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Nvidia Ion-Powered Haleron H-Box Packs Intel's Atom Dual-Core Atom CPU Now Available For $459

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Haleron has just unveiled their latest Nvidia Ion-powered nettop, dubbed the H-Box. The H-Box will come with: an Intel Atom Dual-Core 330 1.6GHz CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 320GB HDD, WiFi 802.11 n, an HDMI / VGA / Ethernet / five USB 2.0 ports, audio jacks, a card reader, and an optional mouse / keyboard. Haleron hasn't mentioned what OS it'll be running, but we'll likely see Windows 7 as one of the options. It's available right now for $459 USD, so you can check it out here if you're interested.


18-Inch HDX 18 Notebook Pulled From HP's Website, 18-Inch dv8 Still Remains

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Engadget has just pointed out that it looks like the HP HDX 18 has just been pulled from their website. This is likely because of the HP dv8, which should just about leave it in the dust. If you're looking for an 18-inch laptop from HP now, the dv8 appears to be your only choice.


T-Mobile Officially Announces Project Black, Even More / Even More Plus Plans Confirmed With FlexPay System

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It looks like half of the leak we saw last week proved to be true. The Project Black / Dark announcement has just been made official by T-Mobile and the pictures are above and below. The Even More plans were spot on, but the Even More Plus plans are slightly cheaper - and you can take a look at them above because I won't reiterate them. The "FlexPay" plan systems looks like it will also be in effect as well. If you get the Even More Plan, they will let you pay the full price of the phone over 4 smaller payments, instead of one huge one - Engadget Mobile for example says that it will cost $37 USD [and 50 cents I presume] every month for the $150 myTouch 3G. With the Even More Plus Plan, you'll have to pay for the full price of the device over just two smaller payments, so it'd be $75 every month for the same $150 myTouch 3G. Either way, it seems like a pretty good deal.

Clearly, no new handsets have been announced by T-Mobile.

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