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T-Mobile USA Now Selling the Motorola CLIQ In Stores For $199

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There's not much to say here, but the Motorola CLIQ is now available in T-Mobile stores. It comes with MOTOBLUR and you can get it for $199.99 USD on 2 -year contract. So, what are you going to get? This or the Motorola DROID - which has Android 2.0.


Bell Officially Launching 21Mbps HSPA Network On Wednesday, November 4th

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After constant leaks we've already know that Bell is launching their HSPA network on November 4th, but they made it all official this afternoon. Yes, Bell will be launching their HSPA network in just under 2 days - November 4th, this Wednesday. They'll also be launching the iPhone 3G / 3GS on the same day. Yes, Canadians will be able to access 21Mbps speeds in under 2 days.

[Electronista, Mobile Syrup, Engadget Mobile]

Verizon Planning To Release 15 Smartphones By Year's End; Storm 2, Omnia II, Curve2, HTC Dragon, Motorola Calgary

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According to Boy Genius' trusty sources if the Motorola DROID sales go well, Verizon is going to release up to 15 smartphones by the end of the year - even if there are only less than 8 weeks left. We could see: the HTC Dragon / Passion, the Curve2 (Curve 8530), the Motorola Calgary, the Storm 2 and, hopefully, even the Samsung Omnia II by the end of the year. We'll just have to see when it all goes down. I believe Verizon is holding an event on November 5th, so we could hear some more smartphone news then.

Verizon Planning To Launch the Sony Vaio P Netbook Later This Year?

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A new leak states that Verizon is planning to launch the Sony Vaio P netbook in the future. On November 5th, Verizon will be holding an event that will tell us exactly when it will be available. This netbook is said to have: a 160GB HDD, 2GB of RAM, an integrated webcam / microphone, the traditional 8-inch display with a 1,600 x 768 resolution, and Windows 7 Home Premium. We don't know the exact pricing details, but it could be around $300 USD on a 2-year contract.

Sprint Now Selling the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook For $200

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Sprint has just announced that they are going to start selling the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook... right now. For $199.99 USD you can get this 3G-equipped netbook on a 2-year contract and it has been reportedly popping up in select stores in Minneapolis and St. Paul. They'll likely be offering it everywhere else over the next couple of days or weeks.


Acer Liquid (A1) Android-Based Handset To Run Snapdragon CPU At Just 768MHz

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It looks like we've just got confirmation about the CPU speed of the Snapdragon in the Acer Liquid (A1) handset. Well, it'll be running Android 1.6 and will actually sport an underclocked 768MHz CPU. This definitely sucks, but if you're interested in the rest of the specs you can check out the picture above. I won't reiterate it.

[Engadget Mobile]

Lenovo Unveils All In One PC ThinkCentre A70z and Desktop PC ThinkCentre A58e

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Lenovo has just unveiled two new PCs for your desktop. What you see above was teased last week, it's the Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z which is an all in one PC. The A70z has: a 19-inch display, Intel Celeron / Core 2 Duo CPU options, up to a 500GB HDD, a DVD drive, an integrated webcam, optional WiFi, and Windows 7. The specs are nothing to flaunt about, but Lenovo is claiming that this PC can boot up in 35 seconds and it'll shut down 40% faster than other "rival systems." It'll be available at the end of this month (November) with a base price of $499 USD.

Lenovo has also gone on to unveil their latest desktop tower PC, the A58e. This PC comes packed with: up to a 320GB HDD, up to just 2GB of RAM, a DVD bruner, and will retail with a base price of $300 USD.

Samsung SCH-B710 Slider Handset Spews Out 3D!

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What you see above may look like an awkward looking slider handset from Samsung, it's the SCH-B710. What does this mean? Well, when you turn the display on its side (picture below), the screen will actually magically tranform into 3D mode. Other specs include: a 3D camera with a dual-camera lens, a TV tuners, and "3D Parallax Barrier Display." This handset will be available in Korea, but the pricing and release date hasn't been mentioned right now. Check out more pictures at the link below.

Lenovo Netbook Passes FCC and Sports an HDMI Port

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Something has just passed the FCC and it's something from Lenovo. It appears to be some sort of small laptop aka a netbook with: a 10.1-inch display, a 3-in-1 card reader, audio jacks, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, Bluetooth / WiFi support, and HSDPA connectivity. According to Engadget, this laptop will fit into the IdeaPad category. Check out the FCC filing here - it's a PDF.

Creative Zii MediaBook's UI Gets Shown Off On Video, Doesn't Reveal Much

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So, we're hearing that Creative is making a new device, called the Zii MediaBook. There's not much known about the MediaBook, but there's a video (here) that shows off a bit about the UI. There's not much to say about it, but it doesn't look to be any traditional OS (not Android). Anyways, I'll let you check out the video for yourself. Again, the video is here.

LGSB210 In Korea Is the Chocolate Touch VX8575 With Pre-Loaded Golf Course Maps

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LG has just unveiled their latest touchscreen phone, the LG SB210, and it bears a striking resemblance the Chocolate Touch VX8575. This handset has: a 3-inch touchscreen display with a 240 x 400 resolution, a 3MP camera, a microSD card slot, GPS support, and a 1,000 mAh battery. There's something interesting about this handset though, "it also offers maps for 280 golf courses and other golf-related services, including a so-called 'Receive PJT' application." This handset will be available sometime this month for 638,000 KRW ($539 USD).

Orange Launching the iPhone On November 10th, Pricing Details Official Too

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So it looks like Orange has just confirmed that they'll be launching the iPhone on November 10th. On the 10th their stores will open at 7 in the morning to greet and sell the iPhone to customers who show up. You can visit this website to pre-register your iPhone now. If you're interested in the exact pricing details of the contracts then Engadget has that all for you here.

Lenovo and Acer Prepping Netbooks With Google Chrome OS For Christmas Time? - Let's Hope.

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Although it might not happen, there's a new rumour about the Google Chrome OSNetbooked is hearing (from Notebook Italy) that both Lenovo and Acer are working on netbooks with Google's Chrome OS on-board. To add fuel to the fire these netbooks will be available just in time for Christmas this year.

T-Mobile UK Launching the HTC HD2 This Month, But They Get Their Product Page All Wrong

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It looks like even T-Mobile UK is confused about exactly what they are launching. Before I say anything, they have just briefly mentioned that they will be launching the HTC HD2 sometime this month - we heard November 6th. But, as you can see in the photo above, there are a lot of things wrong in this picture.

First, that's a picture of the original HTC Touch HD. Second, the label clearly says HTC Touch HD2, which is another error. The bullet points state that you'll be able to use the Android Market to download apps, which is incorrect since the HD2 is running WinMo 6.5. The "Huge 3.8' touchscreen" is also the wrong size since the HD2 has a 4.3-inch touchscreen display (the HTC Touch HD has a 3.8-inch display).

On a less serious note, maybe T-Mobile UK is launching that Android version of the Touch HD that we've been hearing about, but I doubt it.

Anyways, you must be confused as I am, but it looks like T-Mobile UK will clear this all up this week since they're going to make it all official on Wednesday. Let's hope they remember to change their product page too. Check out all of the errors on their website here.

[WMPowerUser, Gizmodo, Engadget]

Overseas the Motorola Milestone (Motorola DROID) Will Have Multitouch Support

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Although there's no multitouch support on the Motorola DROID in the US - by default at least - it looks like the Motorola Milestone that's set to launch overseas will have it. Motorola has just officially announced the Motorola Milestone for Europe and it will come with multitouch support - aka pinch and zoom - but it won't have Google's awesome turn by turn navigation. Check out the video below for some multitouch action.

[Gizmodo, Unwired View]