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Intel Launching Pine Trail Atom at CES 2010, Wind U150 Next Year; Wind U210 Netbook Expected Next Month For $380

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Okay, well, it won't be in December, but MSI will be releasing their netbook / tablet hybrid with Windows 7 and Intel's Pine Trail Atom platform next year. It will be the MSI Wind U150 and according to MSI, Pine Trail will be launched at next year's CES.

Before the Wind U150 gets launched, we'll see the MSI Wind U210 which has an AMD CPU. The Wind U210 will be available early next month for $379 USD with Windows XP and $429 USD with Windows Vista Home Premium.


MetroPCS Releases Samsung R560 Messager II For $150

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MetroPCS is the sixth largest carrier in the US and they have released the Samsung R560 Messager II today. Thankfully, this handset is already available in Canada on Bell as the Samsung Vice. This handset has: a 2.2-inch display with a 240 x 320 resolution, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, EV-DO / WiFi support, a 2MP camera with video recording and a microSD card slot. You can check out the Samsung Messager II on MetroPCS' official website for $149 USD.

[Unwired View]

Samsung to Release the Blue Earth Eco-Friendly Handset This October

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Back in February, we heard that the Samsung Blue Earth was on the way, but we didn't know when. At a San Francisco event, Samsung mentioned that the Blue Earth will be available in October of this year. If you're interested in this eco-friendly phone, check out this link for it's "green" features.

[Engadget Mobile]

Snow Leopard Has Hidden Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus Program?

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Yes, Apple launched two new ads this afternoon targeting Microsoft and their problems with viruses. In the latest unconfirmed Snow Leopard rumour, it looks like Apple is actually scared of viruses now. According to the latest rumour, Snow Leopard will have some anti-malware / anti-virus software built-in to the actual OS. At least Apple knows that it's their turn to fend viruses off - if the rumours are true that is.


Plastic MacBooks to Get Upgraded Soon?

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According to the latest rumour, Apple is looking to update their plastic MacBooks with an "industrial design overhaul." Here's the official word.

[The MacBook's] industrial design overhaul... will see them reemerge in the coming months with a slimmer, lighter enclosure and restructured internal architecture to boot.

What do you think Apple will do with these notebooks? Maybe we'll see them at their event, which kicks off in about two weeks or maybe that's a bit too early.


Asus Eee PC 1000H Go With 3G Now Available in France via Orange

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The Asus Eee PC 1000H Go that we heard about back in early June is now available in France via Orange - check out Orange's official website here for the netbook. It's the exact same thing as the 1005HA except it has integrated 3G connectivity. In case you forgot, the 1005H Go has: a 10.2-inch display with a 1,024 x 600 resolution, an Intel Atom 1.66GHz N280 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a 160GB HDD. Orange is reportedly now selling it for €399 ($571 USD), but it's cheaper if you sign up for a contract. The battery is said to last 10 hours with 3G off and 7 hours with 3G on.


OmniVision Unveils New 1080p-Capable Sensor For Mobile Phones

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OmniVision has just unveiled their latest sensor which could make VGA recording a thing of the past on all devices. The OV2710 - on their official website here - is capable of shooting Full HD (1080p) resolution at 30fps with a 2MP sensor. If 1080p / 30fps isn't your thing, then you can actually scale this sensor down to shoot 720p video at 60fps or standard-definition at 120fps. This could be used on a variety of devices, this includes: mobile phones, smartphones, MIDs, iTablets, and even webcams. We don't know who will use these new sensors first, but it's definitely a thing to look forward to.


LG BL40 First Hands-On Thoughts

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Mobile-Review already got their first look at the Nokia N97 Mini this morning and they didn't really have anything good to say about it. Now, they have just finished testing out the LG BL40 for the first time. You can check out what they had to say here. The virtual QWERTY keyboard looks pretty easy to use - thanks to its wide display. You're warned, it's quite lengthy.

[Slash Gear, Engadget]

PS3 Slim Video, Rocking Firmware Version 2.80

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Enjoy the video below, which shows off the PS3 Slim in action. I believe that this guy got his PS3 in Florida since it's on sale there now. I'm not looking to research much on this guy because the main focus is on the PS3 Slim here. Yes, the PS3 Slim ships with firmware version 2.80.

[PS3 Blog]

Hitachi and Toshiba to Join Forces in the HDD World

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If you don't already know, "Hitachi is the world's third biggest [HDD] maker, while Toshiba is No. 4." This alliance will definitely be pretty huge because they plan to create next-gen HDDs together. By March 2011 (the end of fiscal year 2010), these next-gen HDDs will have 5 times what the current HDD capacity is. To make things even better, by 2012, they'll be up to 10 times larger than current HDDs. Looks like we'll soon be walking around with 5TB in our laptops soon.

[Crunch Gear]

Acer Veriton Z280G All-In-One PC Now Available in the US

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You can now head over to Acer's official website to check out the Veriton Z280G. The Z280G is now available in the US with: an 18.5-inch display, an Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270 CPU, 2GB of RAM, integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics, a 160GB HDD, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, a dual-layer DVD drive, a card reader, WiFi, gigabit Ethernet, and Windows XP. This all-in-one PC starts at $499 USD and is now shipping in the US.


MacBook Pro Cloned as the MacBook Mini, Available Next Month in China For $280

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Nope, sorry, this is not a new MacBook Pro for you Apple lovers out there. This is the MacBook Mini and it's a fake. Thankfully, it still works. It has: an Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, and a 3-cell battery. There's no Apple tax on this laptop, but it will be available next month in China for about $280.


Motorola Holding Android Event on September 10th

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In San Francisco on September 10th, it looks like Motorola is holding an event for Android. So, this could be when we see the official unveiling of the Motorola Morrison and the more exciting Sholes. If we're lucky enough, we might even see a new Android device from them as well.

[Engadget Mobile]

PS3 Slim Already Selling at Best Buy in Florida

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So much for a September release date, a Best Buy in Florida is now selling the 120GB $299 PS3 Slim. Lucky them. It makes me think I should've scooped up that PS3 Slim that we saw in the Philippines early last month. It was the real thing, y'know.

[Engadget, Gizmodo]

Latest Apple Ads Targets Microsoft's Laptop Hunter Ads and Viruses

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Below are two more Apple Mac ads, specifically targeted against Microsoft's Laptop Hunter ads. These ones are kind of lame, targeting Microsoft Windows' vulnerability to viruses and stuff like that. Take a look at them both below. The higher market share you get Apple, the more viruses you'll have. They'll learn the hard way that there's no such thing as perfect software. By the way, I can't remember the last time I've had a virus on my PC...

[9 to 5 Mac, Engadget]

Vizio Launching LED TVs in September / October

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According to DigiTimes, Vizio is looking to release their LED TVs over the next two months - or so the sources say. These LED TVs are probably from their XVT-Series that we heard back in early June. These LED-backlit HDTVs (not pictured above) will have: a 55-inch display, 240Hz technology, and a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. Of course, these TVs will be fairly cheap compared to the rest of the field as Vizio plans to launch these TVs for just $1,999.99 USD. The source also mentioned that over 50% of Vizio's LCD HDTVs next year will be LED-backlit.


Asus Eee Top ET2002T / ET2203 Spotted on the Asus Website

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You can check out all three of these all-in-one PCs on Asus' official website now. The ET2002T on Asus' website here is an all-in-one PC that has: a 20-inch display with a 1,600 x 900 resolution, a Dual-Core Atom 330 CPU, the Nvidia Ion chipset, 2GB of RAM, up to a 320GB HDD, a DVD burner, an integrated webcam, gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 802.11 n, and it runs Windows Vista Home Premium, but it's upgradeable to Windows 7. Unfortunately, the price and release date are still unknown.

The other two models on Asus' official website is the ET2203 and the ET2203T. They have: a 22-inch display, 2GB of RAM, a larger HDD, ATI Radeon HD 4570 graphics, a Blu-ray drive, an Intel Core 2 Duo T4300 / T6400 CPU, and an HDMI input. The ET2203T has a touchscreen display, the ET2203 doesn't. We don't know when these will be available either. Check out the ET2203 and ET2203T on Asus' website here and here, respectively.

[Engadget, Netbooked]

Miivy One With WinMo 6.1 Retailing in Czech Republic Soon, $380

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Miivy has just unveiled their latest Windows Mobile handset, the Miivy One. The Miivy One looks pretty good and it has: a 3.2-inch touchscreen display with a 240 x 400 resolution, a 3MP camera, a 625MHz CPU, 128MB of RAM, 256MB of ROM, a microSD card slot, GPS / WiFi / Bluetooth support, an FM radio, and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. This handset will be available soon in the Czech Republic for 6,699 CZK ($380 USD).

[Unwired View]

Samsung Mobile USA Confirms the Omnia II is Headed to Verizon Soon

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On Samsung Mobile USA's website, it says that the Samsung Omnia II is headed to Verizon soon. This shouldn't come as a surprise, since we've already seen the Omnia II on some leaked inventory screenshots. What surprises me is that the Omnia II on the website was blacked out this morning - even though we already know what it looks like.

Update: The website was down for maintenance, so it could still be in that state.

[Boy Genius]

Sony S and E Series Walkmans to Be Released Next Month

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We've talked about the Sony S and E Series Walkmans a couple of times, but we never knew exactly when they would be available. Well, now we know that both sets of Walkmans will be available next month. The 8GB and 16GB Sony S Series Walkman will be available next month for just $110 and $130, respectively. The S Series Walkman has: a 2.4-inch display, an FM tuner, stereo speakers, a microphone, and a battery long enough 42 hours of audio / 6.4 hours of video playback. If you use the speakers, you'll have enough battery to last 17 hours of audio / 5 hours of video.

The 8GB and 16GB Sony E Series Walkman with a 2-inch QVGA display will be available next month for just $80 and $100, respectively.

Gizmodo points out that both Walkmans have a couple of colour options and they both support iTunes 8.1 and Windows Media Player.

[Engadget, Gizmodo]

Hitachi Unveils 5 HDTVs With Internal 500GB HDDs

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Today, Hitachi has unveiled five new HDTVs that all have a 500GB HDD inside of them. Three of them are plasmas - a 42, 46 and a 50-inch model - and two of them are LCD HDTVs - a 37 and 42-inch model. These TVs are going to be a part of Hitachi's Woo TV line-up. These 1080p-capable HDTVs also have DLNA streaming and an i-VRDS slot.

The 42, 46, and 50-inch plasma TVs - with a 40,000:1 contrast ratio - will launch in Japan on September 10th for $3,000, $3,500, and $4,000, respectively. The 37 and 42-inch LCD HDTVs will launch in October for $2,500 and $3,000, respectively.

[Slash Gear, Crunch Gear]

Android-Based Asus Netbook Put on "Hold", Probably Cancelled and Waiting For Google Chrome OS

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I'm sure you remember that Asus was going to launch an Android-based netbook - dual-booted with Windows XP of course - but it looks like it's actually placed on "hold." The CEO, Jerry Shen, has said, "I don't see a clear market for smartbooks." This is definitely looking like bad news for Android fans out there. On a side note, I'm sure Asus would love to create a netbook with Google Chrome OS on it - quite possibly the next big thing.

[Engadget, Mashable, Slash Gear, Liliputing]

Opera 10 RC Now Available, Final Version Coming on September 1st


I'm not an Opera user myself - I use Google Chrome - but I know people out there who do use it. Well, lucky for them the Opera 10 RC is now available. You can download it here. The Opera team has also mentioned that the final version of Opera 10 will be released on September 1st.


Introducing Nokia Tax, Booklet 3G Rumoured to Be Launching For $800 Off-Contract

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The Nokia Booket 3G that was announced yesterday was pretty sexy and unexpected. I mentioned that it had an Apple look to it and Nokia is not taking my comment lightly. According to the latest rumour, Nokia will be pegging an Apple price tag on their netbook; it's rumoured to launch for $799 USD off-contract. Paying $800 for a netbook is ridiculous, seeing as there are cheaper netbooks out there. Even for Apple, $800 for a 10-inch laptop is absurd - okay, maybe not.

The difference between an $800 10-inch Apple netbook - if it were real - and the $800 Nokia Booklet 3G is that the Apple one would sell - even if it had terrible specs.


Telus Launching HSPA Network Next Month; Storm 2 Nokia E71, iPhone, LG BL40 and HTC Hero Later This Year?

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According to this GSMA website, Telus will be launching their new and faster HSPA network next month aka September. This is great news for Canadians. This new HSPA network could be what they're launching on September 15th. Let the rumours run wild now because after this new network is launched there are a lot of phones that could be hitting up North - we already know about the possible BlackBerry Storm 2. This includes: the LG BL40, the HTC Hero, the Nokia E71, some sort of iPhone, the LG GB255, and the LG 9200. Let's see if any of these actually get a launch on Telus.

[Mobile Syrup]

Price Drop: Target Ad Shows Off $250 60GB Xbox 360 Pro and $300 120GB Xbox 360 Elite

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With the recent announcement of the PS3 Slim and the PS3 price cuts, Microsoft had to answer them with their own set of price cuts. According to this Target ad, the 60GB Xbox 360 Pro system will drop to $250 USD and the 120GB Elite model will drop to $300 USD. These price drops should be in effect next week - starting on Sunday, August 30th.


Nokia N97 Mini Gets First Impressions, Not That Small and Terrible Keyboard

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A couple of days ago, I reported that the Nokia N97 Mini just passed the FCC. Well, it's set to launch later this year, but it recently got reviewed. Unfortunately, the review was not great. The folks over at Mobile-Review got the first hands-on with this device. They went on to mention that it's not that small and the keyboard is actually worse than the original N97, which is definitely a negative. If you really want to read more, head to Mobile-Review.

[Slash Gear]

Weibu N10A Netbook Doesn't Have a Dual-Core CPU, Sticks With Single-Core Atom 230 CPU

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Yesterday, I told you about the Weibu N10A and I also told you that this netbook would have a dual-core Atom 330 CPU. Well, I was wrong. According to the latest Netbooked post, the Weibu N10A netbook will actually have an Intel Atom 230 single-core CPU - instead of the dual-core Atom 330 CPU. And, the HDD inside of this netbook will probably be 160GB HDD, but you'll probably find closer to 150GB of actual storage.


Nokia 5230 to Be Released This Year For Just €150, Video Included

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Nokia has announced another handset right before Nokia World 2009 kicks off. The Nokia 5230 is another handset that looks similar to their Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. This handset has: a 3.2-inch display with a 360 x 640 resolution, a 2MP camera, aGPS support, dual-band UMTS/HSDPA, 70MB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth 2.0, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The best part about this handset is definitely the price. It's said to be launching in Q4 of this year for as low as €149 ($213 USD). The worst part about this handset is the video below - don't miss the lag and the music. For the small price, it's definitely worth a buy.

[Boy Genius, Engadget Mobile]