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BlackBerry Tour Available July 15 In Canada On Telus

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According to the latest leak, the Telus pricing and availability for the BlackBerry Tour has been outlined. The BlackBerry Tour will be launching - courtesy of Telus - on July 15. Of course, how's the pricing? Well, just take a look below for those details and see for yourself. I'm liking that Promo price.


CMO Already Shipping 3D Displays For Future HP Notebooks

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According to DigiTimes, CMO (Chi Mei Optoelectronics) has just finished developing an 18.4-inch 3D notebook display. The said displays are supposedly making their way to HP. The displays that were shipped are also Full HD capable and have a 120Hz frame rate. HP's 3D notebook is said to launch in the second half of this year and they could be available as early as next month. Just wait around, I'm sure news will pop up about this notebook before this month is over.

Other sources also say that CMO is also creating and shipping out 11.6, 14, and 15.6-inch displays specifically for ULV notebooks, but these are all still rumours.

[Maximum PC]

Samsung Jet Now Available For Free On Vodafone

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Samsung just officially announced the Samsung (S8000) Jet yesterday, but today is a day for a new announcement. You can get one now in the UK courtesy of Vodafone - for free! You can get one free if you agree on a 2-year contract that forces you to pay at least £20 ($28 USD) per month. To me, that's definitely not a bad deal.

It looks to me as if this could be Vodafone's answer to O2, since they're launching the awesome Toshiba TG01 for free as well.


Huawei Finally Announces Their Android Handset, the U8230

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Remember that Huawei Android handset that we've seen numerous times? Well, the old model was just a prototype and this is the real thing. It's the Huawei U8230 and they officially announced it today. The details on the handset is scarce. But, we do know that it has a 3.5-inch touchscreen, a 3.2MP camera, and it's running Android. It also has a 1500mAH, which is apparently the largest battery to be implemented into an Android handset currently available. It will launch later this year, but the exact date and pricing hasn't been announced yet.


Dell Latitude Z Series Leaked Out, Launching Next Week?

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This is the new Dell Latitude Z-Series laptop and this picture was just leaked out. For starters, it's got a chiclet keyboard which I like. The specs are rumoured to be along the lines of: a 15-inch display, a Core 2 Duo CPU, an integrated webcam with facial recognition, a DiplayPort, an Ethernet port, a biometric fingerprint scanner, and it will run on Windows Vista. In addition to all of this, it looks like it's pretty thin and I hope that it has an Intel ULV option. This notebook is supposedly going to launch under a week from now, but that's just what the rumours are saying.

Update: According to Slash Gear, this 15-inch notebook is the Z600.


BlackBerry Tour Gets On The Verizon Wireless Website

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The BlackBerry Tour is finally on the Verizon Wireless official website. This is the first official confirmation that the Tour will be hitting Verizon, but we already knew this, since it has been talked about so many times already. The launch shouldn't be too far away, since it's got its own page now. Look out for it soon aka couple of days - if not tomorrow.