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Nokia N97 Hitting North America On June 2

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According to The Nokia Blog, the Nokia N97 NAM will be hitting North America on June 2. We heard about the N97 arriving in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia on June 5th a couple of days ago, and this is even more sweet news, regarding my number one phone at the moment. Here's what else The Nokia Blog had to say:

Like I mentioned previously, you can expect many of the U.S. retailers to sell the Nokia N97 NAM for around $600 even if the suggested price is $699. I’m hoping those who pre-ordered the Nokia N97 already will get theirs right away.

I'm really excited for this phone, I hope I can pick one up before the end of the Summer!

[The Nokia Blog]

Vodafone Cuts International Roaming Charges Starting On June 1st

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Talk about great news for those customers. Starting on June 1st, Vodafone customers have access to a service called "Passport" which will allow you "to text and call from over 35 countries at no extra charge." Passport will be available for a 3-month trial for UK subscribers, "and can be activated for free." You can read more at the link below. I wish Rogers had this - and I'm sure everyone is wishing that their own carrier had this. I'd be able to text people in Montreal.


Windows Mobile 7 Could Have Gesture Controls

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A couple of days ago, we saw what the future of Windows Mobile 7 devices could be like aka Microsoft "Pink". Well, we've also heard word that Windows Mobile 7 could also implement gesture controls. Keep in mind that these slides are 2 years old, so it's just a rumour. The slides also contain Zune HD mockups and WinMo devices being able to interact with other stuff in your home, including PCs and TVs. Maybe WinMo 7 devices will be able to hook up to the Xbox 360 or something wild like that. Maybe we'll save that for Microsoft's first mobile device - oh wait, that has been denied over and over already. Oh well.


BlackBerry Tour 9630 Spotted In Verizon's Inventory

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Just in case you couldn't believe that the BlackBerry Niagara / 9630 is called the BlackBerry Tour, this pretty much confirms it. There is still no confirmation of the release date in the picture, but we should be expecting it on or around the July 13 date.


LG Env3 Hitting Verizon Wireless On May 29

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This is now confirmed news. The LG Env3 will be hitting Verizon Wireless on May 29. The Env3 has: a 1.5-inch external display, a 2.6-inch internal display, a 3MP camera, a microSD slot (up to 16GB support), Bluetooth, GPS, and a 2.5mm headphone jack. Like I said, the Env3 should hit VZW on May 29 for $129 USD after a $50 mail-in rebate on a 2-year contract. It will also be available for $199 after a $50 mail-in rebate on a 1-year contract and for $299 for full retail. Mark it on your calendars, if you feel like.

[Boy Genius]

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Hitting North America

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According to this magazine scan, this seems to be the case. If it's true, it will probably be announced at E3, since this is pretty big news. People may hate me, but I don't even know who Tatsunoko is. Maybe I'm just not hardcore enough to know the company. Maybe I'll know in the future. This game seems to be great news though, so it must be pretty big. So, Tatsunoko vs Capcom is going to hit North America, but no one knows when.