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The Dark Knight, Pacquiao Fight

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Before i talk about the Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao fight, i'm just going to tell you about a couple things first, including my amazing day. So, it started off going to bed last night at about 3:15 or so, since i was helping my girlfriend study for her Biology Exam today. So, i woke up at about 7:15, and got to school about 20 minutes late, sat in my religion until that class finally ended. Next period was Advanced Functions, and we had a quiz that i didn't even know about, but it's okay, because it wasn't too difficult. But, when i got my updated mark today, i was upset. My mark dropped 3% after increasing 2% from the previous test. I hate Trig identities, and the test i wrote was terrible. I am now sitting at an 84% =(. Anyways, moving along to lunch, where i talked to Sarah, my religion buddy, for about 10 minutes before finally heading off to the library. I told myself that i'd do my math homework, but unfortunately i forgot my math book in my locker, and was too lazy to get it. Anyways, Jibril wanted to go to the gas station so i offered to go with him. We ran out in the cold, then when we got to the gas station, he realized that he forgot his wallet back at the library... Ehh, so we get back, and since i brought my laptop to school that day, i just went on it until my next class started. Organic Chemistry, the next unit we're doing in Chemistry class. I found the review quite easy, and before i knew it the bell rang. I stayed after school with my cousin, Cathleen, and helped her out with some Grade 10 Math homework, wasn't too difficult. Finally, my girlfriend calls me.

So, i met up with her by her house, and after chilling at her house for a bit, we left to go to the nearest mall, Square One. We go to eat first and of course we see the 'loafters' of the mall, mallrats. We ended up walking around a bit, and then went to go watch a movie. Australia. I had low expectations for this movie, and going into the movie i knew nothing about it, except that it's runtime was 2 hours and 44 minutes. I actually never heard about it, until my girlfriend told me to check what movies are out now, since i don't watch tv anymore. This movie was definitely not something i was looking forward to, but i mean, it's time with my girlfriend. If that's what she wanted to watch, then of course, i'll watch it with her. We were celebrating our early 5 month anniversary today because i have a dentist appointment on the 9th. Anyways, we watched Australia, and i must say, it had an amazing storyline. It was very impressive, but it wasn't my type of movie. Don't get me wrong, the movie was great, and i'd probably rate it a 4/5 stars, but it won't be listed on my top movies. Since i have an amazing girlfriend, we went to Starbucks and we shared a White Chocolate Mocha, and she even got my mom a Hot Chocolate. I must say that the White Chocolate Mocha was delicious. Anyways, that was pretty much the end of my day, so let's move along. By the way, I love you Nikki! =D. Happy early 5 months, lol.

Some Dark Knight news. Although, i already knew about The Dark Knight being re-released again, i didn't know there was an official date, until now. Looks like the re-release is scheduled for January 23, 2009, and it will be released in IMAX theatres. I just told my girlfriend this and her jaw dropped, and implied that we're going to watch it again, this time at IMAX. I'm hoping that this re-release will push The Dark Knight past Titanic on the all-time box office's highest gross, thinga-ma-bobber. It most likely will, but i don't really see that as fair, since it is being released for the second time. Unless, Titanic was released for a second time, which i'm unsure of. But anyways, i'm looking forward to seeing it again, and maybe this time i won't forget to put in my contacts. This re-release will push The Dark Knight to a total gross of over 1 billion, congratulations!
So, today (Saturday) is a big day. The long-awaited Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya fight, boy am i excited. First of all, thanks to the internet for Sopcast, or else i would not be able to watch it. I'm not willing to spend $59.99 for PPV HD to watch a boxing match that could end in the first round, which i hope will not happen. Since i am of Filipino descent, i am rooting for Pacquiao to win. Judging from ESPN's article about the fight, both fighters had to meet at a certain weight, 147 pounds was the agreement. De La Hoya, had to lose about 7 pounds for the fight, while Pacquiao had to gain 12 pounds, that's 2 weight classes. I might be wrong about the different weights they had to gain or lose, and if i'm wrong, sorry about that. I'm just really hoping that, with all the weight that Pacquiao had to gain, he still has those quick hands. I feel that if Pacquiao can keep De La Hoya off balance with his speed, then he will surely take the fight.
Of course, the links.
Official site for the movie, Australia: http://www.australiamovie.com/
This pic was taken off of digg.com, thank you to MrBabyMan.