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Undo Sent E-Mail Messages In Gmail

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Today in Gmail Labs, Google added a new feature was added. It is the ability to undo sent e-mail messages. Once you activate the feature it lets you do what it says, undo sent e-mail messages (duh!). Once you send an e-mail to another person it gives you 5 seconds to take the e-mail message back. Afterwards, it puts the sent e-mail message to your "Drafts" tab and deletes the e-mail from the recipient's e-mail. It's pretty interesting. Even though 5 seconds to take back your e-mail does not seem like a lot of time, trust me it is.


AT&T Offering The iPhone 3G Without A Contract

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Apparently this has already been confirmed by AT&T, but it looks the iPhone 3G will be on sale with a "no-commitment" deal for $599 USD (8GB model) and $699 USD (16GB model) starting on March 26th. This is probably due to the declining iPhone 3G sales and could also mean a new iPhone is coming soon, or at least it may be announced soon. I still predict that Apple will announce their next iPhone around the release of the Palm Pre. Anyways, AT&T has said that there will be no "activation" when you purchase your no-contract iPhone 3G, but it will be limited to "one [iPhone] per line." Apparently, to have this so-called no-contract iPhone you will already need an existing AT&T line available. I wonder if this will cripple the sales of the Palm Pre.

[Boy Genius]

94% of Facebook Users Hate The New Look

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Facebook recently changed their Facebook layout to imitate Twitter for no reason. I talked a bit about it last week and apparently I was not the only one that disliked it. I don't dislike it too much, but Facebook decided to release their own poll, regarding their recent redesign. Out of the 800,000 users or so to take this survey only 6% of them actually like the new look; meanwhile, the other 94% of Facebook users hate it and were not afraid to speak their mind.

[Tech Crunch]

EU Getting Battle.net Accounts?

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Blizzard's websites (like the WoW Armory and the official WoW site) are down for maintenance today, but no one really knows why. A couple of people are suggesting that Blizzard is switching to Battle.net accounts. "Portions of the official EU sites are redirecting to this Battle.net login page." This could be in preparation for the upcoming Starcraft II beta that's been rumoured to be available soon. Apparently, the so-called Battle.net accounts are going to hit EU first and then US at a later date. More information about this if Blizzard really decides to finally make the switch. I hope they do because Starcraft II (and Diablo 3) will both be utilizing Battle.net for online purposes. They are both a long time coming and the revamped Battle.net should be ready by now.

[WoW Insider]

BlackBerry 9630 Niagara To Hit Verizon In May?

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According to the newest rumour, RIM's BlackBerry 9630 Niagara may be coming to Verizon Wireless in May. That's less than 2 months from now! The Niagara, in my opinion, is the sexiest BlackBerry to ever hit the market. The Niagara combines the BlackBerry Curve and the magnificent BlackBerry Bold to look so sexy. RIM makes me proud to be a American Canadian.


Bang & Olufsen's 103-Inch Plasma TV

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If you're a couple thousand dollars short of purchasing Sharp's 108-inch TV, then you can always opt for something just a little bit smaller and a little bit less pricey. Sharp's 108-inch TV is retailing for £100,000 ($143,000 USD); meanwhile, Bang & Olufsen's new 103-inch BeoVision 4-103 plasma TV is retailing for €100,000 ($136,220 USD) this July. It is a small price to pay to complete your ultimate entertainment system. For this plasma TV they used the exact same panel as Panasonic's 103-inch monster which was released a couple of years ago. But, B & O did tune it up a little bit. They included: an automatic rising stand, the BeoSystem 3 with VisionClear technology and, of course, the Bang & Olufsen logo to top it all off. It's definitely out of my price range.


Facebook Is Growing Fast; But No Match For Twitter

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It is no surprise that Twitter is growing fast, but just how fast? According to Nielsen, it has grown an overwhelming 1,382% over the past year (from Feb. 2008 to Feb. 2009). The chart you see here is the 5 fastest-growing sites in the U.S. right now. Other websites include, Facebook (obviously), Zimbio, Multiply, and Wikia. Apparently, Nielsen's 1,382% increase in Twittering is just a guess and could be an underestimation because so many people use Twitter via cell phones. Apparently, those ranging from ages 35 to 49 are the largest demographic on Twitter and it is surprisingly not teenagers.

I have had so much time on my hands this past week (Thanks to my March Break), and for the past 2 days I have spent a lot of time actually using my Twitter account. I feel that it is a great way to earn a bit more traffic for my blog. I hope I can hit 1,000 followers by the end of the day.

On a side note, Facebook has grown an estimated 228% over the past year.

[CNet News]

Reality TV Star Uses Laptop As A Weapon

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Kenley Collins (pictured), a finalist in Season 5 of "Project Runway", allegedly threw a laptop at her-ex-fiance (also pictured). After closing the bedroom door on her ex-fiance's head she continued the assault by throwing apples and water at him. I don't know how that worked out exactly, but when she realized that her attempts were not doing so well she threw a cat at his face. Yes, a cat. It reminds me of when Angela from "The Office" threw her cat through the roof in the Super Bowl episode. Anyways, after her ex-fiance shielded himself from the cat with a blanket, she threw a laptop at him. No clue how much damage the laptop did or, more importantly, what brand the laptop was, but she did get arrested. A sad, sad turn-out for laptop throwing.

[CNet News, Examiner]

Colour Your iPod Shuffle!

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Computer Choppers is glad to colour your new 3G (3rd Generation) iPod Shuffle. If you get a standard colour in the picture above, it will cost you about $50 USD more than the Apple price, bringing the grand total to $129 USD. The most expensive colours are: White Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum, costing $200 USD. There is a full list of colours (and prices) over at Computer Choppers' official site if you're interested.


LG Supplying Apple OLED Screens?

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According to a number of "sources" apparently LG is supplying OLED screens to Apple for their future devices. This would include the likes of a new iPhone, iPod Touch and their possible netbook. It is reportedly "confirmed" by a bunch of sources that LG is supplying the OLEDs after they reached a £300 million deal with Apple. LG is also reportedly trying to get rid of the attraction of fingerprints on the aforementioned OLED screens, so that it will keep Apple's "cool tech" image. This is still a good bunch of rumours, but apparently "Apple already has a working netbook prototype using the OLED technology." Now this is getting interesting! Could LG be the so-called Taiwanese company that Apple bought the OLEDs from about a week ago? This is really, really interesting and I'm excited to see someone who can confirm this for me. With Apple using OLED technology for their future devices, expect a bright and clear (clarity-wise) device. I hope that it also has sunlight readability, that would be icing on the cake for me. It may also push the OLED trend forward because Apple just does everything so well.
[Tech Radar]

Safari, IE8, Firefox Get Exploited At Pwn2Own

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I already talked about Charlie Miller getting $5,000 for his abilities to exploit Safari in mere seconds. But another person, by the name of Nils (pictured) was able to exploit Internet Explorer 8 on a Windows 7 laptop. For that, he won $5,000 and a sweet Vaio P laptop. I guess IE8 is not bulletproof just like Microsoft is claiming. Nils also continued his exploit-run on Safari and then Firefox shortly after, earning him $15,000 in one day, that is skill. Since the Opera browser is not included in the contest, Google Chrome is the only browser that hasn't been exploited yet. The contest lasts until tomorrow (Friday), so we could see it exploited before then. The contest doesn't include just browsers, it also includes exploiting a mobile handset, including one that runs on: Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, iPhone or the BlackBerry OS. For hacking a mobile handset OS, it will earn a lucky someone $10,000. Damn.


More Information About Chrome Experiments

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Last night, I briefly talked about Chrome Experiments from Google and now that I've actually had the time to go on the site and try it out, I have quite a bit to say. It's a great time-sink. Even my girlfriend thought some of the "experiments" were great. She particularly loved the ones called "Browser Talk" and "DOMTRIS." I, on the other hand, loved "Ball Pool" (pictured), "Browser Ball" and "BallDroppings." Clearly, I love balls (no pun intended). I've tried out most of the experiments on the site and they run really smooth, but I've only tried them on Chrome and haven't tried them on any other browser. It's really interesting how much the V8 engine in Google Chrome can handle. Oh yeah, I guess I should also mentioned that I failed the 25-piece puzzle in the experiment called "Video & Picture Puzzle."

[Chrome Experiments]