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Amazon Taking $147 Pre-Orders For the 8GB Archos 32 PMP Now

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Shoutouts go to Amazon for posting the specs of Archos' 32 PMP line-up a bit earlier than we all expected. Thanks to their new pre-order page regarding the PMP, we now know what you can get for $147. This device features a 3.2-inch multitouch display with a 240 x 400 resolution, 8GB of internal storage, an ARM Cortex A8 800MHz CPU, WiFi support, and the Android OS. Of course, the specs have been available for a while on J & R, so none of this should be surprising. The most interesting part is that Amazon is taking $147 pre-orders for this 8GB model right now, so head on over.

[Slash Gear]

WP7-Based LG E900 Surfaces In a Video, C900 Minus the QWERTY

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Another Windows Phone 7 device has just leaked via YouTube. This smartphone is said to be the LG E900, which will essentially be similar to the C900 but it will not have the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Specs are unknown for now, but the minimal guidelines are a little clue. The OS seemed pretty fluid on camera but we know that the OS still needs some touching up before it goes prime time. The video is below, thanks to WMPowerUser.

Update: My embed didn't work and I actually can't find the video anymore. Hopefully, I'll be able to find one again in the near future.

Update: Alright, I got the video again, thanks to Unwired View. Check it out below.


Viewsonic Working On 7-Inch Android Tablet and a Dual-Booting Windows / Android 10-Incher As Well

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Just like CES, you can expect IFA 2010 this year to be dominated with tablets. One coming from Viewsonic may have a couple of people on-board. The company is said to be working on a tablet that will dual-boot Windows Embedded Compact 7 along with Google's Android OS. Specs are unknown regarding this dual-booting 10-inch tablet but Viewsonic did mention a bit about their smaller 7-inch tablet. Dubbed the ViewPad 7, the tablet will sport dual-cameras (one on the back and the front), WiFi / 3G support, GPS, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, and the Android OS. This tablet could be sporting Android 2.2 when it hits the market and could be in the £300 to £400 ($478 to $637 USD) price range when it hits the UK.

[Slash Gear]

Images of the Toshiba SmartPad Tablet Surface, Hints at Android OS

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Clearly coming from Notebook Italia is a couple of supposed pictures of Toshiba's tablet, the SmartPad. The images tell us that there'll be HDMI / USB ports, a memory card slot, and the touch-sensitive buttons hint that it'll be running the Android OS. The website mentions that this tablet should be getting official at IFA which is in a couple of days so look out for it. It could get an October launch date.