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Windows Mobile 7 Screenshots Leaked?

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These pictures are, supposedly, screenshots from Microsoft's next mobile OS, Windows Mobile 7. In the screenshot it is clear that there is a menu bar at the top of the home screen. There is a middle button on the bottom of the home screen, but the function is unknown. Maybe it'll function as a tab switcher kind of thing (like an Alt + Tab?). Maybe Windows Mobile 7 will have multi-tasking? Anyways, moving to the picture of "Maps" you will notice a Speak button at the bottom of the screen. Looks like there is a possibility of having speech input / recognition. The above pictures are leaked Windows Mobile 7 screenshots, but they aren't confirmed to be the real thing. I just really hope that they get the touchscreen right this time around. We all know how much trouble it was navigating in WinMo 6.1.



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