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EU Getting Battle.net Accounts?

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Blizzard's websites (like the WoW Armory and the official WoW site) are down for maintenance today, but no one really knows why. A couple of people are suggesting that Blizzard is switching to Battle.net accounts. "Portions of the official EU sites are redirecting to this Battle.net login page." This could be in preparation for the upcoming Starcraft II beta that's been rumoured to be available soon. Apparently, the so-called Battle.net accounts are going to hit EU first and then US at a later date. More information about this if Blizzard really decides to finally make the switch. I hope they do because Starcraft II (and Diablo 3) will both be utilizing Battle.net for online purposes. They are both a long time coming and the revamped Battle.net should be ready by now.

[WoW Insider]


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