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Huawei Set To Launch a "Gingerbread" Smartphone Soon, Upgradeable To "Ice Cream Sandwich"?

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Apparently, Huawei is going to be releasing a "high-end" smartphone in the future - at least in the UK. The smartphone kind of looks like a Google Nexus S since it's supposedly the one pictured above. This smartphone is said to feature a 3.7-inch WVGA display, a 1GHz CPU, a 5MP camera, a front-facing camera, and Android "Gingerbread" upgradeable to "Ice Cream Sandwich". The handset is said to be available in the second half of this year for £250 to £400.

[GSM Arena Blog]

Motorola's Tegra 3 Android Tablet To Be Available This September?

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There's a new rumour going around that Motorola will be releasing another tablet before the end of the year. Their next Android tablet is said to be sporting a speedier Tegra 3 CPU and it could be available for the back-to-school season which is September. The name is unknown right now but that doesn't really matter. It'll have the polished Android tablet OS and more optimized apps which will be good. Other than that there's really not much left to say.

[Android and Me]

Unofficial New Asus PadFone Pictures Leak, What Version Of Android Will It Have?

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It'll all get official very soon, at Computex, but PocketNow has just picked up new photos of the Asus Padfone which pretty much tells us how it'll function. So, the top part of the back of the tablet will house the smartphone and the rear-facing camera will use the Asus smartphone since it has a hole for it - it has a front-facing camera as well. The biggest unknown about this device is what version of Android it'll be running. It might be running just "Gingerbread" but maybe it'll be launched in a few months with "Ice Cream Sandwich" which would be impressive. Save your questions because it should be official very soon!