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Windows XP-Based Tainell T500 MID to Be Released in September

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Last week, we heard about the Tainell T500 MID running Windows XP. Other specs include: a 5-inch touchscreen display with a 1,024 x 600 resolution, an Intel Atom 1.1GHz CPU, 1GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD, 3G / WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS support, a 0.3MP webcam, and an HDMI output. The price is still unknown, but the company is aiming for an "end of September" release date.


Asus Releasing 20-Inch All-In-One ET2002T With Nvidia Ion

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Asus has just announced its latest all-in-one PC, the Eee Top ET2002T. The ET2002T has: a 20-inch display with a 1,600 x 900 resolution, an Intel Dual-Core Atom 330 CPU, 2GB of RAM, Nvidia Ion graphics, a 250GB HDD, a DVD bruner, and an HDMI input. It will be available in Europe over the next couple of weeks for €598 ($846 USD).


PS3 Slim Has a Replaceable Hard Drive, 250GB Model Passes FCC

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The 120GB PS3 Slim was officially announced this afternoon and now we're hearing word about another model. Apparently, a PS3 Slim with a 250GB HDD has just passed the FCC. Maybe this will be released at a later date - possibly closer to Christmas - for $399 USD. By the way, the PS3 Slim actually has a replaceable hard drive, so that's definitely good news.

[Engadget, End Sights]

More Proof of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9900; BlackBerry 9550 aka Storm 2 Demoed on Video, Showing Off WiFi

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By now, you should already know that somewhere out there, RIM is planning on releasing the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9900. If you didn't believe the rumours then this picture above basically confirms it for you. On Handago, the BlackBerry 9700 and BlackBerry 9900 were listed as "compatible devices."

Below is a 7 minute video showing off the BlackBerry 9550 aka Storm 2. Like we've heard before, the video confirms that the Storm 2 will be running on BlackBerry OS 5.0 ( to be exact). And yes, WiFi is demoed in the video. Enjoy!

BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9900 Proof: Mobile Roar
BlackBerry Storm 2 On Video: CrackBerry

Verizon Hosting 3 Day Sale For the LG enV 2, Just $20 Online

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This one actually slipped under the radar. This morning, Verizon started a 3 day sale on their LG enV 2 handset. From now until August 20th, they are selling the said handset for just $19.99 USD on a 2-year contract. You can check it out on Verizon's official website now.

[Phone Arena]

WMDeals Selling T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 For Just $150

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The T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 has been available for almost a week now and I've heard that it's selling quite well, even though they're selling it for $350 USD on a 2-year contract. If you head over to WMDeals.com, you can actually scoop one up for $149.99 USD on 2-year contract. This deal will last until the end of the month, so make sure to get one quick - if you're interested.


New Nokia Maemo 5 OS Screenshot

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Above is another picture of Nokia's future mobile OS, but it is not going to replace the Symbian OS - according to Nokia themselves. It seems fairly touch-friendly, so that's always a good thing. It's good to see that everyone's making their move towards touchscreen-friendly mobile OS's, so that's a good thing.


Rogers Outs 50Mbps Service With 175GB Download Limit and 802.11n Router


Back in July, I talked about how Rogers would be unveiling their 50Mbps and 802.11n capable router in August. Well, the good is that it's now available. The 50Mbps speeds are now live and the bad news is that it costs $150 CAD monthly. Although, we heard that the download cap would be 125GB per month, Rogers actually decided to increase it to 175GB, which is oh-so generous. If you go over the limit, Rogers will charge you a maximum of $25 CAD extra. Along with this news, the 802.11n router is also available for another $200 CAD. Rogers has also been kind enough to increase other download speeds, just take a look at the excerpt below, courtesy of Electronista. You can check it out on Rogers' website now.

News also arrives that the company is upgrading its previous high-end tier, Extreme Plus, from its earlier 10Mbps to 25Mbps while simultaneously boosting its cap from 95GB to 125GB. The speed-up doesn't change the $96 monthly rate but isn't mirrored in changes to the Extreme and lower tiers, which keep the same speeds and caps as before.


Philips Unveils V900 Handset, Looks Like a Touch Diamond 2 With Android

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Philips has just set the stage for another one of their Android handsets, the V900. This one is headed to China Mobile and has an HTC Touch Diamond 2 look to it. This handset will be sporting a customized Android UI, which is definitely welcomed. The specs include: a 3.2MP camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and, surprisingly enough, WiFi support. I don't know why there's WiFi support since it's against the Chinese government, but maybe it'll get pulled before it launches.

[Engadget Mobile]

T-Mobile Pulse / Huawei U8220 Now FCC Certified

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Another Android handset has just crept through the FCC and it's the Huawei U8220 that will be released as the T-Mobile Pulse. Five days ago, we saw that it passed the WiFi Alliance and we had some more details on the handset. The T-Mobile Pulse should have: HSPA/UMTS/GPRS/GSM/EDGE support, a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, a 3MP camera, 256MB of internal memory, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth, and WiFi.


Rumour Mill: Analyst Says There Will Be Two Apple Tablets, One With a 6-Inch Display

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According to the latest rumours, an analyst has said that Apple is going to release two Tablets. One of them will be the one we've all heard about - around a 10-inch display - while the other one will be sporting a 6-inch display. Apparently, this 6-inch tablet could actually be announced at Apple's event on September 9th this year. The rumour also states that the 6-inch tablet could cost as low as $679 USD, while the larger tablet is going to run, basically, a full version of Mac OS X. It's just a rumour, so don't get your hopes up just yet.

[Mac Rumors]

Unknown Android MID Now Known as the MID-560

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Apparently, that Android MID that we've now seen twice (here and here) has just been identified as the MID-560. As of right now, I don't have any confirmation from any other websites, but we'll stick with this for now. This Android MID "has an ARM11 chip with a Samsung 6410 mobile system", it plays audio / video, has GPS support, and a Trans-Flash memory card slot. That's all we know for now; we still don't know the maker.

[Crunch Gear]

Dell Canada Spawns New Inspiron 13 Notebook For $600

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On Dell Canada's website, a new laptop has just hit the scene and it's the Inspiron 13. It doesn't look like it is similar to the Inspiron 13 that hit Singapore last month. For $599, you get: a 13.3-inch display with a 1,280 x 800 resolution, an Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2.0GHz T4200 CPU, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, a 160GB HDD, integrated Intel X3100 graphics, and a 4-cell battery. You can check it out on Dell Canada's website for as low as $599 CAD.


Sony Announces PS3 Slim, Coming in the First Week of September For £249, $299, €299 and ¥29,980

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Finally! Sony has announced the long rumoured PS3 Slim! At GamesCom, Kaz Hirai announced that it will be hitting shelves in the first week of September for €299, $299, and 29,980 yen. Along with this news the current PS3's on the shelves will also drop in price. I'll be updating this post when I get more information, more prices, and, of course, a picture.

Update: So, the PS3 Slim was announced and it is what Kaz Hirai said it is, "It's a PS3, but slimmer." This means no backwards functionality. The PS3 Slim is 33% smaller, 36% lighter, and uses 34% less power; it will contain a 120GB HDD inside. And yes, I have to say it - damn, it's ugly! The PS3 Slim will prevent users from installing other Operating Systems onto their PS3. This means no Linux OS, which means I'll be getting the fat one. I've come across more photos below, it looks better at these angles. By the way, if you live in the US and you can't wait until tomorrow to purchase a $299 USD PS3, you can head over to Amazon - but you'll have to wait for the delivery, of course.

[Joystiq, Engadget, PS3 Blog, G4 TV, Joystiq]

Another Video of the LG BL40, This Time Hands-On!

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It's been over two weeks without seeing anything from LG's next Black Label handset, the BL40. Well, below is some footage of some hands-on treatment. It's kind of dumb how the video they played on the BL40 wasn't even in a 21:9 aspect ratio, it's just wasted screen. I still dislike the wide 21:9 aspect ratio - let's just keep it 16:9 for now. Just take a look at the video below, I don't want to spoil anything else for you.

[Engadget Mobile]

MSI Launching Windows 7 Netbook / Tablet Hybrid in December With Intel's Pine Trail Atoms

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Looks like the Intel's GM wasn't lying when he said that their Pine Trail Atoms are still on pace to launch this year. But the sad part is that we still have to wait for a while until we can get our hands on a netbook built with it. About a week and a half ago, we heard about a couple of companies launching netbook / tablet hybrids in 2010. Well, it looks like MSI will be the first out of the gate with both Intel's Pice Trail Atom CPUs and their netbook / tablet hybrid.

According to DigiTimes, MSI will be launching a Windows 7-based netbook / tablet hybrid in December of this year that will be running on Intel's Pine Trail Atoms. The netbook / tablet hybrid part isn't clear, but it's obvious since it states that the netbook will have "touch screen capability." I think it's pretty clear.

[DigiTimes, Slash Gear, Netbooked]

Mid-End Samsung S3100 Officially Announced

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Back in July, the Samsung S3100 popped up in a tiny picture. Well, in case you were interested in getting your kid a basic entry-level phone, this would be perfect. The Samsung S3100 has: quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support, a 2.1-inch display with a 176 x 220 resolution, a 1.3MP camera, a microSD card slot, and Bluetooth 2.1. The price and release date of this handset is unknown at the time.

[Unwired View]

Dell Releases Their First Laptop With Intel ULV CPU, The 11.6-Inch Inspiron 11z

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Finally! This is Dell's first laptop with Intel's ULV CPU and some people out there will be excited. Dell has replaced their Mini 12 netbook for their Inspiron 11z. This netbook has: an 11.6-inch LED-backlit display with a 1,366 x 768 resolution, an Intel 1.2GHz Celeron 723 CPU, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, a 250GB HDD, integrated GS45 graphics, WiFi, a 1.3MP webcam, twin stereo speakers, an Ethernet port, three USB 2.0 ports, a 3-in-1 card reader, an HDMI output, and a 3-cell battery.

Unfortunately, this netbook does not have an internal optical drive and is built with Windows Vista. You should probably download the Windows 7 RC when you get it though - because you only have until Thursday to download it free from Microsoft. You can get it on Dell's website right now for as low as $399 USD.

[Engadget, Electronista]