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Lenovo Wants To Remind You That Their IdeaPad U1 Hybrid Netbook Tablet Is Coming Soon

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As a reminder, Lenovo has just updated their site to tell us all that their IdeaPad U1 hybrid tablet netbook is "coming soon." Crunch Gear mentioned that it was pretty sluggish when they tested it out at CES so hopefully they work everything out by the time it launches in June. However, at $1,000 this is quite a pricey purchase.

[Crunch Gear]

Boxy Motorola Android Handset To Be Named the Twist, June 10th Launch Date?

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Yesterday we heard about the upcoming Motorola Android handset, which looks a bit boxy. It turns out that this is a real handset and it's being named the Motorola Twist. This handset is said to feature a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen display, quad-band GSM / dual-band HSDPA connectivity, WiFi / GPS / Bluetooth 2.1 support, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 3MP camera, a TI OMAP 700MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM, 512MB of ROM, a microSD card slot, and MOTOBLUR 1.5 over top of Android 2.1. This handset is said to also feature multitouch - at least on the browser - and it's rumoured to launch on June 10th.

[Unwired View]

HTC A9292 aka EVO 4G Spotted In Sprint's Inventory System

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It looks like the Sprint inventory system has just leaked out to reveal the HTC A9292 which is the HTC EVO 4G. Obviously, the price isn't real right now because it's just a placeholder. Hopefully, that'll be replaced in a couple of days / weeks and then it gets leaked out again. That would be good.


Neofonie's WePad Tablet Hitting Europe This July, Prices Announced

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Neofonie has just announced that their WePad tablet, which will go directly against the iPad, will be released sometime in July - initial soft launch with full availability afterwards. The 16GB with WiFi will cost you €449 ($611 USD), while the 32GB model with 3G / GPS support, and a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 resolution) display will cost you €569 ($774 USD). That's pretty impressive, considering I've never heard of an 11.6-inch Full HD display. This is definitely looking like a worthy competitor to the iPad, seeing how it has things like USB ports, a webcam, a memory card reader, and Android.

The launch in the US wasn't announced, so we'll have to wait around for that - if it hits the US.

[Crunch Gear]

Project Pink Gets Announced as the Microsoft Kin One and Two

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Microsoft just held their event and they've obviously announced their Project Pink - finally. Let's just get right down to it, since I'm already behind after taking a nap. The "Turtle" became official as the Kin One and it'll feature a QVGA display, 4GB of internal storage, a 5MP camera with an LED flash, and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The "Pure" became official as the Kin Two and it's the higher-end of the two handsets. It features an HVGA display, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, an 8MP camera, and 8GB of internal storage.

They both feature WiFi / Bluetooth support, 3G connectivity, and a "desktop web experience" which is based on Silverlight. Engadget likes the way it works, so it must be pretty good. The UI is similar to the Windows Phone 7 Metro look, with heavy social integration.

Verizon will be launching the Kin One and Two this May, while Vodafone will be launching it in Europe this Fall. Prices weren't mentioned. Check out Engadget's hands-on here.

Update: According to Engadget, there's no microSD card slot on either of these handsets. So much for those SanDisk microSDs.

[Engadget, The Next Web]

HTC EVO 4G Accessories Get Leaked Out, Holiday Season Price Drop?

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A bunch of upcoming HTC EVO 4G accessories have just been leaked out in the image above. The release dates and the prices for haven't been mentioned. The accessories include a dock with an HDMI output, a car mount, screen protectors, and a bunch of different cases in a bunch of different colours.

The second slide tells us that "Segment 1" is the initial target of consumers they are targeting. At "Segment 6", they're expecting it to be the time for a price drop for the EVO 4G. Engadget believes that Segment 6 could be the holiday season.

Creative Announces ZEN Style and ZEN X-Fi Style PMPs, Launching This Month

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Creative is back at it again, announcing a bunch of new PMPs. The ZEN X-Fi Style packs a 2.4-inch LCD display, 8GB / 16GB / 32GB of internal storage, FLAC support, an FM radio, a voice recorder, integrated speakers, an RSS reader, a TV output, X-Fi DSP, and a battery life of up 25 hours of audio and 5 hours of video playback. These PMPs will be available later this month for S$159 ($114 USD), S$199 ($143 USD), and S$249 ($179 USD), respectively, as you go up in storage. 

The smaller models, the ZEN Style 100 and 300, pack a 1.8-inch LCD display, 4GB / 8GB / 16GB of internal storage, a voice recorder, and a battery that'll last 32 hours of audio. The Style 300 throws in an FM radio and a speaker into the mix as well. Both of these PMPs from Creative will also be available later this month. The ZEN Style 300 will be available for S$109 ($78 USD), S$139 ($100 USD), and S$179 ($128 USD), respectively, while the ZEN Style 100 will retail for S$89 ($64 USD) S$119 ($85 USD), S$159 ($114 USD), respectively.

Sony Announce B150 and Waterproof W250 Walkman MP3 Players

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Sony has announced two of their upcoming Walkman MP3 players, the B150 and the W250. The B150 (above) sports a 3-line LCD display along with the same old memory stick looking body. The W250 takes everything the B150 has and crams it into the headphones you see below. Both MP3 players come in 2GB / 4GB of internal storage. The B150 supports only MP3 and WMA files, while the W250 also has support for AAC and Linear PCM files.

The Sony W250 Series is said to be waterproof, so that's a good thing if you like to listen to music in the shower or something. These headphones feature an 11 hour battery life, while the B150 will last you 18 hours. The B150 will hit Europe in June, while the W250 will hit the market in May (next month). The prices haven't been mentioned yet.

Google Working On Their Own Tablet, HP, Nokia, and Microsoft As Well

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According to the New York Times, a couple of companies are planning to jump into the tablet game later this year. Apparently Google`s CEO, Eric Schmidt, talked about their own tablet that won't be running the Chrome OS, but Android instead. We don't know any specific details regarding their tablet, but it's going to try to dethrone the iPad.

Another company set to launch an Android-based tablet is rumoured to be HP. This isn't the first time we heard about this, but it's the first time it's been mentioned in the NYT. This tablet is said to feature a 6-inch touchscreen display - like a mini HP Slate.

we heard about a Nokia tablet and NYT has mentioned a bit about that too. They actually called it an e-book reader though, so it may not be in the same class as the iPad and these new devices that could hit the market this year.

Oh yes, remember Microsoft's Courier dual-display tablet? Apparently it's being tested out as we speak and they're looking for consumer-focused content right now.

Update: According to WMPowerUser, the Courier is expected to launch in early 2011, so don't expect it anytime this year. The delay is said to be because they want to improve the battery life to power the two displays.

Best Buy USA Getting the Barnes & Noble Nook On April 18th

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It was hinted at last week and now it`s official. Best Buy will be launching the Barnes & Noble Nook starting on April 18th for $259.99. In case you forgot, this e-book reader features dual-displays and the bottom one is a full colour touchscreen one with the Android OS underneath. 

T-Mobile Bound myTouch Slide Pictured In the Wild, Dressed Up In Red Colour

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It looks like the myTouch Slide could be on the way since it has just been pictured in the wild. Clearly, it's sporting a red colour and the slide-out QWERTY keyboard looks easy enough to type on. The Android OS is sporting a custom UI which looks a bit like the Sense UI.

Two More Android Phones From Dell Hitting China, the Mini 3T1 and the Mini 3iX

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It looks like two upcoming Dell phones are going to hit China pretty soon. This is the Mini 3T1 (above) and the Mini 3iX. The 3T1 is said to feature HSDPA connectivity, TD-SCDMA / GSM dual-mode connectivity, a 2MP camera, and a front-facing camera. This entry-level handset will likely sport the OPhone OS, which is based on Android. The 3iX will be sporting WCDMA connectivity, but that's all we know about it. The price and release date for either phone weren't mentioned.

Sharp Unveils RGBY Aquos 3DTVs and 10.1-Inch 3D Display With No Need For Glasses

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More 3DTVs are on the way for this Summer. Every other manufacturer has them rolling in and Sharp have just announced their own 3DTVs as well. The company's new four-primary-color Quatron 3D LCD panels will be used in their new Aquos 3DTVs. Apparently, the TV will be 1.8x brighter when you're using those special glasses for the 3D effect. This new 3DTV will feature their own processing technology, FRED (Frame Rate Enhanced Driving) along with side-mount scanning LED backlighting. They'll come in a bunch of models with 60-inches being the largest. These Sharp Aquos 3DTVs are expected to hit Japan in June of this year, but the price hasn't been mentioned.

There's more 3D fun for you. Sharp has also unveiled a prototype of their upcoming 10.1-inch 3D display which would be perfect for small notebook, tablets, or even netbooks. Just like their Parallax 3D display, you won't need glasses for this one. We have no clue when these will go into mass-production but they can add a touchscreen layer if you want it.

Hitachi Unveils 3.1-Inch 3D IPS Display, Could Be in the Nintendo 3DS As Well

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Sharp has already unveiled their Parallax 3.4-inch 3D display and that could be used in the Nintendo 3DS. This morning Hitachi showed off their own 3D display that you won't need glasses for and it's just 3.1-inches. This new IPS display sports a 480 x 854 resolution along with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio. This could be what Nintendo decides to use for their 3DS as well, so this could start a war between both Hitachi and Sharp.

Archos Announces Six Generation 8 Internet Tablets, 3 to 10-Inch Tablets

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Well, well, well. Archos is back at it again announcing six upcoming Internet Tablets. These will be a part of their Generation 8 line-up and they'll consist of 3 to 10-inch displays. They all look extremely identical - clearly in the photo above - and they'll range in price from $100 - $350. They're going to sport ARM Cortex CPUs clocked from anywhere between 800MHz to 1GHz and they'll have 3G OpenGL support. Thankfully, they'll all feature multitouch and Android as well - with their own custom UI of course.

Look out for these at Computex 2010 this June.

Some Best Buy's Reportedly Selling the Flip Slide HD Already

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It looks like someone who lived around Roseville, California has just managed to buy the latest Cisco digital camcorder. The Best Buy in that area looks like they're already selling the Flip Slide HD for $279.99. This hasn't even been officially been announced by Cisco themselves, but now we know that it packs a headphone jack along with an HDMI port. Check out the video below - it's the first one shot with the Flip Slide HD.

Verizon System Shows Off the LG VS740, Microsoft "One" and "Two"

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Microsoft and Verizon just can't stop leaking their upcoming handsets. Project Pink is going to be revealed in a couple of hours and this Verizon screenshot above says that "One" and "Two" are on the way. Obviously, we're hoping that these aren't the official names because they're even worse than Turtle and Pure.

The other phone that seems to have been leaked out this morning is the LG VS740 which could actually be the "Aloha" handset. This means that it's packing a nice spec sheet along with the Android OS. Let's just wait and see exactly what this is, whenever LG or Verizon decide to announce it.

PlayStation Move's Sub-Controller, the Navigation Controller, Hits the FCC

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The PlayStation Move hit the FCC a couple of weeks ago and it looks like the sub-controller has hit it as well. Named the Navigation Controller, but that's all that we know. The internal specs are unknown, but then again, they're not all that important. Check out the FCC filing here.