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Reality TV Star Uses Laptop As A Weapon

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Kenley Collins (pictured), a finalist in Season 5 of "Project Runway", allegedly threw a laptop at her-ex-fiance (also pictured). After closing the bedroom door on her ex-fiance's head she continued the assault by throwing apples and water at him. I don't know how that worked out exactly, but when she realized that her attempts were not doing so well she threw a cat at his face. Yes, a cat. It reminds me of when Angela from "The Office" threw her cat through the roof in the Super Bowl episode. Anyways, after her ex-fiance shielded himself from the cat with a blanket, she threw a laptop at him. No clue how much damage the laptop did or, more importantly, what brand the laptop was, but she did get arrested. A sad, sad turn-out for laptop throwing.

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