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Verizon Slashes Price of Original BlackBerry Storm to $99

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With it being a slow news day today I guess this is worth reporting. Earlier this month, we heard that Verizon has ordered Storm 2 dummy units, so since people will see these units they have decided to cut the price of the original BlackBerry Storm to $99.99 USD on a 2-year contract. Make sure not to get lured into the trap though because the Storm 2 should be making its debut very, very soon.


Acer Aspire 1810T Drivers Show Up On Official Europe Site

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Call it a notebook or a netbook or even a mini-notebook if you'd like, but either way the Acer Aspire 1810T is probably on its way soon. On Acer Europe's official page, the drivers for the Aspire 1810T has already shown up on the site. It should be launching soon, but the price still hasn't been mentioned. If you want to know more about the Aspire 1810T laptop, check out this link for the specs.

[Portable Monkey]

Nokia Possibly Launching New C Series Line-up; and X Series

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Nokia already has their N-series and E-series mobile phones out there, but it looks like they're planning to expand their line-up with a new series called the C-series. On April 14, Nokia filed a patent for "Cseries." At this point, no one knows what this line-up could consist of - but it could be just about anything you can think of. It could be a new series for their future: Android-based handsets, netbooks, Symbian 2 handsets, "Linux/Maemo based smart devices", or even mobile phones utilizing Synaptics capacitive multi-touchscreen displays. Basically, anything is possible at this point.

My speculating may not be too accurate, but I'm sure Nokia will spill their guts on this new "Cseries" at this year's Nokia World 2009, set to take place this September.

Update on July 19th: According to The Symbian Blog, Nokia looks like they could also be launching a new Xseries as well. We still don't know what either of these series' will contain, but let's hope that we see some new devices in September at Nokia World. Click on the picture below to enlarge it, if you'd like.

[Unwired View]

Samsung SCH-U960 / Glyde 2 Gets Name Change to Samsung Rogue U960

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The original Samsung Glyde wasn't as successful as Samsung hoped it would be, so they're going with a refresh with the next one. Once called the Samsung Glyde 2, the Samsung SCH-U960 will be launching as the Samsung Rogue U960. The specs look like they'll still be the same and it's rumoured to be available - on Verizon - next month (August). This model will have a resistive touchscreen so let's see how that works for Samsung...

Update on July 19: According to the latest rumour, this handset is expected to be available next month (August) on Verizon. For more information, check out this link.

Update on July 30: It looks like Verizon will launch this phone on August 15th.

[Phone Arena]