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Basketball Coach Fired After 100-0 Win, Windows 7 Will Have Multiple Versions, Megan Fox as Tomb Raider?, Starcraft; A College Course?

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So, i've temporarily fixed the comment problem that my friend, Yang, told me about. I've gone with the boring pop-out comment box window for now. That is, until i find a better solution because i don't really want to use the pop-out box for commenting.

Moving right along to good ol' game of basketball. And yes, you read that title right. A basketball coach has been fired after his girl's basketball team beat another team 100-0. He got fired because he did not apologize for this win. Yes, his team did completely dominate the other team, but it just showed a lack of sportsmanship and it set a bad example. Why would you even want to embarrass a team like that in the first place. Seriously? 100-0. At halftime, the score was already 59-0. You would think he would have told his team to give some mercy to the other team. But, that didn't happen. In another article i read a couple of days ago, the opposing coach mentioned that it was just a lay-up drill for the other team. This team just played full-court pressure all game, showing no mercy at all. I think it was right that they fired him because that's just really inconsiderate.

A couple of days ago, i posted a picture of Windows 7 possibly being in multiple versions (here) . Well, it looks like this pictures is, in fact, real. I think that this move on Microsoft isn't very smart because, first of all, it's confusing to the user. It's confusing to the user because you're not going to know exactly which versions has what capabilities. Although, i'd just go for the Ultimate version because it probably has the most features, though i could be wrong. I was hoping that these multiple Windows 7 versions wouldn't be real, but it looks like they are. Although, Windows 7 will be a major step-up from their last OS (Windows Vista), which was terrible. Windows 7 is running great as a beta and will only get better when the final release comes out.

About a week ago, i talked about the possibility of Megan Fox playing Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider movie. Well, it looks like that was just a rumour that someone started. Fox's spokesperson crushed our dreams and said that Megan Fox is "not involved in the movie at all." I guess Lara Croft will still be Angelina Jolie, who is still gorgeous, so i guess it will be okay.

What you are about to read is all real and i'm not making this up. "Students in UC - Berkeley can take up StarCraft studies for college credits." This is amazing and makes me want to go to this college, where ever it is. Under the 'Course Description' it says, "The course will go in-depth in the theory of how war is conducted within the confines of the game Starcraft." I wonder if you'll get to brainstorm tips about defeating other races and certain strategies that you can use in online play. This is amazing and is making me so excited for the next Starcraft game to come out. It'll be 'off-the-hizzle.'

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