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3 New Dell Workstations; Precision T7500 Boasts 192GB of RAM

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Dell released 3 new workstations recently and I'll save the best for last. I think I should mention that all 3 of the workstations are boasting Intel's Nehalem structure, "an E-SATA port, up to 1.5TB SATA HDD, dual / quad monitor support, DisplayPort connectors", and they're all "Energy Star 5.0 compliant." The cheapest of the 3 workstations is the Precision T3500 which starts at $999 USD and has up to 24GB DDR3 EEC memory (RAM). Next up is the T5500 which starts at $1,620 USD has up to 72GB of memory and also has "dual socket Intel Xeon." I don't know too much about workstations, but I do know that the Precision T7500 is a monster. Starting at $1,800 USD, this thing is packing a huge punch in the face. How does "192GB [12 16GB DIMMs] of three-channel DDR3 ECC memory up to 1066 or 1333MHz" sound? Just when you thought that was enough, this workstation has "dual native Gen 2 PCIe graphics slots" and it even supports Nvidia's SLI technology. Dell didn't release the processor's clock speeds, so that will be announced at a later date. Dell is no beginner to the workstation market as"current estimates give Dell about 40 percent of the market." Take that Apple.

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