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Sony and Sharp Form a Joint Venture

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Sony and Sharp have been known as rivals in the LCD TV world, but it looks like their feud will be ending soon. Sharp and Sony are going to form a "joint venture company" which will be called Sharp Display Products Corporation and will officially begin on April 1. Sharp will reportedly own 66% (hence why they had rights to the name) and Sony will take the other 34% of the stake. From this new facility, in Sakai City, they plan to have LCDs pumping out by March 2010. The facility will be held in Sakai City and Sharp veteran, Hiroshi Saji, will be named the President. They have under a year to get this facility up and running and maybe they'll be producing some OLEDs from the facility too because it's about time to start producing them. Maybe at a later date, even though Samsung mentioned that OLEDs won't be "mainstream" for another 5 years.

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