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Rogers Outs 50Mbps Service With 175GB Download Limit and 802.11n Router


Back in July, I talked about how Rogers would be unveiling their 50Mbps and 802.11n capable router in August. Well, the good is that it's now available. The 50Mbps speeds are now live and the bad news is that it costs $150 CAD monthly. Although, we heard that the download cap would be 125GB per month, Rogers actually decided to increase it to 175GB, which is oh-so generous. If you go over the limit, Rogers will charge you a maximum of $25 CAD extra. Along with this news, the 802.11n router is also available for another $200 CAD. Rogers has also been kind enough to increase other download speeds, just take a look at the excerpt below, courtesy of Electronista. You can check it out on Rogers' website now.

News also arrives that the company is upgrading its previous high-end tier, Extreme Plus, from its earlier 10Mbps to 25Mbps while simultaneously boosting its cap from 95GB to 125GB. The speed-up doesn't change the $96 monthly rate but isn't mirrored in changes to the Extreme and lower tiers, which keep the same speeds and caps as before.



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