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Best Buy Already Stocking Up On Sony Dash Tablets, Should Be Available Soon

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It looks like the upcoming Sony Dash tablet has just been spotted at a Best Buy in the USA. Engadget's own Chris Ziegler spotted it and was actually going to purchase it but then the price came up to be $999 along with a "DO NOT SELL" code. Sad times. It should be available towards the end of this week though, either the 29th or the 30th, for $199.


Panasonic Prices and Dates Their Upcoming VIERA 3D Plasma HDTVs

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It looks like Panasonic has just priced and dated their upcoming 3D plasma HDTVs. They all feature a Full HD resolution, a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and VIERA Cast WiFi along with Skype support. Of course, for all of these 3DTVs you'll need Active Shutter Eyewear to see 3D and there's only one in the box. Unfortunately, if you want to get more they cost $149.95 separately.

The 50 (TC-P50VT25) and 54-inch (TC-P54VT25) models will be available in the week on May 3rd and they'll be available for $2,599.95 and $2,999.95, respectively. The 58 (TC-P58VT25) and 65-inch (TC-P65VT25) models will be available later on in June 2010 and they'll be priced at $3,399.95 and $4,299.95, respectively.


Canada's Telus To Launch the HTC Triumph and the White Touch Pro 2

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Telus is coming up big on these inventory leaks lately so it's good news to us that they haven't stopped yet. It looks like Canada will be getting access to the HTC Triumph (never heard of before) and the white HTC Touch Pro 2 (never seen before). We know nothing about the Triumph and Touch Pro 2 should be the same as the original except for the new colour.

[Mobile Syrup]

Samsung Working On Another Symbian Handset

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Samsung is one of those companies that make a bunch of phones every year. Samsung already has phones running on a bunch of different mobile OS's. The latest rumour states that Samsung is working on another phone running on the Symbian OS, so let's hope it's at least running the prettier Symbian^3. One of the better phones in 2009 was the Samsung OmniaHD so let's hope this one is even better.

[Mobile Magazine]

Two iPod Touch Prototypes With Camera Get Spotted On eBay... Pulled Shortly After

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Earlier this morning a couple of iPod Touch prototypes were spotted on eBay. Both of these prototypes sported cameras, so you can bet that the model that comes out this year will sport them. Of course, since then they've been pulled off of eBay. Not much to tell you seeing how they've been pulled.

[9 to 5 Mac, Mac Rumors]