Engadget, Electronista]

Amazon USA Now Selling the White / Lime Microsoft Arc Keyboard For $59.95

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The Microsoft Arc keyboard launched in January of this year and it was only available in black. Amazon USA is now offering the white model which has a hint of a lime green colour on the bottom. There's not much left to tell you here, so you can go out an order one now if you want. Check it out on Amazon here for $59.95.

[Engadget, Electronista]

Canada's WIND Mobile To Launch the Nokia 5230, N900 Not Hitting Canada

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Canada's WIND Mobile hasn't added any phones ever since it launched late last year. It looks like they are planning to launch the Nokia 5230 though, but we have no clue when. This handset packs a 3.2-inch touchscreen display with a 360 x 640 resolution, a 434MHz CPU, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 2MP camera, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth support, and S60 5th Edition. Check it out on WIND Mobile here.

Sadly, they have mentioned that Nokia has absolutely no plans on launching the N900 in Canada.

[Mobile Syrup]

Verizon Accidentally Mentions the BlackBerry Bold 9650

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Looks like the BlackBerry 9650 has been accidentally mentioned by Verizon, thanks to their recent NFL Mobile application. It looks like it'll be called the Bold 9650, but that's all we know about it. It'll be compatible with the applications, but the specs haven't been mentioned yet. Maybe it's just the CDMA version of their current Bold 9700, which would be a let down.

[Phone Arena]

Huawei C8600 Runs Android 2.1 and Hits China Telecom In May

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Huawei has just unveiled their latest Android phone, the C8600. It'll be running Android 2.1 with a custom UI (called Dynamic Desktop) and it packs a 3.5-inch capacitive multitouch display, CDMA2000 connectivity, and a 1,500mAh battery. This handset should hit China Telecom in May (next month), but the price wasn't mentioned. This is probably the best handset that Huawei has announced to date.


Android-Based LG LU2300 Gets Officially Announced, Only Hitting Korea

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Although we've been hearing about it for a couple of weeks, LG has just made it official. the LU2300 was just announced and they've confirmed what we already know. It's packing a 3.5-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, WiFi, a T-DMB TV tuner, a 5MP camera, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, DivX support, and Android 2.1 with LG's own custom UI. It's a pretty impressive phone, but sadly it'll only be hitting Korea - unless LG decides to change their mind. Looks like this won't be the Aloha handset, but maybe we'll see a variant of it hit North America.


Sony Unveils 7.4-Inch PVM-740 OLED TV For Professionals

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Sony's XEL-1 OELD TV may be expensive, but maybe you'll want to get your hands on this one. Aimed at professionals, this is the PVM-740 which packs a 7.4-inch OLED display with a 960 x 540 resolution. Of course, it's expensive at $3,850 but it is professionals only. Don't worry, one day these will be everywhere.


Telstra To Launch the XPERIA X10 On May 4th In Australia

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Australia looks like they'll be getting their shot at the XPERIA X10 in the near future. Telstra has just announced that they'll be launching this smartphone on May 4th and it'll be available for free on select contracts. Of course, you can get it contract-free if you're willing to pay A$1,099 ($1,019 USD), which is definitely expensive. It packs a 4-inch WVGA touchscreen display, but apparently there'll be no chance of multitouch on it because of the hardware. The handset also packs an 8MP AF camera, a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, and Android 1.6. Check it out on Telstra's website here.

[Unwired View]

The Whole HTC Incredible Spec Sheet Leaks Out, Confirms What We Know

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The whole HTC Incredible spec sheet has just leaked out and there should be nothing on here that should be surprising to you - if you've been following the many leaks. The highlights are its 3.7-inch WVGA OLED capacitive touchscreen display, 8MP AF camera with video recording capabilities, 8GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, the Snapdragon 1GHz CPU, WiFi b/g/n, and Android 2.1 with the Sense UI.

[Boy Genius]

Canada's Bell Releases the BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) For $199.95

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Bell Mobility has finally released the BlackBerry Storm 2 (9550) after a long wait. This smartphone packs a 3.25-inch capacitive touchscreen display (360 x 480 resolution), a 3.2MP AF camera with an LED flash, a 3.5mm headphone jack, SurePress technology, 2GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, WiFi b/g / GPS / Bluetooth 2.1 + A2DP support, and BB OS 5.0. Bell has decided to price this handset at $199.95 on a 3-year contract, $399.95 on a 2-year contract, $499.95 on a 2-year contract, and $549.95 contract-free. Check it out on Bell's site here/

[Mobile Syrup]

Lenovo Skylight Smartbook Delayed Until July In the USA

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Bad news for those of you waiting for the Lenovo Skylight smartbook. It's reportedly been delayed to July in the US (via AT&T). China looks like they'll be getting first dibs on this smartbook in May and a couple of other places will get a stab at it in June. The delay is reportedly because they're still working on a couple of things to improve.

Update: According to Digitimes, this smartbook is being delayed because it's not as smooth as the iPad. Who knows what they'll do to this thing, but maybe they're thinking about adding a touchscreen on this.


Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Launching On Vodafone and O2 Germany On April 28th

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It's now official. Both the Palm Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus will be hitting Vodafone and O2 Germany on April 18th. They'll both likely be available for free on select contracts and this is good news seeing how it's just two weeks away.


Apple Updates MacBook Pro Line-Up Finally; 10-Hour Battery Life, and Core i5 / i7 CPU Options

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It looks like Apple has finally updated their MacBook Pro line-up and the 15 and 17-inch models are now sporting Intel Core i5 / i7 CPU options. Unfortunately, the 13-inch model - as you can see in the photo above - is stuck with Core 2 Duo CPU options, but the speed was bumped up slightly. It's packing 4GB of RAM in the base model now and it comes with Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics along with a 10-hour battery life. You can get the 13-inch model for $1,199 and $1,499.

The 15-inch model is where it gets interesting. The base model sports an Intel Core i5 2.4GHz CPU, 4GB of RAM (up to 8GB), a 320GB HDD (up to a possible 512GB SSD), Nvidia GeForce GT 330M graphics, and up to a 9 hour battery life. You can get the 15-inch model for anywhere between $1,799 and $2,199 for the Core i7 (2.66GHz) model. The 17-inch model (Full HD resolution) goes for $2,299 and that'll get you an Intel Core i5 2.53GHz CPU, 4GB of RAM (up to 8GB), a 500GB HDD, Nvidia GeForce GT 330M graphics, and up to a 9 hour battery life. Of course, these both feature Nvidia's Optimus technology, which is great news.

Update: According to Apple Insider, Nvidia has mentioned that the Optimus technology is not used in the new MacBook Pros. Instead, Apple came up with their own automatic graphics switching technology, but it basically does the same thing.

Update: It looks like all of these CPU refreshes are dual-core CPUs. There are no quad-core CPU options in any of these notebooks which is a let down. Of course, they needed to do this to make the notebooks last so long. So it's up to you if you want performance or battery life.

If you're going to pick up a new MacBook Pro you know where to point your browser to.

[9 to 5 Mac, Engadget, Electronista]

Nokia Announces the C3, C6, and E5 Handsets, All Feature QWERTY Keyboards

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Nokia has just announced three of their latest dumbphones, the Nokia C3, C6, and E5 - from left to right in the picture above. First up is the Nokia C3 which will be available sometime this quarter for €90 ($122 USD). This handset features a 2.4-inch QVGA display, a QWERTY keypad, quad-band GSM connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1 / WiFi support, 55MB of internal memory, a microSD card slot, Opera Mini, and the S40 OS.

Next up is the Nokia C6 and it turns out that the rumoured photo of the handset was real. The handset itself is packing a 3.2-inch nHD (360 x 640 resolution) resistive touchscreen display, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, quad-band GSM/EDGE / quad-band HSDPA/UMTS (850/900/1900/2100MHz) connectivity, a 5MP AF camera with a flash, aGPS support, and S60 5th Edition. This one will be available this quarter as well, but for a more expensive €220 ($299 USD).

The Nokia Mystic ended up becoming what you see above as the E5. It packs a 2.4-inch display, aGPS / WiFi support, tri-band UMTS connectivity, and S60 3rd Edition. This will be available in Q3 for €180 ($245 USD).

[The Symbian Blog, Engadget]

Sony Ericsson Announces the Zylo and Spiro Walkman Handsets

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Sony Ericsson has just announced two new handsets that will be a part of their Walkman line-up. It's the Sony Ericsson Zylo (left) and the Spiro (right). Both handsets have FLAC support, TrackID, and social integration like Twitter and Facebook. They're both expected to hit the market sometime in Q3 2010, but the price wasn't mentioned. It shouldn't be expensive though, seeing how they're Walkman phones.

The Sony Ericsson Zylo features a 2.6-inch QVGA display, a 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth + A2DP support, a 260MB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, UMTS/HSPA / quad-band GSM connectivity, and an FM radio. The Sony Ericsson Spiro takes it a slight step down with a 2.2-inch QVGA display, a 2MP camera, Bluetooth support, an FM radio, 5MB of internal storage, and a microSD card slot.

[Slash Gear]

MSI GT640 Gaming Notebook Hitting Japan On April 17th

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It looks like the MSI GT640 has just been officially announced and it'll be hitting Japan on April 17th for ¥169,800 (1,822 USD). This gaming notebook is in sharp competition seeing how Mouse Computer is a pretty good company for gaming notebooks. Anyways, this notebook comes packed with a 15.4-inch display with a 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, an Intel Core i7-720QM 1.6GHz CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTS250M graphics, a 500 GB HDD, 4GB of RAM, an HDMI output, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit as an OS.

[Akihabara News]
Picture Source: Electronista

Cisco Announces the Flip Slide HD, 720p Video Recording But No Image Stabilization

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Cisco has just officially announced the Flip Slide HD, which is a couple of days late seeing how Best Buy is already selling these. This camcorder packs an HDMI output, 720p video recording capabilities (no image stabilization), 16GB of internal storage, and a 3-inch resistive touchscreen sliding display. Engadget points out that it's pretty pricey at $279.99, but they'll be reviewing it in a couple of days.


Someone Out There Testing an iPhone On Verizon?

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Just about everyone is waiting for the iPhone to hit Verizon because AT&T's network isn't all that great. If this Flurry Analytics screenshot is to be believed then it could hit the carrier by the end of this year. Of course, Apple has never mentioned anything about an iPhone on Verizon, but it's bound to happen someday, right?