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160GB Android-Based Archos 5 No Longer Available On Amazon Due To Problems

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Well, it looks like there's some bad news for customers looking to get the Archos 5 Android-based tablet. According to Amazon (here), the "item [is] under review." We don't know what this means right now, but there seems to be some kind of problem. In the meantime you can still order the 32GB model here and pre-order the 500GB model here.


Bell Canada Will Offer To Unlock Your Phone After 30 Days For An Extra Fee -- iPhone Still Uncertain

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Before I say anything, Bell has confirmed themselves that their launching an HSPA Samsung Omnia II as well - as you can see in the picture, which is great news. Bell Mobility - in Canada - has just announced that they will unlock your phone after at least 30 days of service, with an extra free of course. And we're hearing that it'll cost up to $250 CAD, and we still don't know if the iPhone will be unlockable.

On a side note, I also didn't know this but Bell could be launching the Nokia N97 as well... Goodbye Rogers.

[Boy Genius, Mobile Syrup]

Verizon Launching the BlackBerry Storm 2 On October 21st?

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It looks like the latest rumour (yes, another one) states that the BlackBerry Storm 2 is set to launch on Verizon as early as October 21st - at least in stores / online. That's basically all that's important, since you should know all about this handset already.

[Phone Arena]

T-Mobile Holding BlackBerry 9700 (Bold 2) Events in Early November

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It looks like T-Mobile is starting to send out BlackBerry event handouts for what appears to be the BlackBerry 9700 aka the Bold 2. According to the rumours, this launch event will start on November 3rd in LA and will move to NYC on November 5th. Attendees may be getting free BlackBerry 9700's, but that's just a rumour.

[Boy Genius]

HTC Touch 2 Now Available For Pre-Orders In the UK Via Carphone Warehouse!

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Yes, that's right, Carphone Warehouse now has the HTC Touch 2 Windows Phone now available for pre-orders! It's available for free on Vodafone UK, but you'll have to commit to at least an 18-month contract. Check out Carphone Warehouse now!


Rogers Releasing BlackBerry 9700 (Bold 2) On October 26th?

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It's unconfirmed, but the latest rumour states that Rogers - in Canada - will be getting the BlackBerry 9700 (Bold 2) as early as October 26th. This would mean that they would launch two new BlackBerries this month, since they just launched the Curve 8520. Pricing is undetermined at the time, but Boy Genius is guessing that it'll be $300 CAD on a 3-year contract.

[Boy Genius]

Android 1.6 "Donut" Launching On October 19th On Vodafone UK

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Although it has already been launched in the US, it looks like Vodafone UK subscribers will get their shot at Android OS 1.6 "Donut" starting on October 19th. If you don't believe me you can check out the official Vodafone UK forum post here. That is all.

Sony Ericsson Announces "Susan" and "Sunny"; Both Rugged and Waterproof Handsets

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Sony Ericsson is planning to launch two new rugged and waterproof handset, dubbed the Susan and the Sunny. Besides the awkward codenames, they both have 5MP cameras on-board with an LED flash. That's all we really know about either handset. The Susan is above and the Sunny is below.

O2 Launching the HTC HD2 (Leo) In the UK On October 19th

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It clearly didn't launch on October 6th, but we're now hearing that the godly HTC HD2 (Leo) will be launching on O2 UK on October 19th. I think that there will be a high demand for this Windows Phone, but I could always be wrong. This handset's highlight features are a 4.3-inch capacitive multi-touchscreen display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz CPU. You should know the rest of the features now, but if you don't check it out here.

iriver N20 Comes Packed With PMOLED Display

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iriver has just launched their new mp3 player that looks like it is an iPod Shuffle competitor. The iriver N20 has: 2GB / 4GB of internal storage, a greyscale PMOLED display, an FM tuner, and support for a lot of audio formats. You can get this mp3 player in China now for ¥649 ($95 USD) and ¥749 ($110 USD).

Fido Launches Nokia 6682 For $100 -- Overpriced

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Fido has just released another handset, this time it's the Nokia 6682. Unfortunately, it's fairly overpriced. It's on retail for $100 CAD on a 2-year contract and $200 contract-free. The Nokia 6682 will give you: a 1.3MP camera with an LED flash and video capabilities, a 2.1-inch display with a 176 x 208 resolution, and Bluetooth support. Check it out on their website here.