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Safari, IE8, Firefox Get Exploited At Pwn2Own

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I already talked about Charlie Miller getting $5,000 for his abilities to exploit Safari in mere seconds. But another person, by the name of Nils (pictured) was able to exploit Internet Explorer 8 on a Windows 7 laptop. For that, he won $5,000 and a sweet Vaio P laptop. I guess IE8 is not bulletproof just like Microsoft is claiming. Nils also continued his exploit-run on Safari and then Firefox shortly after, earning him $15,000 in one day, that is skill. Since the Opera browser is not included in the contest, Google Chrome is the only browser that hasn't been exploited yet. The contest lasts until tomorrow (Friday), so we could see it exploited before then. The contest doesn't include just browsers, it also includes exploiting a mobile handset, including one that runs on: Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, iPhone or the BlackBerry OS. For hacking a mobile handset OS, it will earn a lucky someone $10,000. Damn.



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