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Razer Announces New Bluetooth Gaming Mouse, the Orochi

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Razer has just announced its latest Bluetooth gaming mouse, the Orochi. This mouse has a 4,000dpi and is designed to be comfortable for right and left-handed people. The mouse also has 7 programmable buttons for your gaming needs. "The Orochi gaming mouse comes with a three-foot cord for powering it up, but normally runs off of two AA batteries." It comes with a carrying case and you can pre-order yours now on the official Razer website for $79.99 USD.

[Slash Gear]

ViewSonic Reveals a Netbook and Two Nettops, One With Nvidia Ion

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ViewSonic has just shown off their latest netbook and nettop offerings. First up is their netbook that has specs anyone could type out. The VNB 100/101 has: a 10.2-inch display with a 1,024 x 600 resolution, an Intel Atom N270 / N280 CPU, integrated Intel GMA950 graphics, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, a 0.3MP / 1.3MP webcam, an ExpressCard slot, a 92% sized keyboard, and a multi-touch trackpad. This netbook runs Windows XP and will be available in black, white, yellow, pink, gold, and red at launch.

Their low-end VOT 120/121 nettop has: a 1.3GHz SU2700 / Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270 CPU, Intel GMA950 / 4500MHD graphics, up to 2GB of RAM (1GB standard), a 160GB HDD, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth, and a DVI / eSATA port. Since this nettop is a low-end model, it also runs Windows XP.

The higher-end ViewSonic nettop is the VOT 130/132. This nettop has: an Intel Atom N330 dual-core 1.6GHz CPU, the Nvidia Ion chipset, up to 3GB of RAM (2GB standard), a 250GB HDD, WiFi n, Bluetooth 2.1, an optical drive, and a DVI / HDMI port. This nettop runs your choice of either Windows XP Home or Windows Vista Home Basic.

Portable Monkey points out that this could "only be seen in a few small markets" so the US probably won't get these.

[Portable Monkey]

ViewSonic Reveals Two New PMPs, the View Show VPD400 and VPD500

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ViewSonic has recently shown off their two new PMPs in Taiwan, the View Show VPD400 and VPD500. They both have: a microSDHC card slot, a 720p (800 x 480) resolution, a battery life good enough for 4 hours of video / 15 hours of audio playback, and support for a ton of files. Unfortuantely, these PMPs do not support OGG audio and MKV video files but, for most of us, that will be okay. The only difference between the VPD400 and the VPD500 is that they have a 4.3-inch display and a 5-inch display, respectively. These PMPs will launch in black, white, and pink.

These PMPs are expected to go on sale next month (August) in the Asia-Pacific market. However, it looks like these PMPs will also get released to Europe and US at a later date. The VPD400 and VPD500 will launch for £92 ($152 USD) and £111 ($183 USD), respectively.


Toshiba Releasing Stainless Style 720p HDTV This September for $349, Perfect For the Kitchen

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What you see here is Toshiba's first TV in their new Stainless Style series. The 19LV612U is meant to be kitchen-friendly and it delivers with its, obviously, stainless steel finish. It's got: an 18.5-inch display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, a DVD player, an integrated ATSC / NTSC / QAM TV tuner, 300 nits of brightness, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, a 5ms response time, a headphone jack, and HDMI / VGA inputs. It's expected to be available this September for $349.99 USD.


MAINGEAR Announces eX-L 18 Gaming Notebook, Calls it "Most Powerful Desktop Replacement"

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MAINGEAR has just unveiled it's latest gaming notebook, the eX-L 18, and they are calling it "the most powerful desktop replacement to be on the market." That's a pretty bold statement, will they live up to the hype?

The MAINGEAR eX-L 18 notebook has: 3D graphics with dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 280M graphics cards, an 18.4-inch display with a 1080p resolution, your choice of Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs, up to 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM, up to three 2.5-inch SATA / SSD drives, an optional Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc Burner, gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, and a 3MP webcam. With this notebook, you also have your typical ports, like: HDMI outputs, USB 2.0, and FireWire.

This notebook has dedicated gaming keys that you can program yourself. This notebook starts at $2,999 USD, so it's definitely not cheap. Take your pick, this or the Alienware M17x.

[Slash Gear, MAINGEAR]

Acer Aspire Revo Hitting Taiwan as the Gateway QX2800

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It looks like Taiwan will be getting their shot at the Acer Aspire Revo, but it will get its name changed to the Gateway QX2800. It also received two upgrades: a new Intel Atom 330 dual-core CPU and a 500GB HDD. Other specs are the same, this includes: the Nvidia Ion 9400M chipset, a 4-in-1 card reader, WiFi b/g/n, six USB 2.0 slots, and an HDMI output. It will be available with Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, but I don't know what the price will be when it launches over there.


Bell Will Have Exclusive Rights on the Palm Pre For Six Months

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That's right! In Canada, Bell will have the Palm Pre exclusive for 6-months. Mobile Syrup supposes that the Palm Pre will launch on Telus after the exclusivity, but we don't know yet. According to Bell, this will be their "most important launch", which is true.

[Mobile Syrup]

HTC Click Rumoured To Cost Around $280 - $330 Unsubsidized

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Here's a new photo of the HTC Click, which is supposed to be one of the first low-end Android handsets to-date. Gizmodo "estimates" that the touchscreen display will measure around 2.8-inches. The latest rumour is that this phone could cost around $280 USD to $330 USD unsubsidized, so this could be the first Android handset to launch in the US for free on a 2-year contract. Other details are, of course, still unknown.


Wirefly Selling Sprint BlackBerry Tour's For $169

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If you still haven't got to purchase the Tour, today could be your lucky day. Wirefly is now selling the Sprint BlackBerry Tour for just $169.99 USD to new customers. If you buy it directly from Sprint it costs $199.99 USD after rebates on a 2-year contract. In case you're interested, you can check it out here.


Nvidia Firefly To Be Available This September, Tegra-Equipped

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According to the latest rumour, Nvidia's first smartbook prototype, the Firefly, will be Tegra-equipped and could get launched this September. Other details are still unknown, but the battery life on this smartbook has the potential to last "up to a day." We'll just see what happens in the future, but I'm excited to see the power of the Tegra.

[Portable Monkey]

400-Disc Sony Blu-Ray Player Coming Next Month For $1,900; 2 More Blu-ray Players Scheduled For This Year

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Looks like it won't be coming this month. Sony's 400-disc BDP-CX7000ES Blu-ray player is scheduled to hit the shelves next month for $1,900 USD. It is Blu-ray, DVD, CD compatible and it handles the latest codecs and has all the features you can think of. In August, the BDP-S1000ES will also hit the shelves for $700 USD. This Blu-ray player will have every Blu-ray feature imaginable, "as well as built-in WiFi and a DLNA client." Unfortunately, this Blu-ray player only holds one-disc at a time.

In a couple of months, Sony will also launch the BDP-CX960 for $800 USD. It won't be as high-end as the BDP-CX7000ES, but it will also be capable of holding 400 Blu-ray discs.


Sony Planning on Touchscreen Vaios With Windows 7, PSN Support Too

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Sony has just confirmed that they are planning to release touchscreen-capable Vaios in the future utilizing Windows 7. However, he didn't specify whether this would include notebooks, the Vaio P, or their all-in-one PC offerings. This future Vaios will also have support for "casual gaming, streaming and downloadable movies and TV content from the PlayStation Network." That would be a great thing to include.

I wouldn't be surprised if touchscreen support was included in some of their future Vaio notebooks because it might work similar to Asus' Eee PC T91 / T101H tablet netbooks. Seeing a future all-in-one PC Vaio with touchscreen support also wouldn't be too surprising since Acer already has plans to do that too. What would be interesting - and kind of awkward - is if the "Mark 2" Vaio P set for a Fall release date comes with touchscreen support. We'll just have to see what happens in the future.

[Unwired View]

Possible Future iPod Nano / iPod Touch Cases Revealed Again

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We've already heard about the new iPod Nano / iPod Touch casings revealing that they will both have built-in cameras. Well today, Cult of Mac has just posted a bunch of new pictures about their future cases for the iPod Touch / Nano. It's pretty interesting. There a bunch of them posted over at Gizmodo, so just click on that link for a bunch of future casings that could be possible for the next-gen iPods.

[Crunch Gear, Gizmodo]

Palm Pre Available For $199 Again on Sprint

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Back on June 6th, Sprint finally launched the Palm Pre. It sold out after a day, due to shortages, but it's available again on Sprint. Check out Sprint's website to get the Palm Pre for $199.99 USD after a $100 rebate on a 2-year contract, which is the same price as when it launched in early June.

[Engadget Mobile]

Rendered Image of the HTC Firestone / HTC Leo

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This photo is a rendered image of the upcoming HTC Leo aka Firestone. It looks similar to the photo of the Firestone that was pushed out in late June. I don't know what's with the speaker on the front and this handset also doesn't look 11mm thin, which is what we found out two days ago. You can check out the spec sheet here if you'd like. The Firestone / Leo is also expected to have a 1,230 mAh battery and aGPS support.

[Slash Gear]

65-Inch Sony Bravia LCD HDTV Available For $5000; New LED-Backlit Bravias To Be Announced at CEDIA This September

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Sony Style has just revealed its latest Sony Bravia LCD HDTV. The new 65-inch model (KDL-65W5100) is now available for $4,999.99 USD on Sony Style. Besides the humongous price tag, this HDTV has: a full HD 1080p resolution, Motionflow 120Hz technology, the BRAVIA Enging 3, a 50,000:1 dynamic contract ratio, seven HD inputs, BRAVIA Internet Video/Widgets, and it's also Energy Star 3.0-certified.

Along with that news, we're also hearing Sony plans to unveil new LED-backlit Bravia HDTVs this September at CEDIA 2009. What could we be expecting at CEDIA? Well, check out what Sony Insider had to say below.

According to the FlatpanelsHD site the new LED models will be using more cost effective white LED instead of RGB LEDs used in the current XBR8 (X4500 series in Europe). Also Bravia Engine Pro (BE3) will be incorporated. The Pro version incorporates a principle known as Black Frame Insertion (BFI). BFI utilizes the basic principle that the human eye needs to be “reset” regularly. The human eye does not forget a picture right away because it stays on the cornea for a short period of time. You might recognize this from a very quick light flash that “hangs” for a while on your cornea. But by inserting very short black frames between the original frames, Sony can constantly reset the eye, so you perceive the image on the TV as smoother and without motion trailing.
Other expected features of the sets are:
  • DLNA (client Photo, Music, Video)
  • Motion Flow 240 Hz
  • BRAVIA® Internet Video
  • BRAVIA® Internet Widgets
  • LightSensor™ Technology and Idle TV Standby
  • Internet Radio
Sony XBR line will be available in 40, 46 and 55-inches (65 inch model was also rumored). Of course pricing will be announced later on as well, and our guess is Sony will not be charging a hefty sum like they used to with XBR8 due to the lower cost white LEDs. Time will tell.

Let's hope that Sony Insider is correct about the whole price tag portion because that's a huge factor.

[Sony Insider (65-Inch), Sony Insider (CEDIA)]

Samsung Producing 14.5-Inch LED-Backlit Displays For HP

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According to the latest news over at DigiTimes, Samsung Electronics will be producing a bunch of LED-backlit displays for future HP notebooks. These displays are said to measure 14.5-inches and will be delivered to HP for notebooks that will be released in the beginning of 2010. Apparently, HP also has plans to ship 40 million notebooks in 2010.

Picture Source: Softpedia