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HTC Flyer Could Be Headed To Canada's Telus

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Someone has spotted the HTC Flyer on HTCSense.com in the Canadian section. Mobile Syrup has mentioned that the tablet might be hitting Telus but that's unconfirmed right now. The Flyer sports a 7-inch touchscreen display (stylus sold separately), a single-core 1.5GHz CPU, a 1.3MP front-facing camera, a 5MP camera, 1GB of RAM, WiFi support, and Android with the Sense UI.

[Mobile Syrup]

New Next-Gen iPod Nano Photo Leaks, Could Sport 1.3MP Camera

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Apple.pro has picked up an interesting new image regarding what could be an upcoming Apple product. What you see above (on the left) could be the next iPod Nano that gets announced at an Apple event in September. As you can see, the picture tells us that it'll have a camera on the back (1.3MP) but it looks like it's still in prototype form right now. A decent addition but I don't really know why an iPod Nano should be taking pictures / videos.

[Apple Insider]

Panasonic Announces the Toughbook 53 With 4G and Core i3 / i5

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Panasonic has announced a new Toughbook 53 notebook which is, of course, rugged. The 14-inch notebook sports a magnesium alloy case, a shock-mounted HDD, a spill-proof keyboard, and MIL-spec 810G which is good enough to withstand a few drops and shocks.

On the spec sheet, this one features Core i3 / i5 CPU options, a touchscreen LED display (1,366 x 768 resolution), possible LTE (4G) connectivity, 2GB of RAM (up to 4GB), WiFi / Bluetooth support, a multitouch trackpad, and USB 3.0 ports. The base model will be available in August for $1,599, a Core i5 model will be available in $1,899, and a touchscreen model will be available in July for $2,449.


Sprint Releases the WiFi Motorola XOOM and the Samsung Replenish

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Sprint has just released two devices today. The first one has been available elsewhere for a while now and it's the WiFi-only Motorola XOOM. Yup, still no 4G models. The other one is the eco-friendly Samsung Replenish which is running the Android OS along with a QWERTY keyboard. The XOOM is available now for $599, while the Replenish is going for $49.99 on a 2-year contract.

[Android Central]

White BlackBerry Curve 3G Hitting Koodo Mobile Soon

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PocketNow has managed to get their hands on the photo you see above and that's a white BlackBerry Curve 3G. Judging by the logo on the screen, it'll be hitting Koodo Mobile in Canada. Specs should be the exact same as the other models that are already available. This one should be available soon and should be priced the same as the other colours on the carrier.

[Mobile Syrup]

Leaked Photos Point To 10-Inch HTC Tablet and Holiday, Rider, Glacier Smartphones

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PocketNow got a hold of new photos regarding upcoming HTC devices and there's 4 of them. The first device is pictured above which is a tablet being called the "Puccini", while the other three are below and should be looking quite familiar. First of all, the tablet above is said to be sporting a 10-inch display so it should be sporting Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" along with 4G connectivity - possibly HSPA+ but they're saying it'll be for AT&T's future LTE network.

Moving along we have the smartphones: Holiday, Rider, and Glacier. The Holiday's specs are unknown right now but it looks like very other HTC phone that has been announced / released. To me, this looks like the Inspire 4G but that can't be it since they already released that smartphone a few months ago. This one sports a front-facing camera and could have 4G support.

Next up is the Rider which is reportedly the EVO 3D for carriers overseas - without the ugly circle around the four capacitive buttons. This one should feature a 4.3-inch qHD 3D display, 1GB of RAM, a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, and 1080p Full HD video recording. This one's reportedly headed to Korea via KT.

Last, but not least, there's the HTC Glacier which is reportedly the myTouch 4G scheduled for a launch in Europe. In case you forgot, this one features a 3.8-inch WVGA touchscreen display, a 1GHz CPU, 768MB of RAM, and a 5MP camera.


Samsung Fascinate 4G To Hit Telus For $99 On a 3-Year and $529 Without

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We already know that the Samsung Fascinate 4G is headed to Telus in Canada in the near future and it looks like Mobile Syrup has managed to get their hands on a document that shouldn't have leaked. It tells us that Telus will be launching the smartphone for $99.99 on a 3-year (promo) price, $429.99 on a 2-year contract, $479.99 on a 1-year contract, and $529.99 contract-free. Remember that this handset has HSPA+ connectivity which will give you up to 21Mbps speeds on the network.

[Mobile Syrup]

HP Updates Pavilion dv4, Mini 210, and Envy 14 Notebooks

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HP has unveiled a bunch of new notebooks today and this post is regarding the Pavilion dv4, the redesigned Mini 210, and the Envy 14. First up is the Pavilion dv4 which is pictured above. This one will be available on May 18th starting at $599 if you're interested. This will get you the base model which features a 14-inch HD display, Sandy Bridge CPUs, a bunch of DDR3 RAM options, up to a 1TB HDD, Dolby Home Theater audio, an optional Blu-ray player, and the company's CoolSense tech.

Next up is the Mini 210 which is just a 10.1-inch netbook. Sadly, the specs aren't upgraded so you're stuck with the same old ones except this time it has Beats Audio which you may or may not care for. Thankfully, the standard battery is now a 6-cell (improvement over the 4-cell) and will last 8.8 hours. This will be available on June 15th for $299 and $30 more will get you a cooler colour.

Last, but not least, HP has upgraded their Envy 14 notebook which tries its best to be a MacBook Pro. This 14-inch notebook now features Intel "Sandy Bridge" CPUs, an improved multitouch trackpad, and USB 3.0 ports. This will be available for June 15th and will start at $999.


HTC ChaCha and Salsa Pop Up On Amazon UK, Shipping June 26

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If you live in the UK then you might want to head over the Amazon if you're obsessed with Facebook. HTC's two Facebook phones, the ChaCha and the Salsa have just popped up online for £250 ($409 USD) and £320 ($524 USD), respectively. The ChaCha only has a 2.6-inch display along with a QWERTY keyboard while the Salsa has a 3.4-inch display that you'll have to type on. Sadly, they're both powered by a 600MHz Qualcomm CPU which could be too slow for you. Check them out here and here, respectively, now if you want to, but they'll be delivered on June 26th.