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Maxell Shows Off New Flash Memory Devices, 16GB USB Flash Drive With a Built-In MicroSD Card Slot

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I remember Maxell from back in the day, I used to have countless cassettes with their brand name plastered on it. Well, yesterday they showed off their latest flash memory devices. The most interesting one is their 16GB USB flash drive that also has a built-in microSD card slot on it, which is pretty amazing. Someone has probably thought of this before, but this is the first time I'm hearing about something like this and it definitely amazes me. Good job Maxell!

[Crunch Gear]

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 For the Wii Will Also Launch on November 10th

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You should already know that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 will be available on November 10, but what about the release date for the Wii? According to the latest rumour, the Wii version will also be dropping on November 10, so it'll be a field day for CoD on that day.


iProd 1,1 Pops Up in iPhone OS 3.1, What Could it Be? Tablet, Chinese iPhone, New iPod Touches?

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In the iPhone SDK 3.1, there's a new addition to the list and it's the iProd 0,1 and the iProd 1,1. However, the iProd 0,1 is probably just a prototype, so what could iProd 1,1 be? Future iPod Touches or the upcoming Chinese iPhone? Or quite possibly the Apple Tablet? We don't know right now, but it's definitely interesting. It'll be hard to imagine that this will be the tablet because I doubt that it would run the iPhone's OS - but there is always a slight chance since we know nothing about it. So, Chinese iPhone or upcoming iPod Touches? I'll leave that up for you to decide.

[9 to 5 Mac]

Google Launches Official Chrome Themes, Most Are Bad and It's Buggy

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Google has just introduced their first set of themes for their browser, Google Chrome. You can now head over to this page to install / apply themes. You have to be on the Google Chrome 3.0 beta / developer preview to install the themes though. Be careful when using the themes because some of them don't install properly. Most of - if not all - of the themes are terrible looking.

You can also create your own theme here and there's actually two other bonus themes - Camo and Snowflakes. I'm using Snowflakes right now because the Classic theme won't re-install for me anymore... Yes, there are problems.

[Google Operating System]

HTC Support Site Shows HTC Hero on Sprint and HTC Snap on Alltel

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Engadget has just spotted the HTC support site that confirms that the HTC Hero will be launched on Sprint - but we already knew this before. Other confirmations on this site is that the HTC Snap will be launched on Alltel. Now we don't know when they will be released, but let's hope we hear more about it in the future.


INQ Announces Two Handsets Chat 3G / Mini 3G With Twitter / iTunes Sync

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INQ has just announced its latest social networking handsets, the Chat 3G and the Mini 3G. The INQ Chat 3G has: a 2.4-inch display with a 320 x 240 resolution, a 3.2MP camera, GPS, 120MB of on-board storage, and a microSD card slot. This handset also has Twitter, IM, Skype, Facebook, and push Gmail support. The other handset is the INQ Mini 3G and it has: a 2.2-inch display a 320 x 240 resolution, a 2MP camera, 100MB of on-board storage, and a microSD card slot.

Like the title says, these handsets have Twitter and iTunes synchronization. Both of these handsets are expected to be available before the end of the year in seven different colours. Unfortunately, the price has not been mentioned yet. You can head over to Tech Radar to see some hands-on thoughts about the INQ Chat 3G handset.


Verizon's Casio Brigade C741 aka Casio Hitachi C741 Handset Passes the FCC

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Above is a part of the upcoming Casio Brigade C741 aka Casio Hitachi C741 handset that's set to launch on Verizon. We don't know when or how much it will launch for, heck, we don't even know the specs of this handset yet. We do know that it has CDMA/EV-DO connectivity and Bluetooth support though. Excited yet? Well, I guess Casio has a lot to live up to after launching the Exilim C721 on Verizon.

[Unwired View]

NEC MultiSync EA231WMi LCD Monitor Has DisplayPort Support, Launching Later This Month For $379

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NEC's latest LCD monitor offering has support for a DisplayPort. The MultiSync EA231WMi has: a 23-inch display with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, built-in stereo speakers, a 3,000:1 dynamic contract ratio, VGA / DVI / DisplayPort input, four USB 2.0 ports, and can also rotate into portrait mode. This monitor will launch later this month for $379 USD.

[Slash Gear]

Dual-SIM Samsung C3212 Handset to Be Available in Russia Later This Summer For Just 135 Euros

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There aren't many dual-SIM handsets out there, but Samsung has released a couple of them. The latest one is targeting the lower-end of the market. This dual-SIM Samsung C3212 handset is expected to hit the Russian market for just €135 ($194 USD) later this Summer. We don't know the specs of this handset, but since it's launching soon we should know this information in the near future.

[GSM Arena]

Sprint and Boost Mobile to Launch Motorola ROKR?

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We don't know the specs of this handset at the time but, apparently, this iDEN Motorola ROKR will be launched by Sprint's own Boost Mobile. The price and release date hasn't been mentioned yet. Hopefully more news about this handset pops up soon, for those interested.

[Boy Genius]

HP Launches Compaq 515 and 610 Notebooks For the Business World

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HP has just announced and released its latest Compaq notebooks, this time targeting the business people out there. The Compaq 515 and 610 notebooks were just launched on HP's official website. They're pretty similar, they both have: up to 3GB of DDR2 RAM, up to a 250GB HDD, DVD burners, LED-backlit displays, WiFi, Ethernet, three USB 2.0 ports, an ExpressCard slot, and a VGA output. However, there are some differences.

The Compaq 515 has: a 14.1-inch display, an AMD Athlon X2 / Turion X2 CPU options and integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics. The Compaq 610 notebook is the Intel offering with: a 15.6-inch display, an Intel Celeron Dual-Core / Core 2 Duo CPU options and integrated Intel GMA X3100 graphics. The Compaq 515 and 610 notebooks are now available on HP's official website with a base price of $429 USD and $449 USD, respectively.


BlackBerry Curve 8520 Now Available in India

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The BlackBerry Curve 8520 is now available in India via Airtel for Rs. 15,990 ($337 USD). The Curve 8520 that was launched in India has: a 2.46-inch QVGA display, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a QWERTY keypad, quad-band GSM/EDGE support, a 2MP camera, and WiFi support. Unfortunately, this smartphone doesn't have 3G support. It will be available in the US tomorrow at your local T-Mobile and Wal-Mart stores.

BlackBerry has also tied up with Airtel to provide its e-mail service to pre-paid users for the first time. Service fees starts at Rs 299 per month for basic push e-mail access and go up to Rs 899 for unlimited web browsing. The tariffs are similar to what is on offer for post paid subscribers.

[Cell Passion, Unwired View]

T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 to Cost $299 on a 3-Year Contract? Still Launching on August 12th

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According to a "very trusty" source, T-Mobile will be launching the HTC Touch Pro 2 for $299.99 USD on a 2-year contract and $349.99 on a 1-year contract. That's pretty damn expensive. It's still going to be hitting the T-Mobile shelves on August 12th, just in case you were wondering. Sprint should be launching it on September 3rd and Verizon already has it in their inventory so it could be just days away from an official release. I'm curious to see the pricing of the Touch Pro 2 on other carriers now.

[Phone Arena]

More Microsoft Zune HD Photos Pop Up, Shows Off UI and Black and Silver Models

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You in the mood for some new Microsoft Zune HD pictures? Okay, good. Microsoft's upcoming PMP looks nicer than the current iPod Touches - in my opinion. The teflon backing and AMOLED touchscreen display is definitely a step in the right direction. I don't know if it's just me, but I really dislike that Zune symbol. Enjoy the pictured black and silver models.

Update: According to Crunch Gear, some of the new photos that were shown off also showed the kind of new Zune UI. Take a look at it below underneath the silver model.


Samsung M8910 Pixon12 Now Available For Free on Orange UK

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If you live in the UK and head over to Omio, you can now get the Samsung M8910 Pixon12 for free on Orange as long as you agree to pay a contract of at least £35 ($59 USD) a month. GSM Arena mentions that this is the "ultimate cameraphone to date" so you should probably scoop one up. The 12MP AF camera with a xenon flash and its 3.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen display should be enough to persuade you into buying one.

[GSM Arena]

Apple Tablet Will be Able to Play Games -- And Do Other Stuff Too

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Whatever this Apple tablet will be, it will also be capable of playing games. I'm not a big fan of playing motion-sensing / touch-enabled games because they're just too easy - don't get me started on the Wii. I find them pretty pointless, but whatever. Apple's tablet will also be able to connect to the Internet over a WiFi connection, which is really unsurprising. We'll just have to see how good of a "gaming console" this thing will be. Being a game console probably will not be its main focus though.


80GB PS3s to be Discontinued in Japan on August 9, PS3 Slim Announcement on August 18 -- Expected to Cost Around £260

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Tired of the PS3 Slim rumours yet? Well, here's a lot of things that could be taken as a hint towards a new PS3 Slim. According to the image above - that I can't read - the 80GB PS3 models in Japan are going to be discontinued starting on August 9th. This could give way to the future PS3 Slim. Waddaya think?

Moving along, it looks like the PS3 Slim announcement could come as early as August 18th at the GamesCom expo in Cologne, Germany. Now according to Telegraph, the PS3 Slim will come in two models, a 40GB / 80GB; it's expected to cost around £260 ($441 USD). Amazon already had their little fiasco with the PS3 Slim just a couple of days ago and they've just slashed $50 USD off of their 160GB PS3 bundle. Come on Sony, spill the beans already!

Update: According to Tech Radar, there are also rumours swirling around about a planned €100 ($144 USD) price drop for the 80GB model PS3 all across Europe on August 18th.

[Engadget, Crunch Gear, VG247]

AMD Looking to Create Mobile Processors in the Future

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Latest word on the street is that AMD is looking to create new mobile processors for the future. We don't know what this could mean, but they'll be announcing whatever this is on September 3 in London. AMD, in reality, could be announcing processors for just about anything. They could be announcing new CPUs for notebooks, netbooks, and, of course, mobile phones. Absolutely nothing is known at the time so we'll just have to wait until September 3 for the big unveiling.

[The Inquirer]

Dell and Intel Working Together to Create a Kindle-Killer?

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That's the latest rumour on the street. Dell and Intel are going to team up to create a 5-inch touchscreen tablet that will initially be free if you sign up to "one or more digital content subscriptions." It's being touted as a Kindle killer because of its initial cheap cost, but how will you be able to read books on a 5-inch tablet?

The specifications of this Dell tablet are still unknown, but since Intel is thrown into the mix then we'll see an Intel CPU inside of this baby. It will supposedly have a capacitive multi-touch display, thanks to it possibly running on Windows 7. It's scheduled to hit the market in six months, which would mean early next year. How will this size up to the competition?

[Slash Gear]

Altek Reveals 12MP Handset With 3x Optical Zoom, Probably Only Hitting China

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Altek has just revealed its latest handset, the T8680. Surprisingly enough, this handset has a 12MP camera on the back with 3x optical zoom and a xenon flash. Other specs include: a 3-inch touchscreen WQVGA display, tri-band GSM/EDGE support and only VGA video capabilities. The camera aspect looks pretty impressive, but it's definitely more camera than phone - at least that's what I think. It'll be hitting China for around 3,000 yuan ($440 USD) sometime next month.


SteelSeries Giving Away Autographed StarCraft II Mouse Pads on Their Facebook Page

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Two weeks ago, I reported that SteelSeries would be selling their StarCraft II mouse pads. Well, here's an even sweeter deal. You can get them for free if you head over to their Facebook page and tell them what you're looking forward to most in StarCraft II. What makes this deal even sweeter is that it will be autographed by Wei Wang who's famous for being the artist to render Arthas and Frostmourne in World of Warcraft - more specifically the box cover of Wrath of the Lich King. Go to their Facebook page now!


LG Releases GC900 Viewty Smart in India!

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LG has just released the LG GC900 Viewty Smart in Mumbai, India; it's priced at Rs. 27,500 ($577 USD). For a refresher, this handset has: a 3-inch multi-touchscreen display with an 800 x 480 resolution, 1.5GB of internal memory, a microSD card slot, an 8MP AF camera, EDGE / GPRS / 3G / WiFi b/g support, Bluetooth + A2DP, aGPS support, TV output, and FM radio with RDS. The camera is really impressive with its Schneider-Kreuznach lens and power LED flash. It's even capable of shooting 720 x 480 resolution video @ 30fps. Don't forget the slow-motion video capabilities! Let's hope this gets released in the US by the end of the year.

[Fone Arena, Tech2]

Nokia N97 Mini Announcement Expected at Nokia World 09, Specs Almost Identical to Original

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Last week, we got our first look at the possible Nokia N97 Mini. Well, now it looks like it's a real device and Nokia will officially announce it at Nokia World 2009, which will take place in Stuttgart on September 2 - 3. The good thing is that today, we have the specs on this baby. The Nokia N97 Mini is basically a smaller replica of the original N97, so the specs really haven't change. The only spec changes here is the smaller 2.9-inch display and the on-board storage space, it's been reduced to 8 / 16GB. The point of this new N97 Mini is to make it more portable and, of course, to shrink the large price tag of the original model. It's expected to launch about €100 ($144 USD) cheaper than it's larger sibling. We don't know when it will launch, but it'll be sometime after September 3.

[Unwired View]

Nvidia Ion-Packed Samsung N510 11.6-Inch Mini-Notebook Now Available in France

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Call it a netbook or a small notebook, but the Nvidia Ion-packed Samsung N510 has just hit Pixmania - an online store in France. Besides the Nvidia Ion 9400M graphics, this baby comes packed with: an 11.6-inch display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, an Intel Atom 1.66GHz N280 CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, WiFi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, an integrated 1.3MP webcam, three USB 2.0 ports, VGA / HDMI out, a 3-in-1 card reader, and a 6-cell battery. It's now available on Pixmania for €499 ($718 USD). Still no word on a US release date though.

Update: Keep in mind that it's only available for pre-orders right now. It's expected to start shipping out on August 21st.


Future Shop Accepting Pre-Orders In-Store for the Palm Pre, Coming Out on August 27th For $199.95 CAD

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The Palm Pre still hasn't hit Canada, but the pre-orders are starting at select Bell retailers. Yesterday, I showed you the first proof that Bell is really accepting pre-orders and the employee at the store said that the launch was delayed until September 1st. Well, I don't really like to believe employees because a few of them have let me down before. Let's head over to Future Shop and see what they have to say. On their site it says that you can now order it in-store and that it will be available on August 27th! Hey Canadians! "Prepare to be amazed." It's just over three weeks away.

Update: According to Mobile Syrup, this is, apparently, confirmed. The Palm Pre will be available in Canada at Bell on August 27th. It will be retailing for $199.95 CAD on a 3-year contract and $599.95 contract-free "with a minimum 500MB data plan."

[Mobile Syrup]

HTC Touch Pro 2 aka Rhodium is a "Compatible Phone" on Sprint; HTC Looking to Hit the Low-End Smartphone Market Too

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At least now it's confirmed. The HTC Touch Pro 2 codenamed Rhodium will be headed to Sprint. We don't know when, but we've heard murmurs that it will be on September 3. This picture above on Sprint tells us that the HTC Rhodium is a "compatible phone". Excited?

According to DigiTimes, HTC could partner up with MediaTek to attract some consumers in the lower-end of the market. HTC is going to do this to try to keep some of their costs down. We don't know what this means for the consumers, but I'm just looking to get some more dirt on the HTC Leo / Firestone.

[Engadget Mobile, DigiTimes, WMPowerUser]