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LG Supplying Apple OLED Screens?

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According to a number of "sources" apparently LG is supplying OLED screens to Apple for their future devices. This would include the likes of a new iPhone, iPod Touch and their possible netbook. It is reportedly "confirmed" by a bunch of sources that LG is supplying the OLEDs after they reached a £300 million deal with Apple. LG is also reportedly trying to get rid of the attraction of fingerprints on the aforementioned OLED screens, so that it will keep Apple's "cool tech" image. This is still a good bunch of rumours, but apparently "Apple already has a working netbook prototype using the OLED technology." Now this is getting interesting! Could LG be the so-called Taiwanese company that Apple bought the OLEDs from about a week ago? This is really, really interesting and I'm excited to see someone who can confirm this for me. With Apple using OLED technology for their future devices, expect a bright and clear (clarity-wise) device. I hope that it also has sunlight readability, that would be icing on the cake for me. It may also push the OLED trend forward because Apple just does everything so well.
[Tech Radar]


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