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Apple Wiiphone?, Neopets vs Webkinz, World of Warcraft!?!?!?!?

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So, i slept kind of early last night, around 11. But, my girlfriend called me around 2:34 [because she came home from a party] in the morning so i woke up. I went back to sleep around 3:30 and then i got up this morning at 11:30. From 11:30 - 2, i actually don't remember what i did, since i didn't blog. Here's where it get's interesting. I was talking to Daniel on my wall, the one who the iPod Touch blog was dedicated to. If you read the article, i mentioned that he played World of Warcraft, a game that i once loved. So, i was talking to him and asked him, jokingly, if i could play on his account since he has some football finals or something. He's a really nice guy and he actually lent me his account name and password, which was really nice of him!! So, from 2 till 5:30, i pretty much played WoW the whole time. More on that later though.

So, as we all should know, the iPhone has the built-in accelerometer (the screen flips when you flip the phone). And, if you've seen the commercial for the iPhone, you'll actually see a racing game being played on it. If you've seen the commercial, to turn your car, you have to tilt your iPhone, kind of like how you would drive, in real life. So, the iPhone may actually be seeing parts of the Wii-controller implemented in it's future devices. They may be putting Gyroscopic sensors into their future iPhones, which are found in the Wii-mote. "The tech, which uses, Michroelectrochemical (MEMS) gyroscopes to measure rotational movement, helps enhance the motion-sensing abilities for the Nintendo controller." This means that you can "figure out its position in 3D space, instead of just its angle of relative tilt." The only reason i can see the iPhone implementing this sort of thing is because they want the iPhone to be more game-ish (see link below). Meaning that, they want you to use the iPhone as a phone and they also want you to play games on it. I think it's great that Apple is thinking of all this new stuff for their iPhone, which is why they will also take over the handset market [Although, not entirely]. Not only will the iPhone be a phone, but it will also be able to pretty much do anything you want on it. It's kind of insane and can't wait to see what the next iPhone will do.

So, on my wall, there was a debate on whether Neopets or Webkinz is better. This argument was between Ashlee and Daniel. But, sorry Daniel, I'm going to have to side with Ashlee on this. Me and my girlfriend actually played Neopets in the summer when we had nothing to do and then we ended up getting Ashlee in on it too. So, it was me, Nikki and Ashlee all playing Neopets and just recently we decided to combine both of our accounts. Anyways, right now we're sitting at 2 million neopoints. Today was actually the first time i've actually heard of webkinz. So, I go on the site and i was ROFL'ing in real life, to see that my 8-year old cousin was too old to play it. It just looked so childish. Neopets definitely owns it.  I mean, look at how cute the Fire Yooyu's are (left side). In neopets, you can make your own neohome too, thanks to my girlfriend for making a piano somehow [out of desks, don't ask]. Of course, thanks to Ashlee for pretty much getting all these free things out of nowhere. But, kudos to Daniel, for the temporary WoW account. =).

WoW-time. So, if it wasn't for church, i would've been playing for about 6 hours now. Thanks, again, to Dan for letting me use his account for a bit. So, i got on at about 2:00 p.m. ready to pwn some noobs. After downloading WotLK, the patches and updating all of my mods, i finally get online. I use Dan's Level 79 Death Knight and i don't even know what to do. Using a new class that pretty much has all of it's abilities already, is kind of hard to do. But, after about 45 minutes of experimenting, i realized that Death Knight's can't die in PvE (Player vs Environment) simply because PvE is for noobs. Before i realized how to play this class, i died 4 times. This was when i complained to my girlfriend, on Skype, of how terrible and stupid this game was, all out of frustration. When i figured out what to do, i was unstoppable and i'm gonna have him level 80 before i sleep tonight. When i got the Death Knight it was level 79 and about 1/3 of the way to 80. After i got the hang of it, i started to like the game again. Soon after, my eyes were glued to the screen, just like the good old days. I'm not addicted though, hence why i'm blogging right now and i have already left the house once, to go to church. I must say, it is a great game. I can't wait to blog tomorrow about PvP (Player vs Player). Expect some crying from me, though, since i'm a fresh 80 and still a noob. Anyways, till tomorrow, i'm out, thanks for reading =D.

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