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Google [Android G2], Google [GDrive] and Google [Gears]

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If you love Google like me, this blog post will be amazing to read. It might even be as fun to read as it was for me to type this up. Anyways, let's get down to the Google news.

Ever since the pictures of the [ugly] T-Mobile G2 came out, there have been numerous fake Android G2 phones popping around all over the web. In my opinion, this one pictured on the left looks like the best one. I say this because it looks like a skinnier, white HTC Touch HD. Although, i don't like the skinniness of the phone too much, it still manages to look better than the current G2. The buttons on this fake G2 also could have been done better and they could have also included a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Now that would be my dream phone. An HTC Touch HD + Nokia N97 + Android all-in-one phone. The HTC Touch HD's looks and camera, mixed with the N97's storage and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Dump both of their Mobile OS's for the Android and you get the ultimate phone. We will name my dream phone the Android HTC N97 HD. It would be a good competitor for the iPhone Pro. Both the Android HTC N97 HD and the iPhone Pro are only make-believe.

Google's long-awaited Webdrive service, dubbed the name Gdrive, may be in the near-future. A new, possible hint at Google's GDrive is in this picture on the left. Is this a possible icon for the GDrive service? This along with the option on the Picasa beta for the Mac, may be hints towards a possible GDrive hitting consumers later on this year. I talked about Google's GDrive a couple of days ago (here). It is basically online storage for everything on your hard drive. There is also the rumour that you will be able to use Google's, also rumoured, Operating System. Click the picture for a larger view, if you want.

"[Google] Gears has been around for awhile, but has really reached a stage of maturity, making it stable across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Google gears provides synchronization of online content such that it can be edited even if there is no Internet connection." Gears is a fairly new service from Google and i expect it to blossom this year. Google Docs, which is a part of Gears, is getting much better. I find myself using Google Docs more and more, as it gets better and better. I use Google Reader every single day and it is also a part of Gears. I've told you before that Google is going to take over the Internet and once they do that, they will probably take over offline as well. Google is pushing their way into our faces. With the expansion of Google Chrome and Gears, along with a possible GDrive making its appearance later this year. 2009 may be a good year for Google to make an aggressive push.

Android G2 (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5139252/fake-android-g2-phones-invading-the-world
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MSI Gaming Laptop, Internet Explorer RC 1, iLife '09, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, The Sims 3 Delayed?

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I lied, sorry. As of right now, there will be at least 3 blog posts today. Just because i love writing blogs. =D.

First off is the MSI gaming laptop, dubbed the GT627. This laptop will be packed with a six-cell battery, "an optional Blu-ray drive and a Core 2 Duo CPU." Along with these features, the laptop itself will have a 15.4 inch screen with a 1680 x 1050 resolution. "It's also the first MSI laptop to feature the 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GS GPU, and there's even a 320GB HDD, 4-in-1 multicard reader, twin USB 2.0 ports, HDMI / VGA outputs, gigabit Ethernet, a two megapixel webcam and an ExpressCard slot to round things out." To end the epic spec sheet off, this laptop will weigh around 5.8 pounds. This MSI gaming laptop is packed with a bunch of good features, as you can see. The red outline on the laptop is kind of annoying though (visual-wise), for me at least. I like the Dell Adamo's looks better than this, but that makes sense, since the Adamo is all about the looks.

Internet Explorer's RC (Release Candidate) 1 is now available for download. If you follow my blog, you will know that i'm not too fond of this so-called Internet Explorer. But, just because i'm in a good mood today, i'll summarize PC World's review of Internet Explorer RC 1. Basically, RC 1 fixes all of the bugs in Internet Explorer Beta 1 and 2. Internet Explorer RC 1 is pretty much the code for the final release and it runs faster than Beta 2. If you are going to download the RC 1, just remember that the normal precautions apply, much like anything else pre-released. Just download Google Chrome or Firefox, seriously.

If you have a Mac, you should mark tomorrow on your calendar. iLife '09 is going to be available tomorrow. iLife '09 was presented at the slightly boring Macworld 2009. iLife is "Apple's bundled application suite that brings facial recognition to iPhoto and piano and guitar lessons to GarageBand." "A new license will set you back $79 [USD], unless you bought a new Mac after January 6. New user upgrade's are going for $10 [USD]." So, iLife '09 tomorrow. Go get it, if you want to.

If you are waiting for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo Wii and DS / DSi, i have the release date for you. It's not too far away. It's release date is actually under 2 months into the future. March 24 will be the release date. "Echoes allows Wii and DS gamers to play alongside one another with a bit less hassle than the original Crystal chronicles."

Just in case you wanted to get EA's 'The Sims 3' it may be delayed. The Sims 3 was scheduled for a February 20 release date, but on its official web site, the date now says "TBA." A recent EA statement also hints at a possible delay. The Sims 3 is "already so close to complete it's hard to imagine the company delaying it for very long." So, it may be delayed, but you probably won't have to wait too long. On the other hand, Starcraft 2's release date still hasn't been mentioned.

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The Sims 3 Delayed? (and picture): http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3172467

Exams, Blocking Intruding Wi-Fi Users With Paint, Microsoft Kumo?, More Sony PSP Colours, Killzone 2 Review From Xbox 360 Magazine

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I am finally finished my exams. After studying last night from 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m., i wrote a successful Chemistry exam earlier this morning. Due to lack of sleep, i will probably take a nap after i make my 2 blog posts. Today, i am going to: re-design this blog, design my new blog and post on my new blog. I haven't found the right layout for this blog yet, so i may be changing it tomorrow, but we'll see. Anyways, i am finally free from exams and i can blog more often!

Are you too lazy to make a password for your home Wi-Fi connection? Is someone always stealing your Internet connection? If so, this is the fix for you! Yeah, it may sound like an advertisement, but you know what? People in my neighbourhood need to start putting some passwords on their Internet connection. I usually go over my 60GB download allowance every month, thanks to Rogers. So, sometimes, i just steal someone else's connection so that i'm not on my own Internet. Kind of smart if you ask me. Anyways, back to the main topic, since i'm going a bit off topic here. Some new emerging tech may make its way to the public. Researchers from the University of Tokyo have "developed an aluminum-iron oxide that blocks radio frequencies up to four times beyond existing anti-RF technologies. The paint puts out a magnetic field that resonates at the same frequency as the electromagnetic wave you're looking to block." Gizmodo also points out that it's not overly expensive, but at the same time it's not that cheap. According to their calculations, "Wi-Fi blocking paint would be $50 [USD] to manufacture." This won't be needed for me, since my password is pretty secure. I don't even have my own network password memorized. Luckily, i wrote it down... somewhere.

Lifehacker puts it best when they say, "Microsoft said that its Windows Live and Office Live services will merge into a single web portal, possibly dubbed [the name] Kumo." Is that good news? I guess so. The less tabs it takes up on my Start Menu, the better.

Are you tired of Japan exclusive PSP colours? If you are, then i suggest you stop reading this paragraph, since you can probably get the hint from the picture on the left side. Japan will be receiving four new "carvival colours." The four colours will be blue, red, yellow and green. These PSP's are just screaming, "Look at me!" In my opinion, we are not missing much here. Atlhough, some people will beg to differ. They are going for around $223 USD, with a more expensive model going for $279 USD. The more expensive model comes with a "4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, PSP pouch, wrist strap and cloth bundle." That sums it up for the PSP news for today.

How good will Killzone 2 be? The only way we can really predict right now is from all of these Killzone 2 reviews. Oh, what's this? Xbox 360 magazine has just reviewed Killzone 2? This can't be good... or can it? So, the Xbox 360 magazine recently reviewed Killzone 2 and they surprisingly had some good things to say about it. At one point, they even mentioned that it beat Gears of War 2 in some aspects. The magazine had some more words for Killzone 2. "It's good. Really good in fact. This is the genre that has belonged to the 360 since its inception, but it finally looks like Sony has an Ace on its deck." Maybe Killzone 2 will live up to its hype, but only time will tell.

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