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Rogers Will Have 4G By 2010, Wii's and PS3's (and 360's) Audience, BenQ nScreen i91, Haier's Devices, Maingear Prelude 2 Is 3D

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For some Canadian news today, a strong rumour has it that Rogers is slowly gearing up towards 4G services by 2010. February 2010, to be exact. It may be first hitting Vancouver before anywhere else, but whatever. "The company also reportedly promises fast downstream speeds in real conditions. A connection without any optimization produces about 50Mbps. Techniques to optimize the link would net about 70Mbps by the time the service is available." This looks like good news and we're about a year away from 4G, yes!

No surprises here as the Wii is popular among boys who are ranging from 6-11 years old (the Michael Jackson of consoles) and also women who are ranging from 25-34 years old. The 360 is most popular with the male category ranging from 12-17 year olds. And the PS3's main audience are males ranging from 18-24 years old. This would obviously make the Wii for little kids and the PS3 is seen to be for the "mature gamer." Hence, why i want a damn Playstation 3 already.

BenQ has finally released their first all-in-one PC. The 18.5-inch nScreen i91 will also have 1GB of memory (only!?), a 160GB HDD and a webcam. This may not seem too attractive at first, but it will only cost you around $517 USD. That's fairly cheap for an all-in-one PC. Looks like BenQ is just looking out for the consumer, cause of the current economic crisis. The i91 seems to be running Vista with 1GB of memory in the screenshot, so i suggest you get a Windows 7 Beta CD (or torrent it) for the well-needed upgrade. Windows 7 runs better with a minimal amount of RAM compared to Vista.

Haier showed off a variety of devices at this year's MWC, including: MID's, netbooks and phones. While there were no specs on most of their devices, there were 2 devices that were Android-based. There was a phone that looked like the Blackberry 8900 and also another one that was similar to the Storm. The phone that looked similar to the Storm was running a new OS, but there is no word on the other devices.

This interesting looking thing here is the Prelude 2 from Maingear. Judging from their own word, they make "high perfomance luxury computers." By utilizing the NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision, Maingear was able to make this 3D gaming system. The PC also comes equipped with a 22-inch SyncMaster display, Intel's Core i7 processor and also has the funky-looking 3D glasses inside for you. WoW in 3D anyone? I heard it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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Customize Gmail Themes, Blackberry Niagara, IE 8's Incompatible Sites, Capcom Announcing New Game, Motorola ZN 300

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You can now customize the colours in Gmail to however you like, for the most part. The themes you can make now are pretty plain and ugly. But, i'm sure that Google is just trying out the new customizable themes. Knowing Google, you will be able to further customize your Gmail layout later on. So, i guess this customization is in beta, just like Gmail still is. I won't be changing my Gmail layout because i like the themes they already have.

The Blackberry Niagara is on its way. There is no confirmed date, but rumours are saying that it will be available in May of this year. The Niagara looks good, but i am not attracted to the rear of the phone. Boy Genius says that "you can definitely think of it as a cross between the Bold and the Curve 8900. It's bigger than the Curve, but smaller than the Bold." The phone itself is said to be part of the "large screen family" like the Bold. It will also have the standard QWERTY keyboard, a 480 x 360 resolution screen (again, similar to the Bold), aGPS, a 3.2MP camera and has a 624MHz Qualcomm MSM7600 processor.

Today for lunch, i went to ashlee's place, so it was me, her and Nikki. Nikki mentioned that since Chrome was out of beta (She thought Chrome was still in beta, cause she got it confused with Windows 7, LOL), she's going to be making the switch. Chrome is just that fast. My Firefox takes forever to open up nowadays and Chrome pops up, just about, instantly. Anyways, we're not talking about Chrome or Firefox in this post though. I'm going to continue my Internet Explorer bashing. Just how good is Internet Explorer 8? Well, it may have improved speed-wise, but they have an incompatibility list. These are sites that don't render correctly, meaning they don't load the way they are meant to. For a full list go to this link, via ZD Net. Some notables are: google.com, microsoft.com, yahoo.com, live.com, wikipedia.org, youtube.com, gizmodo.com, kotaku.com. Wow, i know! But, just in case you wanted to know just how many sites show up on this "incompatibility list" - it's a grand total of 2,400 major sites. Gotta love Internet Explorer!

Capcom will be revealing a trailer for a new game that they are going to be releasing. "The announcement will apparently come in the form of a trailer available though Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the evening of February 23 (Japan Time)." Other details are unknown, for the time being. It'll be exciting to see what game it will be. Any guesses?

At MWC this year, Motorola has yet to unleash anything that catches the consumer's eyes. Even Sony Ericsson managed to create some buzz with their Idou (See two videos here of the Idou's new interface, via Gizmodo) Anyways, here's a look at the best Motorola thing i've seen so far. The Motorola ZN 300. It still looks like junk, but this could be the reason why Motorola is going down the drain. This phone is packed with a 3MP camera, runs Linux and has Opera Mini as the default browser.

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Meizu M8, General Mobile's DSTL1, New Gateway Laptops, Megapixels Aren't Everything

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The iPhone clone. The Meizu M8 officially went on sale. The 16GB model is actually "out of stock" currently on the official Meizu site. The M8 was already available last week, but it went for around $440 USD and was, pretty much, a beta or a test phone. The M8 looks very similar to the iPhone and they may have got their touchscreen down-pat, since it's stirring up quite a bit of news today.

I've talked about this Android-running General Mobile DSTL1 before and it looks like a pretty hot device. It looks like the device is so shiny (see in picture) that it reflects everything and that could be a bit distracting. This phone is packed with the Android OS, a 5MP camera, 4GB of internal storage, a microSD slot, dual SIM slots and even FM radio. I think this phone looks pretty good, how about you guys? I think the first picture (on the other post) looks better though, cause it's not so reflective, but it also doesn't reveal Android. So, both pictures have their ups and downs.

More laptops? Why not? Gateway has unleashed 2 new models: a 15-inch and a 14-inch, the TC7307u and the TC7306u, respectively. These laptops will start off at a base price of $649.99 USD and will have a wide array of features. These 5.3 pound babies each have "a 1.3 megapixel webcam, WiFi, gigabit Ethernet, a 1,366 x 768 resolution panel, a built-in multicard reader and three USB 2.0 ports. You'll also find a variety of colors, Intel's Core 2 Duo CPUs, a dual-layer DVD writer and a 6-cell Li-ion battery." Personally, i like the red one, but i think a black, silver or white one would also look decent. Go Gateway!

We recently heard about the Sony Ericsson Idou, the full touchscreen phone with a 12.1 megapixel camera. Gizmodo explains why cameraphones aren't exactly better the more megapixels they have. Go to this link to read more, via Gizmodo. It's an excellent read.

I didn't get to blog much last night because i went to the Raptors game. They got owned by the Cavaliers and i got to see Lebron in action again. The last Cavs game i watched, Gibson hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer to win the game. Today was much different. From the 2nd quarter on, the Cavs dominated the game. On a side note, i didn't really have much to blog about, so i didn't really skip any important topics. I thought MWC was going to be more blog post-packed, but it looks like everything was done after the first day. Maybe MWC will end off with a bang. I don't recall seeing Samsung's 12MP cameraphone anywhere yet.

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Megapixels Aren't Everything: http://i.gizmodo.com/5155942/giz-explains-why-more-megapixels-isnt-always-more-better