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Nokia XpressMusic 5900 Leaked Pictures

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Apparently, the picture you see above is the Nokia XpressMusic 5900 which is, of course, the successor to the 5800. The 5900 is said to have a 3.5-inch touchscreen display (hopefully capacitive), and a 5MP camera. The phone will also most likely run on S60 5th Edition and is also thinner. The spec sheet hasn't been revealed, since it is the first leak. We'll know more about this phone probably sooner than later. I think the phone looks decent, but my friend doesn't think so.


Asus Announces Availability For The Eee PC T91 Touchscreen Netbook

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Here's another Asus netbook to look forward to - if you're into the whole netbook thing. The Asus Eee PC T91 is a netbook with a touchscreen display and it was seen back in January at CES. Asus has just revealed that it will be available in the UK in "late May or early June" for £449 ($675 USD). The spec sheet has not been confirmed yet, but it will definitely rock Intel's Atom CPU, but it's not specified which one - at CES it used the Z520. Other specs possibly include 1GB of RAM, optional GPS, and a TV tuner. Since it is a touchscreen netbook it will have Asus' Eee PC Touch UI. You can take a look at the demonstration of the UI below, thanks to Slash Gear.

Update of July 12th: Asus has officially announced that the Asus Eee PC T91 will be available on July 15th.

[Slash Gear]

Nokia N97's Huge Price Drop To $454; Ovi Store To Have 20,000 Items At Launch

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Apparently, due to a glitch on Nokia's Official website, the pricing of the Nokia N97 was just $454 USD this morning - with the use of the promotional code CARTP409N. Nokia has fixed the problem though, so the pricing is back to $699 USD, so I definitely missed that drop. For those people who got their pre-order through when the price was $454, they will still be receiving their N97 for the low price. Lucky them and unlucky for most of us - including me.

Ovi Store is on its way and I'm definitely excited. Well, Nokia has just mentioned that at Ovi Store's launch there will be 20,000 "items" available. To compare, Apple's App Store currently has 40,000 apps. Keep in mind that Nokia did mention "items" so Engadget points out that this could include basic things like music / video downloads and possibly even ringtones. I can't wait for this to be released. Apps for everyone soon!! - if you have a Nokia that is.

[Engadget (Ovi Store), Engadget (Nokia N97), The Symbian Blog]

Shinoda's 145-Inch Plasma Display Weighs Just 15.8 Pounds

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Yes, that's right. Plasma TV sets are usually extremely heavy, but Shinoda found a way around that. Their PTA technology allowed them to make this 145-inch curved plasma display. While the picture may not be all that clear, since it only has a 960 x 720 resolution, it is extremely light for its size. Believe it or not, but this huge display weighs just 7.2kg, which is just 15.8 pounds. Who knows if these will ever be commercially available, but it doesn't matter to me. It just seems like a display that's just meant for showcasing anyway.


Psystar Developing A Mac OS X Netbook

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Apple has denied many times that they are not working on a netbook, but it looks like Psystar could fulfill some dreams out there. Psystar has just "confirmed" that they are working on a netbook running Mac OS X. Hopefully it will be cheap enough for someone to buy, not like most Apple products. The spec sheet shouldn't be entirely bad, but they haven't been mentioned at all yet. We'll see what happens in the future. The price and the release date has not been mentioned yet, so I'm sorry about that.

[Slash Gear]

Nokia 6750 "Mural" Hitting AT&T Later This Year

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This flip phone from Nokia has just made its way past the FCC and it will be released on AT&T. The spec sheet is pretty unknown but there are a few known things. The Nokia 6750 "Mural" has 850/1900MHz 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, a camera with an unknown resolution, and also a memory card slot. Boy Genius suggests that the phone could be running on Symbian S40, since it lacks a "menu button", but that's just their speculation - it could be accurate though. We'll see more of this phone in the future, but I can say one thing. This is the sexiest clamshell / flip phone I've ever seen. Release date and pricing has not been mentioned yet.

[Boy Genius]