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Possible Google OS?

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So, basically, the story is that Google might have an upcoming OS in the making. The long-awaited and possible rumour has been spreading for a while now. But, Net Applications might have some evidence, to prove that Google may actually be working on new OS. This is because, "Net Applications uses software sensors at 40,000 Web sites around the world to measure traffic and come up with its stats. These stats include operating system, browser, IP address, domain host, language, screen resolution, and a referring search engine, according to Vince Vizzaccaro, executive vice president of marketing and strategic alliances for Net Applications." All that being said, it can pretty much track everything that you use to do your work on your computer. Apparently, when they looked at their stats from Google employees, only 2 thirds of them showed what operating system they were running. This meant that the other 1 third of them, didn't have their OS showing. While, their OS was hidden, every other piece of information was able to be gathered from the computer, including browser, etc. This means that they [Google] had it purposely blocked. This may mean that those 1/3 of people with the hidden OS may be using a possible Google OS. They could be testing it out, programming it, to see if it works properly and all that mumbo-jumbo. Clay Ryder, though, thinks that they are instead, working on an application infrastructure because Google is not in the OS business. But, i mean, anything's possible, and me [the Google fanboy] hopes that they are working and testing a new OS. If they come out with information on the new OS, i'm definitely jumping on that band wagon. I'll definitely switch to a Google OS, as soon as it comes out. Though, it may be in the beta forever (see Gmail). Nonetheless, it'll be a couple years before an OS from Google will be released. If they ever do release an OS, that is.
Got to it from my Google Reader, thanks to: http://www.n4g.com/News-242821.aspx

Playstation Home Rumour? Killzone 2 Release Date, Google's Plans for World Domination?

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So, today, i didn't get a chance to sleep in because i had to go to church in the morning. I went to church at 10:30 this morning and on my way home, my girlfriend called me. She was frustrated because she couldn't find out how to put the music on her iPod onto her computer, but by the time i got home she figured it out. So, hmm, i took a quick nap, and my girlfriend called me and woke me up. She told me she was leaving to go to her brother's basketball game, so i was like, "Cool." After she left, i caught the end of the raptors game, and was sure they were gonna win. They were up by 2 with 48 seconds left, and the Portland Trail Blazers hit a 3, leaving 12 seconds left on the clock, or so. With Portland now up by 1, they give the ball to Chris Bosh. He drives to the basket but misses a tough floater / lay-up at the buzzer, so they lose by 1. They're on quite a bit of a slump lately, but i'm sure they'll pull out. Go Raptors Go! So, since my girlfriend left, and the Raptors lost, i took another nap. I woke up, and had nothing to do, so i looked for more RSS feeds to add onto my Google Reader, and after that i clicked on my 'Trends' tab. It told me that since Nov. 26, i've skimmed through 4,449 articles, wow. That's quite a bit, but for the last 2 days, i haven't been able to find anything interesting that i've wanted to talk about, which is lame-o. Luckily, i did find 2 [now 3] articles, definitely worth mentioning.

First, the Playstation Home. Apparently, there is a rumour going around that Playstation is [finally] releasing the Playstation Home open beta in less than 10 days. The rumoured release is scheduled for December 16. Man, i really hope i get a PS3 for Christmas, because i am dying to play LittleBigPlanet, and because i want to get the game which i'm talking about in this next paragraph.
Killzone 2. Scheduled for release on February 27, 2009. They are releasing it in North America and in Europe at the same time. Let's talk about the graphics of this game. This game is going to put the Playstation 3 to a test. This is because it will be the most intense game that has come out for the PS3. It has one of, if not, the best graphics ever rendered in a game, and it is not even using the Playstation 3 to it's full potential. I'm just hoping that the gameplay is at least near the quality of the graphics.
I refreshed my Google Reader and just found this amazing and interesting news. Google's plan for world domination. This is a very nice read / watch, since it is a slideshow. This is from the point-of-view of a French consulting firm faberNovel, and talks about a variety of stuff such as: acquiring Youtube, it's threat against Facebook, and about competing with Windows. Courtesy of: mashable.com, thanks: http://mashable.com/2008/12/07/googles-plan-for-world-domination/
Kinda sucks, how i don't really have much to talk about, but ehh, what can i do?
Plagiarism? Please contact me.
Playstation Home Beta Rumour: http://www.n4g.com/News-242543.aspx

Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Doya Results

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So, the big news, who won? Manny Pacquiao or Oscar De La Hoya? Manny Pacquiao won. He was just too fast for De La Hoya to handle.

From Round 1 to Round 8, Manny Pacquiao dominated over Oscar De La Hoya. Oscar had about 4 inches of height over Pacquiao but it just didn't really play a factor. Now, i'm not an expert on Boxing but i did box for a few years in the past. It wasn't really anything too major or serious. But, anyone with 2 pairs of eyes could tell that Manny was just way too fast for De La Hoya to handle. He was very active, moving his feet and especially bobbing and moving his head, so that De La Hoya couldn't connect with his jabs. The weight loss for De La Hoya may have looked like it played a bit of a factor, because he did really look like he had no energy and he looked really sluggish. Obviously, though, for Manny Pacquiao the significant weight gain did not slow his punches down but, instead made his punches hurt that much more. Kudos goes to Oscar though, for not getting knocked out. Going into the fight, Pacquiao (148.5 pounds) actually weighed more than De La Hoya (147 pounds). All the announcers were saying that this was very shocking because De La Hoya was about 18 pounds heavier than Manny when this fight was announced, and for him to lose all that weight was definitely awkward. Before the fight, De La Hoya mentioned that he was on a never before used diet which was prescribed to him by an East Coast doctor or something like that. But, anyways, more about the fight. Manny was active all fight and did a good job of throwing his jabs. De La Hoya just couldn't stop Manny's left straights and hooks, as they were just slipping through the middle of De La Hoya's guard. By the 3rd or 4th round, Manny picked up the pace even more, to largen his lead over De La Hoya. This is when De La Hoya's 'beautiful face', as the announcer's called it, started to get reddish under his left cheek. This cheek is what Pacquiao kept on hitting with both his right and left hand. By the 8th round, there was a nice purplish bruise under Oscar's left eye, and he could barely keep his eye open. De La Hoya's trainer, coach, and doctor said that Manny was just too fast and they knew Oscar couldn't do anything about it. So, they told the referee and the ref. called the fight. Manny had won 10-9 in every round, and completely dominated the 7th round earning him a 10-8 round score, judging from the scorecard of the announcers. Manny was just simply too fast for De La Hoya. He would jump in, throw about 1-2 and the occasional 4 punch combination and jump back out to put his guard up. It was a very technical and well thought out plan from Pacquiao's corner, thanks to Freddy Roach, Manny's coach.

Me and my mom watched this fight on my laptop, while i was updating my facebook status throughout the length of the fight. We watched it using Sopcast, like i said in my previous post, on channel 24267. My mom's constant shrieking was the complete opposite of how dominant Manny Pacquiao was in this fight. He was simply amazing, and is reportedly going to fight Ricky Hatton in his next fight. All in all, a great fight from Manny, but from Oscar, not-so-much. I really think he should just retire, he's too sluggish and too old to fight. Maybe Manny Pacquiao is just really that good, seeing how he is the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world, since Floyd Mayweather retired. I can't wait to watch Pacquiao fight again.

The Philippines is probably going nuts.

Photo source: http://sports.yahoo.com/box/news?slug=ap-delahoya-pacquiao&prov=ap&type=lgns