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All of Asus' Eee PC Netbooks To Have Nvidia Ion Graphics!

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Asus just made a big and good announcement this morning. They mentioned that all of their upcoming netbooks (Eee PC line-up) from now on won't be rocking the terrible integrated Intel graphics. Instead they'll be utlizing Nvidia's Ion graphics, which is found in their Eee PC 1201N (pictured above). This is great news, especially considering the fact that Nvidia says that it's ten times faster than Intel's integrated graphics.

[Maximum PC]

Samsung Unveiling Their First Bada Handset In H1 2010

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We're getting word that Samsung will unveil their first handset running on their own mobile OS, Bada, in the first half of 2010. We already know that Samsung will pull the curtain on their OS in a couple of weeks - in early December - and we do what the first Samsung Bada handset could look like. It's below, via Boy Genius.


Microsoft Announcing Windows Mobile 7 Availability In March 2010, First Glimpse.

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Microsoft has just officially announced they will have a big Windows Mobile 7 announcement at MIX 2010, which takes place in March 2010. It'll likely be released in the last half of 2010, likely Q3. And yes, what you see above matches the earlier WinMo 7 leaks and is our first glimpse at what the upcoming mobile OS from Microsoft will be.

[WMPowerUser, Engadget]

Lenovo ThinkPad x100e Netbook Specs Pop Up, Typical Netbook

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It looks like that mysterious Lenovo netbook that has popped up twice has been found online again. This time it's named the ThinkPad x100e (not the x200e) and has typical netbook specs. The specs are below, courtesy of Chip Online. However, these are not confirmed.

  • Display: 11.6″ 1366 x 768 screen
  • CPU: AMD Athlon Neo MV-40
  • OS: Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Pro (32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Memory: Up to4GB
  • Storage: 160/250/320GB 2.5″ 5400rpm HDD
  • I/O: 3 USB ports, VGA output, 4-in-1 card reader
  • Connectivity: 802.11b/g/n WiFi, optional Bluetooth, 3G
  • Input: Trackpoint and multi-touch touchpad
  • Camera: 0.3MP
  • Battery: 3 cell (2.2 hour) or 6 cell (5.1 hour)
  • Dimensions: 11.1″ x 82.” x 11.2″ (w/6 cell battery)
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds (w/6 cell battery)
  • Price: Starting at $449


Sony PS3's Getting Firefox Support?

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Since the new PS3 Slims don't have Linux support there has been a new rumour in the clouds. This time it's regarding the PlayStation 3 gaining support for Firefox as a browser. Earlier this year we heard talks of Chrome coming to the PS3, which wouldn't be too far-fetched since Sony's Vaio PCs have Chrome pre-installed. We'll just have to see what happens.

T-Mobile USA Releases the Android-Based Samsung Behold II For $229

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Well, it's November 18th and that means that T-Mobile USA is supposed to release the Android-based Samsung Behold II. And yes, they did just that. It's available now for $229.99 on a 2-year contract. Check it out on T-Mobile USA's website here.


Sony Ericsson's Custom UI To Be Called Nexus, Releases WebSDK

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Sony Ericsson has just announced that they will be layering their devices with their own custom UI - kind of like what Samsung does with their TouchWiz to name an example - it will be called Nexus. And no, not the StarCraft Protoss building. Nexus is basically what you're seeing in the XPERIA X10 (formerly codenamed "Rachael") and features apps like Timescape and Mediascape. The WebSDK is now available, check it out here.

[Gizmodo, Slash Gear]

Qualcomm Mirasol-Based E-Book Reader On Track For Late 2010

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What you see above may look a bit like the Kindle, but it's actually sporting a new Qualcomm Mirasol display. It's not entirely new, since it's already in a couple of devices at this point but, hey, it has colour! This protoype is an e-book reader with a 5.7-inch coloured display, but the main focus is the display. The best part about this XGA display is that it will feature video playback and will supposedly be readable even under direct sunlight, while utilizing a minimal amount of battery life. Look for this display (and the e-book reader) to hit devices near you in the last half of 2010.

[Slash Gear, Engadget]

Unidentified E-Book Reader Pictured With Shaky Cam, Running Android?

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What you see above is a very shaky cam taking a pic of a tablet of some sort. Actually it's an e-book reader and, apparently, it's running Google's Android OS. Do we know anything else about this e-book reader? Absolutely not. We'll have to play the waiting game.

[Slash Gear]

Sony Ericsson's UK Website Says XPERIA X10 Is Launching In February 2010 -- Launch Date Pulled

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Although it may not be a firm release date, Sony Ericsson UK's website states that the XPERIA X10 (X3) will be available starting on February 10, 2010. We heard that this Android-based handset would be available in the first half of 2010, but could February be too early? Maybe Sony Ericsson is being a bit optimistic here - I hope they're not though. Anyways, check out on their website here.

Update: This probably means that they're planning to launch it in February 2010, not February 10.

Update on November 18th: According to Slash Gear, the launch date has just been pulled from their website.


Nokia N900 Now Available For $649 In US Stores, $509 On Amazon

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Finally! It looks like Nokia now has the N900 for sale in the US. It's going for $649 in their flagship stores located in New York and Chicago, but if you check out Amazon it's only $509. This smartphone will be unlocked, but it's still pretty expensive - at least I think so.

[Engadget Mobile, Slash Gear]

Samsung Launches YP-R0 PMP In Korea Only

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Samsung has just shown off yet another one of their PMPs, this is the YP-R0 that we've heard about before. This PMP features: a 2.6-inch display, a microSD card slot, an FM radio, and support for a bunch of codecs including DivX / XviD and H.264. The four colours are above and they'll be available for KRW139,000 ($120 USD) for the 4GB model and KRW179,000 ($155 USD) for the 8GB model.

MSI Releases 21.5-Inch Wind Top AE2220 All In One PC For $750

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It looks like MSI has just released their all-in-one PC, the Wind Top AE2220. Just to recap, this PC has: a 21.5-inch multitouch display with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz T6600, Nvidia Ion graphics, a 500GB HDD, 4GB of RAM, a possibly Blu-ray player, six USB 2.0 / Ethernet / eSATA, HDMI / VGA ports, audio jacks, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, and Windows 7 Home Premium. You can also get a VESA mount in case you want to put it on the wall. This PC starts at $749.99, so check it out here.

Google Working On Their Own Phone For Early 2010, Regardless Of What They Tell Us -- Data / VoIP Phone?

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Big rumour alert here. Tech Crunch is reporting that Google is really making a phone, even though they've denied it a couple of times. And no, it's not the HTC Dragon / Passion even though that's what they're currently testing out. This handset from Google is expected to launch in early 2010 and will, of course, run Google's Android OS. It'll run smoothly and all of the apps will run on it - kind of like what Apple does with their iPhone.

Tech Crunch also believes that LG will be producing the handset, so it won't be either HTC or Samsung, which actually surprised me. The advertisement push will start in January of next year and the handset itself should be available in Q1 2010.

Could this really be true? I certainly hope so.

Update: According to Tech Crunch (again), they are guessing that this may be a data phone that will be mainly used for VoIP. AT&T could be the "carrier" for this data-only phone and the plans could be around $20 a month. Of course, this phone could always use Google Voice - which I'm hoping will be available in Canada soon. It's all speculation at this point.

South Korea Launching the iPhone As Early As November 28th On KT

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South Korea has just given Apple the green light to sell their iPhone. We're hearing that iPhone sales will start as early as November 28th. There were some privacy issues, but it looks like that has been sorted out. This smartphone will be offered though KT.

Sony Ericsson Planning To Launch XPERIA X10 On T-Mobile USA Holiday 2010?

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Chalk this up under the big rumour category. The latest rumour states that Sony Ericsson is planning to launch the XPERIA X10 in the US in the "holiday season of 2010" which means it's just about a year away... Yes, it's a long wait, but I'm still hoping it's true. You can view the whole conversation below, courtesy of Tmo Today. Will it really come true?

Time to put the Sony Xperia X10 rumors to rest with one single
statement: it's coming. I had a SonyEricsson rep in my store today. As
we stood in the corner of the store talking about the Equinox, I
straight up said to him, "I know you probably can't say anything. But
does Sony have any plans to launch a data device?" For which he
replied, "actually I can tell you, and the Answer is YES!" he told me
that in 2010 Sony plans to launch a myriad of devices with full
capacitive touch screens, qwerty keyboards, powered by Android, and
cameras in the range of 12.1 megapixels. This sounded oddly familiar to
me. So I asked if one of those happened to be the X10. He said yes.
Right now Sony is gearing up to launch the X10 in time for the holiday
season of 2010. No only that, but Sony is working on some incredible
technology to incorporate with these devices. Picture this, PSP and PS3
users will literally be able tonay their games, watch their movies, and
listen to their music from relate Sony devices directly on their
phones. He said not to expect a Sony device for atleast another 6
months but to plan for a big year in 2010.

HTC Magic Starts To Make Sense (the UI), Download It Now!

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If you have an HTC Magic you've probably been waiting for that Sense UI to make its way to your handset. Well, today's the day you can stop waiting. HTC has just released an update for the Magic that brings the Sense UI to your phone. I don't know if it will work with the Google-branded myTouch 3G, so, we'll have to wait until someone speaks up. Anyways, check out the download page here.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Not Getting WinMo 6.5

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 owners look like they're out of luck. Sony Ericsson has just announced that WinMo 6.5 will not be headed to the XPERIA X1. You can always hope someone else successfully ports it for you though, it just won't be coming from Sony Ericsson's headquarters.

Nokia Planning To Replace Symbian With Maemo For Their N-Series Devices? -- Nokia Speaks On the Issue.

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S60 has had a long reign for Nokia's N-Series, but it looks like that may come to an end over the next couple of years. According to the latest rumour, Maemo will be running on all of Nokia's N-Series devices. This is good news for Nokia's consumers because you can do much more with Maemo and Maemo, overall, is the better mobile OS. If you want to take a look at what Maemo offers, just look at the N900, which is a pretty good handset.

Update: According to Slash Gear, Nokia has already responded to the Symbian < Maemo rumours. They mentioned that these talks are "completely premature" which means that the statements could be true - or else they would've straight up denied it. Symbian looks like it really could see its last few years... Nokia is trying their best to be tight-lipped over the whole situation though. What you see below is exactly what they said.

“While it is our policy not to disclose details of our product roadmap, we’d like to explicitly communicate that we remain firmly committed to Symbian as our smartphone platform of choice. Any speculation on what our 2012 roadmap, including operating systems and product branding, are completely premature.
As we have stated earlier, Nokia has multiple platforms to serve different purposes and address different markets. Symbian is more successful than ever in bringing smartphones to the masses. Maemo is our software of choice for devices based on technology that you’d typically find inside a desktop computer. It delivers a different user experience and enables us to widen the market we can address.” Nokia statement

Canada's Telus Releases the BlackBerry Storm2 (9550) For $199

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Well, this came out of nowhere. In Canada, Telus has just released the BlackBerry Storm2 (9550). This smartphone is available for $199.99 CAD on a 3-year contract, $499.99 on a 2-year contract, $549.99 on a 1-year contract, and $599.99 contract-free. Check it out on Telus' website here.

Some of the specs are below, courtesy of Mobile Syrup.

Quick specs on this are that’s part of their CDMA network and like all BalckBerry devices can do your e-mail, contacts calendar. The Storm2 has a 3.25 inch touchscreen with RIM’s new and improved SurePress technology and has a resolution of 480 x 360. The overall dimensions are 112.5 x 62 x 13.9 mm and weighs in at 10 grams. This also has a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, flash and can take videos. TELUS ships this with 16GB microSD card! Other features are the addition of WiFi, increased memory and GPS.

[CrackBerry, Mobile Syrup]