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HTC Incredible Pictured Again, Some Specs Leak Out

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Yes, the HTC Incredible has just been pictured in the wild again. It's still rocking the black and red colour which is a perfect blend for a Verizon phone. Apparently, you'll find 512MB of RAM, 320MB of internal ROM, and an underclocked 768MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU inside of this baby (you can always tune it up to 1GHz to drain the battery if you want). The 8MP camera on the back should make up for it though. Apparently, it's narrower, shorter, and slightly thicker than the Nexus One - for comparison's sake. The launch for this handset is rumoured to be in April or May so it's still a couple of weeks away.


Samsung Revealing "S Life" At CTIA Wireless

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In case you didn't know CTIA Wireless is set to kick off on March 23rd and will end on the 25th. The event will be held in Las Vegas and, of course, Samsung will be there. They'll be unveiling something called "S Life" which will be a part of their Samsung Unpacked contest. What's S Life? Well, we don't know right now so we'll have to wait until Samsung spills the beans in less than two weeks.

iPhone OS 4.0 To Gain Multi-Tasking Support?

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It looks like Apple could be planning to implement multi-tasking into their next version of the iPhone OS - if you believe this rumour. iPhone 4.0 OS could have some kind of multi-tasking on it and it could be similar to Expose on the desktop. Multi-tasking is one of the few things that Apple is missing with the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch so hopefully (for those users) this rumour turns out to be true.

Toshiba Plans Their Own Tablets In the Distant Future

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Toshiba has just mentioned that they plan to launch iPad-like devices aka tablets in the future. The future being very late this year or early next year. Toshiba, unfortunately, didn't mention any other details regarding these tablets so we'll just have to wait around. Hopefully they're rocking high-end specs with a low-cost.


Fusion Garage Improves Their Joojoo Tablet's UI

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Fusion Garage has delayed their Joojoo tablet about a month now and it looks like they've tweaked the UI a bit in the meantime which is great news. Flash support is also improved and is now "fully-working" and the tablet can play H.264 videos. They also changed the back plate from black to a new "champagne-like" hue. The pre-orders are still pegged at $499.

Casio G'zOne Brigade Now Officially Available On Verizon

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It looks like the Casio G'zOne Brigade is now available on Verizon's site - after some people have already gotten theirs a bit early. This handset is packing a full QWERTY keyboard thanks to a flip and a 3.2MP camera with a flash. This handset is now available $299 on a 2-year contract and $249 online (here).